Review of NewTechWood Ultrashield Composite Decking

NewTechWood Opens in a new a relative newcomer to the world of composite decking. However, they’ve managed to build an immense following based on the glowing recommendations of industry leaders in recent years. They bring a flair of uniqueness to the table, which is something special in the composite decking market. 

What is NewTechWood Decking Made Of?

Instead of going with typical plastics mixed with wood and various other materials, NewTechWood uses high-density polyurethane plastic combined with wood fibres in its composite decking. This is where the “Ultrashield” name comes from. 

While it’s basically what most people know of and understands in composite board manufacturing, NewTechWood simply uses a more premium plastic. 

How Many Colours of Decking Does NewTechWood Have?

NewTechWood offers 5 different in stock colours.

  • Brazilian Ipe
  • Peruvian Teak
  • Australian Red Cedar
  • Roman Antique
  • Hawaiian Charcoal

Plus, many custom vibrant, including ebony, Swedish red, orange, sky blue, spring green, smoke white, antique, stone gray, mirage gray, silver gray, light gray, charcoal, Merbau, walnut, redwood, ipe, mahogany, teak, oak, red cedar, maple, cedar, and sand. 

Incredibly increasing your decking options.

Their colour variations are bright, and even the darker colours project a high degree of ambiance and premium aesthetics. 

Is NewTechWood Composite Decking Capped?

All of NewTechWood’s composite deck offerings are capped in a polymer. However, NewTechWood took it to another level with its own touch. The process is called “Naturale,” a patented manufacturing technique that caps the boards in such a way that they retain a matte finish and fibrous feel. 

It’s about as close to a real wood feel as you can get when dealing with composite wood materials and the aesthetic limitations that often come with them. 

What are the Finishes of NewTechWood Composite Decking?

NewTech wood boards are reversible, with two different decking finishes on every board.  

On one side is the more “natural” wood grain finish. Including catherderal wood grain patterns and designs.

On the flip side, a wire brush finish.

Not a perfect example, but it’s like TimberTech Terrain (cathedral woodgrain) on one side and Vintage (wire-brushed) finish on the other side.

An advantage of Newtech wood is both finishes are included with each board. Allowing easy changes between the two.

Profile of NewTechWood Decking

NewTechWood comes in multiple profiles, depending on what you want. Like their colour variations, there is a lot to choose from. NewTechWood boards come in four styles if you don’t include the decking finishers. 

  • US01
  • US07
  • UH02
  • UH22

UH02 and UH22 are both hollow. However, the hollow bores down the length of the boards are more numerous on the UH22 version—numerous but smaller. The UH02 boards have holes that are larger in diameter. 

The US07 decking board is sold through and through. US01 boards are solid as well, with the exception of the grooves on each end for fitting the boards together. 

How Long is the NewTechWood Warranty?

While there are better composite warrantiesOpens in a new tab. out there. They offer a residential limited warranty covering NewTechWood products for 25 years.

NewTechWood warranties are comparable with many comparable brands on the market.

Trex has a similar length of warranty for all their composite decking. Scallop and solid decking.

Of course, like any warranty, it has limitations, including not installing the composite wood decking incorrectly.

The right way means the NewTechWood way. It’s always a good idea to put things together by the book. It may save you a lot of money down the road.