How Should Furniture Be Arranged on a Deck?

Finding the best way to make your deck space into everything it could be is daunting. If you’re not a designer by trade, you may wonder how furniture should be arranged on your deck?

Deck furniture should be arranged according to your deck space, incorporating a focal point and tailor-made to fit your family’s lifestyle.

Deck spaces are important to tying your yard to your indoor home. Through careful research and deck planning experience, our article will break down these categories:

  • Get to Know Your Deck Space
  • Decide on a Focal Point
  • Fit Your Lifestyle

Once you know what kind of deck space you are working with, you will be able to decide on a focal point to arrange your furniture around. Creating a deck area that works for your lifestyle. With your deck furniture arranged to match.

Get to Know Your Deck Space

The most foundational part of planning to arrange any space is understanding the area itself!

Size matters so that you don’t get furniture that winds up being ill-fitting, but so does location. Let’s go over two helpful questions to answer before you begin arranging furniture.

What Size is Your Deck Space?

Good old-fashioned measurements taken of your deck are a good place to start. It is important to note how big or small your deck space is. For example, if you have a smaller space, you don’t want to overcrowd it by adding too many pieces of furniture. 

If you haven’t built your deck yet, check out How to Figure Out the Right Size Deck for Lounging, Dining or Grilling.Opens in a new tab. Where we talk about ideal deck sizes for everyday deck activities.

On the other hand, if the deck space is large and you don’t have enough to fill it, your furniture can wind up looking a little silly or spread thin.

If your deck is only a small corner setting, it would not be a great move to fence the space in with the arrangement of couches in a square. Try opening the space up by facing the open area, turning each seat outward. A mirror placing might be a good way to create the illusion of depth outside as much as it would in a small room.

You may not want to fill it up completely if your deck space is large. Room to move around on the deck could be desirable. So instead of spreading furniture out, define a smaller space using a rug or even a hanging of lights, like a stylish fence around the designated area.

This is a great reason to be mindful of what deck furnishings you choose, too. Clustering heavy or unwieldy pieces of furniture around your deck can make it hard to change your mind and move the placements around. That is the path to getting frustrated with your deck project.

Instead, consider choosing furniture that can be maneuvered and swapped out easily, without going too far and picking out chairs that gusts of wind can pull away. That is the key to keeping your arrangement experience fun and easy! 

What Are Your Deck’s Surroundings?

The next step in getting to know your deck space is taking a step back and assessing your surroundings. Whether your deck is placed in the middle of a wide open space or hemmed in by railings, or even sectioned near stairs, considering your surroundings are important. You wouldn’t want to crowd your space any more than you would want to ruin a lovely view.

Deck placement can also be an important factor in selecting what types of furniture are good for the deck. 

For example, if your deck is near a pool, you wouldn’t want heavy pieces of furniture. After all, what if you want to sunbathe and the sun cast shadows on your heavy chairs? 

Shade is another part of deck surroundings to be aware of. It is a great idea to ensure one or two seats are taking advantage of the shaded parts of the deck, if any. Balance is important in design, but it is also vital in capitalizing on nature’s most comfortable options!

Decide on a Deck Focal Point

Once you’re sure you know your deck space like the back of your hand, it is time to start decorating it with beautiful furniture! How to start is daunting, but any designer will remind you that the best way to begin is by picking out something called a “focal point.”

What is a Focal Point?

A good way to describe a focal point is by answering the question: what do you want your guests to be able to focus on when they enter your deck space? 

This could be the excellent view of your back porch or the pool.

It could also be a great piece of decorative furniture, like seasonal flower arrangements. 

Possible Focal Points

Now that you know what a focal point is, what are some good options for designing your deck furniture arrangement?

A fire pit is one possible element of the deck that could act as a focal point. You’ll rarely see a fire pit without chairs and couches facing it so that visitors stay warm on chilly nights or have easy access to toast their marshmallows from!

Firetables are a new option to add a focal raised fire on our deck along with a place to rest a glass.

If you have a deck providing access to a television, cluster your furnishings around that. This way, if you have friends over to see the big game, they don’t have to worry about dragging your furniture around to get the best view.

If the view is your focal point, arrange your furniture to invite visitors to admire the garden, sunset, or backyard. This is one of the most fantastic perks of an outdoor room. Don’t squander it.

You don’t want to place lighting fixtures, chairs, couches, tables, umbrellas, or anything else that might take up space between the people and the view!

Focal points are a good place to start so that the slate you begin with isn’t completely blank. Not only that, but they help you start to take the next step in arranging deck furnitureOpens in a new tab., which is all about imagining what you will actually be using the space for, and planning accordingly.

Keep in mind what you enjoy about having a deck. Design for you and your family. Not that fantastic deck display you saw online or at the deck store, but how you want to use the deck.

Furniture Fitting Your Lifestyle

Now that you know what your deck space is like and have an idea for your focal point, remember the most important thing: your own life! A deck and its furniture are only as good as they fit into your schedule and preferences. 

Be sure to think about what you picture yourself doing when you hang out in your deck space. Arrange the furniture with these activities in mind and keep it in the realm of possibility! Here are some possible lifestyle habits that your furniture can be arranged to suit.

Hosting Dinners

One thing a deck can add the element of fun and enjoyment to is dinner. Don’t take everyone’s love of picnics for granted! If you have a grill outside or a firepit, you can arrange your furniture to accommodate the novelty of eating outdoors in style.

Your deck furniture doesn’t have to be arranged like the average poolside pizza party. Maybe you’d like to go for a more modern feeling.

There are no rules saying that you are not allowed to choose a long dining room-styled table and matching chairs for your deck. It could be fun to transform your backyard space into the same vibe as an outdoor seating area in a chic restaurant!

Similarly, if you are able to arrange your furniture near a water setting, such as a pool or a fountain, be sure to keep the view in mind while staying out of the splash zone!

Casual Hangout

Another lifestyle choice you may find suits you best is just a casual hangout. Chatting outside is just as fun as napping outdoors, if your deck furniture is arranged well enough!

For example, if you plan on sunbathing or napping on your deck, picking out a chaise works much better than an uncomfortable plastic deck chair. It may be water-resistant, but is it comfy?

If this is the case, you may also want to consider separating your deck into two halves. Imagine that some of your visitors will want to carry on a conversation, while a few more are just fine with taking a little nap in the nice weather. You want to be sure they can easily move from one area to the other, as suits their needs.

Don’t forget that chatting is made that much more fun by being able to snack or drink simultaneously. Always picture yourself in a realistic hangout situation.

Little things like end tables or coffee tables within easy reach of chairs can make a big difference. For this reason, maybe you wouldn’t want a wicker hanging chair that makes it difficult to hold beverages without spilling. 

Wrapping Up Arranging On Arranging Your Deck Furniture

So, how should furniture be arranged on a deck? Furniture should consider deck space and surroundings without losing sight of pleasing design. That pleasing design can be accomplished by deciding on a focal point. With this information, you’ll be able to choose a furniture arrangement that matches your life and your house!

Ryan Nickel

A Red Seal carpenter, passionate about building decks to be enjoyed.

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