Best Outdoor Furniture Material For The Arizona Sun

Arizona is considered the hottest place in the United States and Phoniex the hottest city. With Phoniex having over 300 days of sunshine a year. If you like being outdoors soaking up the sun on your deck or patio. Arizona is made for you.

Best Outdoor Furniture Material For The Arizona Sun

But with all that sun, what patio furniture will last?

What type of outdoor furniture material is ideal for non-stop sun and heat?

Are you looking for outdoor furniture that will withstand the blazing Arizona sun? Outdoor furniture that is enduring, weather-resistant, and aesthetically pleasing. Made from materials that will last in the sun and be enjoyable to use.

Some of the best furniture materials for Arizona are HDPE (high-density polyethylene), Aluminium and teak wood. All three are comfortable in the sun to sit on and can survive the sun’s damaging UV.

I will explain why I recommend these three materials for Arizona. But first, let’s look at why not all patio furniture is ideal for the desert.

Arizona’s Sun’s UV is Damaging to Outdoor Furniture

The sun’s UV causes material to fade, dry out, become brittle and crack.

So whatever you put outside in Arizona must be able to hold its colour in the sun. Be resistant to drying out and will not crack from the heat. Especially swings in temperature. Arizona can be hot during the day but the temperature drops when the sun goes down.

Also with all this heat, you do not want material that absorbs heat. Hate to burn your skin when you rub up against your patio chair.

On plus side, unlike humid places like the coast. Rust is not a major issue with outdoor furniture in Arizona. Giving you more options.

The Three Best Outdoor Furniture Materials For Arizona’s Sunny Weather

The Three Best Outdoor Furniture Materials For Sunny Weather

HDPE Lumber

Due to its strength and weather resilience, HDPE Lumber (high-density polyethylene) is among the most popular types of plastic for furniture.

You may not have heard of HDPE, a popular brand that makes furniture using poly lumber is Polywood. But there are many other companies out there that also make furniture using poly lumber. With many of the features of polywood and its similar benefits, but calling the material poly lumber.

And you even have companies like Trex Outdoor FurnitureOpens in a new tab. which have teamed up with Genuine PolyWood to make their furniture using polywood.

When it comes to the heat from the sun, HDPE can deal with it. Additives are included in the material, making them unaffected by UV (ultraviolet). In a few ways.

  1. HDPE does not crack in the sun.
  2. HDPE will keep its colour in the sun.
  3. HDPE does not dry out in the heat.

As an added bonus, poly lumber furniture will not get hot in the sun, but it will get warm. A cushion on hot days will make them more comfortable in the heat.

Made from material that is quite durable and will continue to look excellent even after years of usage and exposure to the outdoors. 

But don’t take my word for it.

Most quality brands of poly lumber furnitureOpens in a new tab. have warranties of 12 or 20 years that they will not be damaged by the sun. Meaning you can enjoy them all year, for many years in Arizona.

Along with not needing to be repainted, stained, waterproof or any maintenance except for occasionally cleaning with water and soap.

Teak Wood

When considering outdoor furniture against the sun, teak wood is yet another popular choice because it continues to be the sturdiest, most resilient, and toughest of the hardwoods. 

It is still the primary source of materials for opulent yachts and boats and has been employed to build ships ever since the Middle Ages for a wide range of purposes. 

One of the few types of wood in the world with a natural oil which repels water, teak wood is completely weatherproof and prevents warping, cracking, or brittleness.

Outdoor furniture made of teak wood is designed to survive the harsh effects of scorching sun. 

The same compounds and oils that defend against the elements also serve to repel insects and termites, making teak wood pest-resistant. 

Teak wood requires very little maintenance because of its high oil content, which is designed to let it fade to a uniform tone over time rather than seem spotty or black. Eliminating the need for extra stain, paint, or varnish to get a more natural but rustic appearance.

Making teak an excellent choice for patios in Arizona.


Another excellent option is aluminum patio furniture, which demonstrates a long-lasting, fashionable, and low-maintenance choice.

It is the most widely used metal for patio furniture and can be formed into a wide range of intricate shapes despite being very strong, lightweight, and durable. Additionally, aluminum is affordable, requires little upkeep, and never rusts.

Aluminum can get warm in the sun, but an advantage is its low dissipation of heat. Even on a hot day, the chance of burning skin is low.

Plus, even more important, Aluminum does not deteriorate in the sun. A reason why planes not in use are often stored in Arizona. Aluminum is not damaged by the sun.

Just one more reason to consider aluminum patio furniture.

Final Thoughts

There are undoubtedly many factors to take into account when attempting to determine which materials are ideal for Arizona’s high sun exposure. 

Some of the materials best suited for the desert sun are Polywood lumber, Teak wood, and aluminum.

Enjoy spending time in Arizona’s sun, with the perfect patio chair that will not be damaged by the sun.

Ryan Nickel

A Red Seal carpenter, passionate about building decks to be enjoyed.

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