Best Cantilever Patio Umbrella

When it comes to the sunshine, we all love to soak it up as much as the next person.

But sometimes when that heat scorches down upon you for hours, even the bravest of us tend to need a few minutes to cool down in the shade.

Best Cantilever Patio Umbrella

So if you’re currently trying to renovate your back garden to be ready for the sunny seasons, when you start purchasing your sun loungers and BBQs you might also want to consider something that’s going to keep you cool. 

A great choice to keep some shade on your deck is a cantilever patio umbrella.

Their design usually means that they’re perfect for any lounge-style setting and most are height adjustable and can tilt so you can position that shade exactly where it’s needed most.

And with so many different styles and colours, you can be sure that you’ll find something to suit your preexisting decor. 

So let’s get straight into it, if you’re looking for a cantilever patio, here are some of what I think are the best products out there! 

Purple Leaf Cantilever Umbrella 

PURPLE LEAF 10' X 12' Patio Umbrella Outdoor Rectangle Umbrella Large Cantilever Umbrella Windproof Offset Umbrella Heavy Duty Sun Umbrella for Garden Deck Pool Patio, Beige

Now, I will start off by saying this is a fairly expensive product but it is very high quality, so it will be worth the money that you do spend.

This umbrella comes in seven different colours so whatever aesthetic you choose there should be a style for you.

I’m reviewing the 10’x12 size but there are also many other options of size too which is great! So no matter what size your garden is, Purple Leaf will have you covered. 

It has a unique handle and crank system which is designed to be stable, durable, and comfortable too.

It has 6 height settings and angles to choose from so you’ll be sure that you can position it in exactly the right spot.

And if this wasn’t enough shade control for you, it also has a 360-degree rotation system.

Whether you want to pop this product by the pool, in the garden, in a courtyard, or on outdoor decking, it is suitable for any placement.

It is made of 240/gsm yarn-dyed high-quality polyester fabric which is both UV resistant and water repellent.

You shouldn’t need to worry about the colour of the umbrella being washed out by the sun either as it’s colourfast fadeless.  

The structure of the umbrella is also sturdy and durable, the bones are all made from aluminum and heavy-duty ribs are painted with an anti-oxidation spray to ensure that they last.

There’s also even a shockproof design to cushion the blow if it does accidentally fall.

The only real issue that I found with this product is that the weighted baseOpens in a new tab. is not included, and really considering the price you would hope that you were all set to go. 


  • Plenty of styles to choose from
  • 6 adjustable height/angle settings
  • 360 rotation 
  • High-quality material 


  • Expensive 
  • No weighted base included
PURPLE LEAF 10' X 12' Patio Umbrella Outdoor Rectangle Umbrella Large Cantilever Umbrella Windproof Offset Umbrella Heavy Duty Sun Umbrella for Garden Deck Pool Patio, Beige
  • 10' X 12', unique double-top canopy design for commercial and residential use
  • Unique handle design and crank System, 6 height and angle to choose, 360-degree rotation for easier shading area control
  • High quality 240/gsm yarn-dyed polyester fabric, UV resistant, water-repellent and colorfast fadeless, 3 years warranty
  • All-aluminum umbrella bones and 8 heavy-duty ribs, anti-oxidation spray painted, maintain a long period life
  • Patio umbrella base in the picture is NOT included. Please search B0BLHFFCLJ asin for water tank base, search B081D57978 for tank base with wheels, search B081D5R2TN for anchor ground base. Please search B081ZT52R4 for umbrella light.

You can also order directly from Purple Leaf ShopOpens in a new tab. or WayfairOpens in a new tab..

Viney Offset Cantilever UmbrellaOpens in a new tab.

VINEY 10ft Patio Offset Umbrellas Cantilever Umbrella, Large Outdoor Umbrella w/Infinite Tilt, Waterproof UV Protection & Cross Base for Backyard, Poolside, Lawn and Garden (Rasin Purple)

If you are looking for a more budget option, then Viney’s offset 2021 Series cantilever umbrella is a great option.

If you’re looking for a nice stable and durable option then I couldn’t recommend this product anymore. 

This umbrella is constructed with sturdy iron ribs and really thick poles that are sure to stay structurally sound during light weather conditions.

