17 Reasons to Add a Deck to Your Home

I love building decks, but why add one to your house. Here are a few reasons I thought of.

There are many reasons to add a deck to your home. The biggest one is to enjoy the outdoors. A deck gets you outside. A deck adds space, entertaining and value to your house, here are 17 specific reasons for a deck.


1. Increase Living space with a deck

House feeling a little crowded, a deck is a simple solution to add space. Which can be used as

  • a place to barbeque, aka kitchen
  • a place for a few chairs to sit back a relax, aka sitting room.
  • a table surrounded by chairs, aka dining room
  • wicker chairs with cushions for lounging with friends, aka family room

All the things inside your house being brought outside to be enjoyed. If your kitchen is too crowded, a deck can relieve that pressure with extra room and a bonus grill. With no smoke detector to worry about.

Is your family room a little to crowded to have your friends over Friday night? A deck can do that. A couple chairs make a great place to sit and chat with friends. Or add a table and out comes the card games on a cool evening.

Chomping on a burger sitting on the deck stairs. Sorry but that’s just better than crowded around the dining room table.

A deck is simply more living space. A place to stretch out and enjoy being home.

2. Costs Less Than an Addition

On average, a deck will costOpens in a new tab. anywhere between $30 to $80 a square foot. Yes, that’s a big spread, but there are many options for decking and features that go into a deck. A 20’ by 20’ deck will cost you somewhere between $12 000 and $32 000. Not cheap but when compared to a family room addition which Home GuideOpens in a new tab. says on average will cost around $48 000. It’s a real deal.

Speaking of money, what does a vacation cost? Budget Your TripOpens in a new tab. puts the average two-week vacation for a couple to Hawaii at $7 505, if we add the kids. It will probably double to $15 000.

3. Save Travel, Stayvacation

If you just need a change of scenery, maybe sunning on the deck with a few cold drinks will do it. The great thing about a vacation on your deck is after the two weeks, you get to keep the deck. Pack all your bags for your little trip, walk out on your deck, and you’re there. No checking bags or waiting at the airport. Just space for you to enjoy.

4. Convenient Outdoor Grilling

I don’t know what it is, but barbequing is just more fun, and it tastes better. The classic, a man, won’t cook anything in the house but give him a grill, and it’s his. He will be out there grilling ever night. Even the smoke is a positive thing. Flip the patties and that puff of smoke rises. It’s all good, outside on your deck it is. One puff of smoke inside and everyone is complaining about the food being burnt. Grilling a deck changes all that.

5. Escape the Indoor While Enjoying Supper

Once your done grilling sitting down outside on your deckOpens in a new tab. to eat is great. If your deck has shade, it can even be an escape from your stuffy house. It’s not unusual that my wife asks to eat outside in the middle of the summer. It’s just better on your deck.

6. Open Sky’s to Enjoy a Book

A small deck beside a tree or with shuttered privacy walls gives you a secluded space to snuggled down and enjoy a book. Enjoying the warm sun while a good story unfolds. Hey, you may even get a tan.

7. Additional Space to Entertain

A decks’ open feel is a great place to gather. Crowded together in your house may not work, but your deck with its “high ceiling” is great. Who doesn’t want together outside with friends? A deck provides this space to entertain. Invite your friends, your neighbours. It doesn’t matter; a deck simply feels roomier. And if it gets too crowded, you can just spill over unto the grass.

8. A Natural Backyard Stage for Children’s Performances

It could be you, but your kids are so much better at it. Lay the blanket out on the grass, sit down facing the deck, stage and let your kidsOpens in a new tab. entertain you. It will feel like it’s built for it. Just the right height to elevate but still low enough to enjoy.

9. Conveintly Enjoy the Outdoors

There are many health and entertaining reasons to be outside. A deck does that, it’s a floor to get you out. Philologically its easier to stroll out unto the deck than slip-on shoes and go out into the yard. I can’t explain it, but it’s true.

