Review of EZdeck

Regarding alternatives for traditional timber decking, EZdeck offers durable wood polymer composite materials made from wood fibre and recycled plastics. These materials have all the positives of wood decking (appearance, density, etc.) without the drawbacks such as susceptibility to mould, rot, termites, and warping due to weather and sun. 

In this review, we will see how EZdeck compares to its competitors in the composite decking market. 

EZdeck: A Brief Intro

This Long Island-based company prides itself on creating products that most resemble traditional timber decking materials. Aside from composite decking, they also make and install composite fencing and deck tiles. 

What is EZdeck Decking Made of?

Like other companies that make composite decking, EZdeck uses wood polymer – an eco-friendly alternative to wood and is made from wood fibres (like sawdust), recycled plastics, and binding agents that cement the materials together. 

These composite materials are anti-slip, won’t splinter, won’t absorb water that will eventually lead to swelling and warping (like traditional wood decking) and won’t wear or weather when exposed to the elements.

How Many Colours of Decking Does EZdeck have?

EZdeck has perhaps the widest selection of colours among its competitors. Certain colours may not be available depending on the line of decking ordered. 

EZdeck Premium

  • Alaska
  • Vanilla
  • Maple
  • Cocoa
  • Carbonized

EZdeck Elite 

  • Natural Dark
  • Roasted
  • Natural
  • Sandy Beach
  • Light Grey
  • Dark Grey
  • Moon Grey
  • White

EZdeck Tropical

  • Stone
  • Seashell
  • Rustik
  • Moka

EZdeck Natural

  • Teak 
  • Slate Grey
  • Chocolate
  • Black

EZdeck Design

  • Charcoal
  • Dark Coffee
  • Sand

Is EZdeck Capped?

EZdeck’s solid decking boards in the Elite and Premium collections are capped, meaning they have a high-density wood polymer center coated with a strong and durable PVC shell. The cap is a 1.5mm thick, a descent amount of material.

The Design and Natural lines aren’t capped.

What are the Finishes of EZdeck Decking?

EZdeck’s composite decking comes only in one finish – the natural wood grain. However, depending on the line the customer chooses, the wood grain differs noticeably in appearance.

  • EZdeck Design – the first and most cost-effective option for EZdeck composite decking has a relatively smooth, slightly raised wood grain finish. 
  • EZdeck Natural – as its name suggests, this line’s wood grain best mimics the natural appearance of traditional timber. 
  • EZdeck Tropical – this vintage-style decking has a high-contrast appearance that effectively mimics wood grain while being smoother in texture than wood. 
  • EZdeck Elite – smooth without surface texture while resembling wood grain.
  • EZdeck Premium – smooth without surface texture while resembling wood grain.

Profile of EZdeck Decking

EZdeck’s Elite and Premium lines come with scalloped planks.

The Design, Natural, and Tropical lines are hollow with 4 square cavities in the core of the decking. 

Lines of EZdeck Composite Decking

  • EZdeck Design – the most cost-effective EZdeck line, EZdeck design is durable with a hollow core. 
  • EZdeck Natural – EZdeck Natural has the deepest and most prominent wood grain design. 
  • EZdeck Tropical – this line has more complexity in the colours of the wood, some with high contrast. 
  • EZdeck Elite – scalloped and durable, made of weather-resistant materials. 
  • EZdeck Premium – made of PVC composite, these scalloped boards have a smooth and luxurious appearance. 

How Long is EZdeck’s Warranty?

EZdeck’s warranties differ depending on the specific product, as shown in the table below. 

EZdeck Design10 years
EZdeck Natural20 years
EZdeck Tropical25 years
EZdeck Elite25 years
EZdeck PremiumLifetime