Best Tabletop Fire Pit

There is nothing better than sitting out in your garden until after sundown on a long summer’s evening.

However, once the sun goes down, the heat of the day can dissipate into a chill in the air. With a tabletop fire pit, you no longer need to move the party inside as the temperature drops.

Best Tabletop Fire Pit

Tabletop fire pits come in all shapes and sizes to suit any space or style. With our review and handy buyer’s guide, you can choose the fire pit that best suits your needs and budget.

Why You Should Buy A Tabletop Fire Pit

There are a plethora of reasons why tabletop fire pits are becoming more and more attractive to people.

Tabletop fire pits provide all of the benefits of full-sized fire pits, creating a generous source of heat as well as a warm and relaxing glow that can make any outdoor space feel cozy and inviting.

However, they take up a fraction of the space that a full-sized fire pit does, making them much more versatile.

Tabletop fire pits can be used in smaller outdoor spaces such as balconies, small yards, outdoor dining areas, and even porches.

Any outdoor space, no matter how big or small, can instantly be transformed into an area bathed in a warm atmosphere, making it a perfect environment for late-night conversations and lounging outside.

Types Of Tabletop Fire Pit

There are four main types of tabletop fire pits available on the market. The differences between them mostly refer to the fuel source that they require. Each fuel source has its benefits and drawbacks which should be researched thoroughly before you make a purchase. Each fuel type is available in various styles from bowls to rings, to tubs.

Propane Gas Fuel

Propane-fueled fire pits are one of the most convenient types of fire pits available. The flame that is produced is high quality, high heat, and beautiful in both height and color.

One of the main benefits of this style of fire pit is that it involves very little clean-up. It can also be turned on and off instantly and provides a high level of heat straight away.

Propane is also a good choice of fuel from a safety point of view. Due to the strong and distinct smell that the gas produces, it is very easy to notice even the smallest of leaks should one occur.

Fire pits fueled by propane come in a wide variety of styles to fit any space too.

One of the disadvantages of a propane tabletop fire pit is that the propane gas tank needs to be stored close enough to the pit to be connected via a hose.

It can sometimes be difficult to effectively hide the propane tank which can detract from the atmosphere that you are trying to create.

Wood Burning Pits

Tabletop fire pits that are fueled by wood provide more of a campfire feel to your outdoor space.

One of the main advantages of a wood burner fire pit is that wood is a substantially cheaper option than some other fuels which can work out better in the long run.

Another benefit of fire pits that are fueled by wood is that they can often be used for both warmth and for cooking.

This makes them great value for money and can reduce the number of appliances that you have in your outdoor space.

Ethanol Fuel

Ethanol is often referred to as a clean-burning biofuel that is much more eco-friendly than some of the other options available.

When ethanol is burned it does not produce any odor or pollutants, making it a better option if you are going to be in close proximity to the fire pit on a regular basis.

Ethanol-fueled tabletop fire pits can also be used inside or outside due to the lack of pollutants that are released making them a very versatile option.

While ethanol fuel is the most eco-friendly option it is also one of the most expensive options when it comes to purchasing replacement fuel.

Gel Fuel

Gel-fueled tabletop fire pits are a great option for very small outdoor areas. These types of fire pits produce a smokeless burn that doesn’t smell which means that they can also be burned inside too.

These small fire pits provide a beautiful aesthetic and are enjoyable to sit around thanks to the lack of smoke.

However, because of their miniature size, they do not provide large amounts of heat that might be necessary for larger areas.

Blue Fireglass Endless Summer Outdoor Propane Gas Fire Pit TableOpens in a new tab.

Blue Fireglass Endless Summer Outdoor Propane Gas Fire Pit Table

The Blue Fireglass Endless Summer outdoor fire pit is a propane-fueled fire pit that solves the main problem that propane gas poses.

This fire pit is designed with sleek steel side panels that not only form the modern, classy look of this pit but also adequately conceal the propane gas tank needed to fuel it.

The Endless Summer fire pit features a safety valve and a piezo ignition to make starting the fire pit extremely easy and user-friendly.

The fire pit produces real fire with no smoke, no ash, and no fumes. While this fire pit may be a little large or heavy to place on top of a table, it can be used in place of a table.

The fire pit portion of the table is coverable when it is not in use to turn it into a full table.


  • No cleanup is required
  • No fumes or odour
  • Convertible into a table
  • Sleek, modern style


  • Larger size
Endless Summer 30" Outdoor Propane Gas Fire Pit Table (Blue Fireglass)
  • PROPANE FIRE PIT: Outdoor fire pit lets you get cozy outdoors without the ashy mess of a classic fire; Propane tank not included
  • EASY OPERATION: 30,000 BTU stainless steel burner with electronic ignition for seamless use; Hidden panel keeps controls safe from unwanted operators
  • SLEEK DESIGN: Contemporary design with brown fire glass, wicker-style steel base, and mosaic resin mantel showcase a polished look
  • DURABLE BOWL: All-weather steel fire bowl is built to last and ready to handle every season
  • INCLUDES: Brown fire glass and protective cover, making sure your backyard fire pit is safe from the elements; (L x W x H): 30 x 30 x 24 inches

Colsen Tabletop Rubbing Alcohol FireplaceOpens in a new tab.