Viney has really made this umbrella with structure in mind, it has a tilting joint and a metal-cover hinge to create additional support to ensure you won’t be needing to pick it up every 5 minutes due to it falling in the wind.

To really keep it in place there is even a velcro attachment so that you can secure the canopy to the pole which stabilizes it further. 

The company also only works with the best materials, the canopy is made with a solution-dyed canopy with grade 5 colorfastness.

They are so confident in their product that they also provide an extended 2-year warranty on colour fastness for the canopy.

So if you do encounter a problem within the first two years, you’ll be safe in the knowledge that it can be sorted out for you. 

Not only is this product sturdy but it’s also super simple to use too. It only takes one person to adjust or operate the umbrella in a straightforward manner.

The only drawback of this product is that it doesn’t have the range of motion that you can find with the more expensive models.

Sure place it correctly and it’ll do the job just fine, but you won’t have the shade control and precision that you can get with other similar umbrellas. 


  • Cheaper option
  • Sturdy and Simple 


  • Less motion/shade control
VINEY 10ft Patio Offset Umbrellas Cantilever Umbrella, Large Outdoor Umbrella w/Infinite Tilt, Waterproof UV Protection & Cross Base for Backyard, Poolside, Lawn and Garden (Rasin Purple)
  • HIGH-QUALITY & DURABLE FABRIC: The 10ft wide canopy is made of SOLUTION-DYED FABRIC (240g/sqm) with premium PU and UV coating, double-coated thicken fabric reaches AATCC 16.3 Grade 5 colorfastness and UPF 85+, providing 98% UV protection. Here we are confident to provide an extended 2-year warranty on color fastness for the canopy.
  • INNOVATIVE & FUNCTIONAL DESIGN: Viney patio umbrellas are designed with the customer needs and ergonomic in mind. We creat Easy-to-Use tilting system allow you to adjust the shade and block the sun at all angles for your need. Open, close and tilt our umbrella with ease! And we added a umbrella light socket to the center hub of the umbrella, provide extra light and ambiance to ensure your garden or patio night is more wonderful and enjoyable.
  • STURDY METAL FRAME & EXCELLENT STABILITY: The 8 long ribs are made of premium iron that open and close with ease. The expertly crafted metal frame is sealed with a thick anti-oxidant coating to resist corrosion and rust. The tilting joint is composed of PA71 and has a metal-cover hinge of added support. The outer rustproof metal cover protects the framework while the newly added Velcro strap secures the canopy to the pole and improve wind proof performance.
  • PREMIUM GARDEN & PATIO DÉCOR: Viney 10ft offset umbrellas are perfect for garden, patio furniture sets or outdoor dining tables, take as outdoor table umbrella, sun umbrella, pool umbrella, hanging market umbrella and so on. Large size canopy and hand-crank lift allows you to adjust the shade and block the sun at all angles, providing intimate protection for your skin and enjoy relaxing summer.
  • CUATION, CARE & WARRANTY: This large umbrella for patio outdoor must be secured with a weighted base (Sold Separately, Search "B08PT58GCB" For 230-LB Weight Base) or other weights, sandbags or bricks. In order to extend service life of the umbrella, we recommend you close the canopy when windy or extreme weather conditions. We promise provide 1-year warranty for the entire umbrella (2 years for the canopy) and 24/7 customer service, if you need support, please contact us directly.

You can also order from WayfairOpens in a new tab..

ZJDU Solar LED Cantilever ParasolOpens in a new tab.

ZJDU 9 FT Cantilever Parasol, Aluminium Garden Umbrella,Patio Parasol with Solar LED, Outdoor Sunshade Canopy with Crank Tilt Mechanism,for Patio and Balcony,Wine red

If you really feel like pushing the boat and treating both yourself and your deck, ZJDU’s solar cantilever could be a perfect option.

Now it doesn’t come cheap but it sure is worth it. It comes in three styles, wine red, beige, and dark green. 

So what makes this product different from the others? Well, it’s solar-paneled to start with.

I absolutely adore this feature on this umbrella, because not only will it keep you cool in the shade while the suns out, but it will sparkle once the sun goes down thanks to the LED lights.