10. Decks Improve Health, by Increasing Sun Time

You will often find that with a deck attached to your house, you will just step out for a breath of fresh air. It’s great. Being outside has so many health benefits.

“Vitamin D from the sun helps improve your Health.”

One, spending time outside has a de-stressing effect on a person. Yes, a long hike out in the woods is ideal, but stepping outside on your deck can help. Taking a moment to enjoy nature in your backyard.

Being outside also helps to eliminate fatigue. I know for myself sitting in front of a computer writing this, I often find myself yearning to step outside to refocus. Then after I return, I feel refreshed to write again.

Speaking of stepping outdoors to refresh. A deck can simple be your office.

11. Space to Work from Home while Enjoying the Sun

With all our wireless technology, it’s never been easier. Take your laptop outside on your deck, enjoy the outdoors while getting work done. Now that refreshing. You can switch it up by sitting on the deck stairs. Move over to the table as the sun moves. A deck is a wonderful office.

There are many more relaxing things to do on a deck then work. Here are a few fun things that you can do outdoors on your deck.

12. Convenient Place to Garden

I love plants. I enjoy working the soil and seeing the results. I love the life that flowers bring to space. In short, I love being around nature. Gardening on your deck allows you to enjoy gardening conveniently. With a few well-placed planter boxes, you can bring nature closer. Stroll out unto your deck and deadhead the flowers. Water the dry soil. All conveniently done on your deck.

Even when you’re not working with your plants, they bring pleasure. Sitting down beside your vining Clematis, its shade cooling the burning sun. That’s refreshing. The smell of flowers brings me to a happy place. I enjoy walking out among my garden to observe the change.

13. Space to Enjoy Nature

I don’t know if birds get creeped out being watched, but I enjoy watching them fluttering around, drinking water and singing their songs. Some people like watching fish, others a burning log. Birds playing with each other is my thing.

With a few trees around a deck or a birdbath. Who doesn’t like to go to the pool or the local watering hole? Ten feet or so from the deck, giving them a little distance, for they can enjoy the water and you can enjoy their song and dance.

I haven’t gotten to the point of feeding the birds yet, but that’s another good incentive to bring them to your yard. Speaking of eating, a deck is a ready-made picnic spot.

14. Ready Made Picnic Location

Setting things up always slows me down. A deck is your ready-made picnic spot. Grab your plate of food from the kitchen and a seat out on the deck. Catch of few extra rays of sun while eating without having to find a blanket. Unless, of course, you want to. There is something to be said about the experience of laying out a blanket and having a picnic.

15. Brining the Conveinces of Indoors, Outdoors

Decks blur the line between being inside and outside. Deck’s providing a floor and dimensions of rooms but still open to the elements. You can enjoy the breeze, the warming sun, while sitting o the couch. Decks are the transition between the two worlds. Combining both the warmth and fresh air of the great outdoors, with the comfort of order and design.

Rather than having a hard-line walking thru the door, from inside to out. A decks’ warming floor makes it a blend. Allowing you to warm up to the idea of being outside. Before you head out to work in your yard.

16. Improve the appearance of the back of your house

Along with the transition between in and out, decks allow you to blend your yard and house together. With artistic design breaking up the hard-flat wall of your house. It’s also nice in that often right alongside your house, you will have a dead strip of grass. A deck bridges over this, tying your house to your lush grass.

17. Increased Home Value

Moving.com puts it to number three on the list of home improvements that add value to a house. Few things will improve the value of your house as much as a well-designed deckOpens in a new tab.. People immediately see the value when viewing your house. The extra space, the pleasure of being outdoors, and simply breaking up the monotony of grass and siding of a backyard.

Regarding money, RemodelerOpens in a new tab. puts wood decks an 82.2% return and composite deck 63.6%. You’re not going to get rich, but after enjoying your deck yourself, the next homeowner will pay part of the cost of the deck. Which is always nice.

These are some of my reasons to add a deck to my home, what’s yours?

Ryan Nickel

A Red Seal carpenter, passionate about building decks to be enjoyed.

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