Gallery of Decks I’ve Built

Not to brag but really that is what this deck gallery is about. Simple practical decks built to be enjoyed. I hope that by showing off a little here that you can appreciate what I have had the privilege to construct. Inspiring you of what you can build in your backyard to enjoy your home more. Or if you are in Calgary, what I have done and could do for you.

Wood decks, the traditional decking of most decks in Canada and the United States. Even with the introduction of composite and PVC decking its still a go to for a economical deck providing great value to homeowners.

Looking for something that requires a little less maintenance. Composite decks are for that, less work more enjoyment. But to be upfront I have started to love composite decks for their beauty alone. Wood is great but composite has a great distinct look, that adds to any home. Like the composite deck below, the rich cathedral wood pattern is amazing.

Following composite is PVC decks. The next level in apperance and durablity. A great choice for longer lasting decking free from mould or mildew with no organic material. Azek like the deck below has created some good looking deck boards with a durable cap, that are cooler in the sun and distinct wood patterns.

Almost every deck requires steps, connecting the yard to the house. But they are for more than just climbing. They double as benches and add to the aesthetics of the deck. Take a look and see what has been done.

Deck Skirting, hiding what is under the deck while improving the look of the deck. Keeping out rodents, cats and garbage from collecting under the deck. Just like a skirt, it dresses up the deck.

Deck railing is both for safety and appearance. I love low maintenance railing like these glass panels or aluminum picket railing. But I have also installed wood railing and vinyl railingOpens in a new tab., as diverse as there are decks.