This makes for such a pretty feature once it’s actually set up on your patio. You only need about 6 hours of warm light to brighten up your deck at night.

It creates the perfect romantic ambiance for a meal under the stars! 

But of course, it’s not only there to look stunning on an evening, it is guaranteed to keep you nice and cool in that blistering summer sun with the extra-tough 180g polyester that is also coated in a waterproof coating.

This can be left outside for a long time and you won’t have to worry about the colour fading away as the colour retention is much higher than that of an average parasol.

It even has a UPF 50+ rating so you can be sure that it is made to withstand the elements. 

For the price that you’ll pay for this product, you’ll want it to be strong, durable, and sturdy, and don’t worry it won’t disappoint.

It is made with 8 ribs made of premium aluminum that allows it to open and close with ease. The metal frame is also sealed with a thick anti-oxidant coating to ensure it won’t rust or corrode. 

The umbrella also has a classic floating design that transports you back to your last vacation abroad.

But more than that it also has features that keep it running well the framework and innovative crank technology mean that it can be used daily and not show wear and tear. 


  • Solar panelled LED lights
  • Sturdy and Stable
  • High-quality material 


  • Base weight is sold separately 
ZJDU 9 FT Cantilever Parasol, Aluminium Garden Umbrella,Patio Parasol with Solar LED, Outdoor Sunshade Canopy with Crank Tilt Mechanism,for Patio and Balcony,Wine red
  • Solar Powered LED Umbrella: Designed with 24 built in LED lights powered by solar panels on the top of its pole. makes it romantic and quiet quaint ambience to enjoy night scenery also besides sun shading needs in the day.provide 6 -7 hours of warm light once the sun sets, creates a romantic atmosphere at night.
  • Keep Your Summer Cool: The canopy is made from extra-tough 180g polyester accompanied by coating with waterproof and sunscreen. Can be placed outdoors for a long time without fading. The color retention time is much longer than that of ordinary polyester parasols. It has a UPF 50+ rating to provide superior protection from damaging UV rays or rain.
  • Durable Material & Sturdy Structure: The parasol with 8 Ribs are made of premium Aluminum that make sure open and close easily. The expertly crafted metal frame is sealed with a thick anti-oxidant coating to resist corrosion and rust.
  • Simple Crank System:The robust cantilever framework and innovative crank technology provide effortless assembly designed for daily use. Just unlock, adjust, relock and crank the umbrella open to the desired position.
  • Premium Patio Decor: The parasol has a classic, floating design that will transport you to your last relaxing vacation on the beach. Perfect for summertime family gatherings, afternoon tea with friends. (NOTE: Umbrella BASE NOT Included).

Harrier 10ft Cantilever Overhanging Patio UmbrellaOpens in a new tab.

Harrier 10ft Cantilever Overhanging Patio Umbrella | Backyard Sunshade – Outdoor Offset Umbrella |(Standard Umbrella + 2x 25 lbs Weight + Cover, Dark Red)

This is the best value and cheapest option that I tried, and I must say, I was impressed. It comes in a few different colors; red, back, green, gray, and white.

So no matter what your style, you should find an option that suits you and your garden.

After all, there’s nothing worse than purchasing an item that just doesn’t go with your garden decor, you want your cantilever umbrella to bring everything together, not to stick out like a sore thumb.

And if you’ve got a little extra cash you can even upgrade this item to have a solar-powered LED upgrade to make your deck sparkle during an evening. 

Each umbrella made by Harrier is manufactured from heavy-duty power-coated steel to ensure it can stand the test of time with improved strength as well as rust resistance.

The UV30+ protection also means that the canopy is protected against the sun and the colour won’t fade. 

It’s straightforward to assemble and simple to store! The instructions that are included are really easy to follow, and the product is made with the intention of being easy to set up.

It really shouldn’t take you long at all. It can also be separated into three sections, so if you don’t want to keep it out all day every day, it’s more compact to store away. 

The only drawback is that this is a much cheaper option and so, of course, there are a lot fewer features that come with this option.

There isn’t much in terms of shade control, once it’s up its up, there isn’t an option to adjust the height or move the umbrella.

There is a handle to help you open and close the canopy but I felt like it was a little flimsy, so you would need to be gentle while opening and closing the umbrella. 


