Review of LeadVision Composite Decking

LeadVision is a North American and Asia-based company that produces composite decking. Standard decks aren’t always the answer, especially with the current price of lumber on the market. LeadVision’s alternative, composite decking, is a rapid solution. But how does it hold up under scrutiny?

What is LeadVision Decking Made Of?

LeadVision uses what is called “composite wood,” hence the term “composite decking.” Composite wood is a combination of wood and plastic very commonly a 50/50 blend. With roughly 5% of the overall board including additives to help it last outdoors.

Leadvisiion is slightly different —65% wood, 30% plastic, and 5% “additives.” No surprise the additional are held close to the vest.

How Many Colours of Decking Does LeadVision Have?

LeadVision markets four colours in their composite decking line, including Teack, Antique, Mirage-Grey, Fascia, Light Grey, and Deep Tea.

The rest of their colours are relegated to railing and exterior siding projects. 

Their website is very simple to navigate, but they mix their projects together, making it easy to confuse the colours. However, if you select specific categories after scrolling down, you’ll end up with better product separation and identification.

Is LeadVision Capped?

The definition of “capped” usually coincides with polypropylene, polyethylene or PVC coating and the core is recycled wood and plastics.

LeadVision composite decking matches the core portion of the definition, but they do not “cap” their products with a PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) outer coating. 

Instead, LeadVision uses what they describe as a polymer that protects against stains, cracks, color fade, mould, and mildew. The fact that LeadVision’s composite decking comes with a 25-year warranty should give you plenty of confidence that the polymer does the job. 

What are the Finishes of LeadVision Decking?

The look of the board depends on which one you go with. They all feature the same polymer cap, with the outer edges featuring a rippled design. Some of the finishes resemble a grey, marbled stain over pine. Others resemble cherry or possibly mahogany looks. 

All of the finishes feature an anti-slip surface that’s nevertheless quite smooth to the touch. Other “resistance” factors go into the manufacturing process, but they don’t contribute to the finish so much as the overall quality of the product, which is exceptional. 

Profile of LeadVision Decking

Elegance and Presitige boards are hollow core, with 4 hollow square cavities. Reducing weight and cost at the same time.

But their complimentary bullnose pieces have hollow cylinders instead of squares. The additional material and round shape add strength to these heavily walked-on edges of your deck.

These bullnose pieces are designed with a clip groove underneath to hold the boards down with a hidden fasteners.

Every edge and endcap is capped in the same polymer used for all LeadVision’s composite decking. 

How Long is the LeadVision Warranty?

LeadVision’s residential warranty, for standard board composite decking, is 25 years. They offer a 10-year warranty for their deck tiles and a 10-year warranty for standard boards in commercial settings. 

It’s a limited warranty, and it’s void if the decking or tiles are not installed on top of a structure that is stable and immobile. Also, to be eligible for the warranty, the owner has to provide the original receipt of the invoice that came with the order. 

Overall a decent warranty. Not as long as some of the best warranties for composite deckingOpens in a new tab., but matching most alternative brands like Trex for length and coverage.

All Things Considered

LeadVision offers an exceptional brand for a decent price, and their composite decking materials meet industry standards for long-lasting composite decks. However, their warranty could be a little longer, especially regarding their tile deck offerings.