Meet the Team

At, we are proud to have a team of experienced deck builders, researchers and writers dedicated to providing the best information about outdoor deck construction and maintenance.

Our team consists of experienced carpenters who have spent years building decks and researchers who scour the internet, books and magazines to find the latest and best practices.

Members of the Our Team

There are many roles to play in providing you with the best and most helpful deck construction information. From reviewing decking and deck products and best practices in construction.

And let’s not forget the critical role of editing and writing. Along with pictures and videos to bring it all together.

One day these roles will all be played by different individuals as our team grows to provide the best outdoor deck information.

But for now, let me introduce myself.

Meet the Team Ryan Nickel

Hi! I am Ryan Nickel – the owner and operator of E3 Construction and this website.

I was apprenticed as a framer and trained as carpenter at SAIT, which allowed me to obtain my Red Seal certification in carpentry. After years of experience in residential construction since 2001, I have recently become focused solely on decks.

At least during the warm summer months.

Both E3 Construction and this website allow me to do three things that I love;

  • Building things
  • Spending time outdoors
  • Sharing what I have learned 

I enjoy being out in the sun, putting decks together to be enjoyed while keeping my experience sharp and relevant.

But also learn what works best and how people are enjoying their decks.

The whole purpose of having a deck.

Currently, being the sole contributor to this website, I get to perform all the roles below.


Responsible for reviewing articles to ensure they are accurate and up-to-date with the latest facts and figures.

Evaluating the various sources of information, including books, magazines and online resources, to make sure all the content is factually correct. Checking them against my own experience in building decks and, of course, wealth of information gathered from other carpenters, deck contractors, and keen DIYers.


As an editor, I check for typos, grammar mistakes and other errors that might affect the accuracy of the material.

My best friend is Grammarly which speeds up the accuracy and helps to make trade language better understood.

Additionally, I provide feedback to our writers on how to improve the overall quality of the articles.


Doing the heavy lifting of researching and putting experience to words.

With so many aspects going into deck enjoyment, there is much to cover.

Whether it’s crafting an article about decking, excavating holes or checking out the top chair to recline on your deck, our writer gives us the words needed.

Image Manager

A picture is worth a thousand words.

Along with our written words, we need images and videos to help get the point across quickly and easily.

Our image manager is responsible to find the best pictures and creating custom graphics to improve our readers’ overall experience.

“A picture is worth a thousand words.”

This can include images from photo banks, but many are taken from our job sites as we build decks for customers of E 3 Construction. Which not only improves the quality of the photo but ensures its accuracy.

My phone, beside my tool belt, being whipped out whenever I see something that may be of value for a later article or something previously published.

Video Contributor

Sometimes words and pictures must be taken to the next level.

Where we are delighted to combine into videos.

This includes many aspects. From finding relevant youtube videos that help show or explain.

Or taking videos on the job sites or in my garage about deck building. Then posting these on youtube to provide first-hand experience of the work we are doing.

The more videos I take and post I can see this growing into a team of its own.

With content creators, video photographers and editors.

In fact, beyond me shooting quick shorts and videos, our more polished videos, we use the help of Six Up YYC to help with video editing.

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