  • Good value
  • Sun and rust resistant 
  • Straightforward and simple to assemble and store


  • No shade control 
  • Handle a little flimsy
Harrier 10ft Cantilever Overhanging Patio Umbrella | Backyard Sunshade – Outdoor Offset Umbrella |(Standard Umbrella + 2x 25 lbs Weight + Cover, Dark Red)
  • PREMIUM GARDEN FURNITURE – Each umbrella has been manufactured from heavy duty power coated steel and features a UV30+ polyester canopy for improved strength, rust resistance and sun protection.
  • MULTIPLE COLOUR OPTIONS – This premium and stylish patio umbrella is available in White/Cream, Dark Red, Dark Green, Grey or Black for complete versatility. With an added Solar Powered LED upgrade available, each luxury garden parasol will add a touch of luxury to any outdoor space.
  • STRAIGHTFORWARD ASSEMBLY – Supplied with easy to follow instructions, these high-quality Cantilever umbrellas have been designed to be effortless and simple to install.
  • SIMPLE AND EASY STORAGE – For reduced and compact storage, the deluxe Harrier Overhanging umbrella can be easily separated into 3 sections (base/support post/support arm).
  • LUXURY UPGRADES – For added stability and weatherproofing, these overhanging umbrellas can be supplied with base weights and a weatherproof cover.

Buyers Guide

If you’re thinking of buying a cantilever umbrella depending on the product of your choice you could be spending upwards of $1000 so it’s really important that you make the correct choice for you. 

When looking online, you’ll notice that some of the much cheaper options look exactly the same as the more expensive options.

It can be hard to tell what the difference is and what features you actually need to be looking out for. 

This is why I have compiled a list of all the things that you should consider before purchasing your umbrella. 

Shade Control

This is the main factor that will change the price range when you are shopping for cantilever umbrellas. The more shade control the product gives you, the more expensive the umbrella will be. 

What is shade control? It’s basically extra features that let you control how the umbrella casts the shade. These features are really helpful to give you ultimate control over your comfort.

Usually, shade control features include adjustable height and angle settings and 360 rotation systems.

This will mean that when you place your canopy you still have a little more control over where it will cast the shade. 

Of course, umbrellas without shade control features will still cast shade so if you opt for a parasol without these features, it’ll still do the trick perfectly fine, but you will be confined to that area and you won’t be able to adjust it. 

So the choice is really yours, would you rather save your money and stick to the confinements of the shaded area, or would you prefer to pay a little extra for that additional control? 


Even most basic models tend to be made with decent materials, so it isn’t something you need to worry about too much.

However, you should always check the product description to check that it is built to be sturdy. This is really essential for any outdoor furniture because it needs to be able to withstand all weather conditions. 

You want to make sure that the canopy has some form of UV protection, the more expensive models tend to have a higher UV protection but anywhere about UV30+ should be fine.

This is because the sun can easily take the colour out of your canopy without it. And that’s just going to ruin the aesthetics of the product 

You should also always check that it is rust and wind resistant, because in an ideal world, once you’ve assembled your umbrella you don’t want it to be falling apart or falling over.

These features stop that from happening. 

Solar Paneled LEDs

This is an extra that will increase the price of your product. However, it’s indisputable that this option does upgrade your outdoor space. If you can afford to opt for this extra I would 100% recommend it. It sparkles up your garden in the dark and sets a really romantic mood for the evening. 

It’s not essential, but definitely a worthwhile treat. 


You might also want to check how easy your product is to assemble. This will change from product to product.

Some are really straightforward and will only take you a matter of minutes to set up alone, some may take a little bit longer and even require two people.

Some of these can be a little heavy too, so you might need to recruit some help depending on the model. 

Final Thoughts

A cantilever umbrella is the perfect addition to any deck and can be a very welcomed treat once the sun really gets going in the summer.

So, if you plan on sunbathing all through the hotter months, I think it would be a good idea to ensure that you’ve got a safe space of shade to retreat to when it all gets a bit too much.

So whether you choose a budget option or one of the more upgraded models, I hope you enjoy your summer and have a great time topping up your tan – and chilling in your newfound shade! 

Ryan Nickel

A Red Seal carpenter, passionate about building decks to be enjoyed.

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