Colsen Tabletop Rubbing Alcohol Fireplace

The Colsen tabletop rubbing alcohol fireplace makes a great addition to any outdoor space. The sleek poured concrete style of this fire pit gives it a modern, expensive look.

The flames that are produced by this fire pit are beautiful with a yellow or orange tone to them, creating a great atmosphere in your outdoor area.

One of the many benefits of this fire pit is that it is completely portable, it can be burned inside or outside meaning that you can bring the party in from outside if it gets too cold or too late.

Just remember to turn it off while you are transporting it.

This fire pit runs on Isopropyl alcohol only and biofuels should not be used with it.

If the weather is windy when you use this fire pit, it is better to turn it on inside for a couple of minutes, then turn it off, move it outside and turn it on again.

This will give it a better chance to keep going during windy weather. The pit can burn for 40-50 minutes at a time before the fuel needs topping up.


  • Smoke and odour-free burn
  • Beautiful flames for ambiance
  • Mess-free
  • Portable


  • Short burn time
  • Easily affected by the weather
Colsen Custom Tabletop Rubbing Alcohol Fireplace Indoor Outdoor Fire Pit Portable Fire Concrete Bowl Pot Fireplace (Rectangular) … (Classic)
  • WARNING: Always use Colsen’s Fire Pit Fuel or specialized fuels for fireplaces with flame arrestor. Flame arrestors are highly effective in preventing flame jetting. Never use rubbing alcohol without flame arrestor, gasoline, kerosene, oils or other flammable substances with your Colsen Fire Pit. Do not attempt to refill the fire pit until the flame has had time to dissipate, while there is flame, or while the product is still hot or warm. Fire or explosion can occur.
  • PORTABLE TABLETOP FIREPLACE: It is light and easy to transport so you can move it anywhere. You could use this small personal fireplace to add warmth and ambience to your desk, side table in your living room, centerpiece for your main dining table, or anywhere outdoors
  • INSTANT AMBIANCE OF A REAL FIRE. Quick and easy to use with no mess, or clean-up. Easy to light and extinguish. No better way to spend time with family and friends than sitting around a real fire. This flame lasts approximately 40 – 50 minutes (depending on room temperature and climate). Please remember not to ever pour/refill fuel onto open fire or when burner/fireplace is not cool to touch
  • IDEAL PRESENT: Looking for a perfect gift for your friends, family member a coworker, so get them with this fire Pits. It will make a great gift for someone who loves the modern and Modern and warm environments. Our Fire Pits is amazing for gifting on several occasions such as anniversaries, bachelorette parties, Valentine’s Days, Engagements, Christmas, Corporate Gift, Father’s Day, Thank you gift, Wedding gift, Birthday Gift and more

Greyhoo 11-Inch Portable Fire PitOpens in a new tab.

Greyhoo 11-Inch Portable Fire Pit

The Greyhoo 11-inch portable fire pit offers an intriguing design to add character to your outdoor space.

This fire pit looks like a large pebble that has been hollowed out for fire. This design is sleek and modern as well as a little more unusual than some other fire pits.

This design would suit an outdoor space that is full of natural shapes and colors.

This fire pit uses bioethanol fuel that is eco-friendly and produces no pollutants, smoke, or ash. The fuel capacity is 6 ounces which produce a burn time of approximately one hour.

The flame is modest but beautiful and will provide enough warmth to take the edge off an evening chill in a small outside space.


  • Sleek pebble design
  • Eco-friendly fuels
  • Shiny fire glass
  • No pollution or smoke


  • Relatively short burn time
11-inch Portable fire Pit, Tabletop Fireplace fire Bowl Use Iso-Propyl Alcohol as Fuel. Clean-Burning Bio Ethanol Ventless Fireplace for Indoor Outdoor Patio Parties Events
  • Clean Burning and Smoke Free: The tabletop braziers use a clean burning fuel system, isopropyl rubbing alcohol or bioethanol. No fly ash, no smoke, and no strong smell. It uses simple bioethanol fuels that are easy to find and affordable. No clutter, low maintenance.
  • Real & Beautiful Flame: There's no better way to spend time with family and friends than sitting around a real campfire. Fire bowls create environments anywhere. The enchanting flame makes any environment with family and friends feel comfortable, relaxed and fun. To create BEAUTIFUL FLAME. Very simple, burning only rubbing alcohol creates a campfire atmosphere on your table.
  • Easy to use: The tabletop fire pit Easy to ignite and extinguish. No electricity, natural gas or chimneys are required because it uses simple bioethanol fuels. This elegant tabletop fireplace adds great ambiance, and just with just 6 ounces alcohol that will have approximately 60min of burn time when fully fueled to support it for indoor or outdoor use.
  • Portable Tabletop Fireplace: This portable tabletop fire pit bowl is exhaust free and portable, so you can carry and place it anywhere. It is also a perfect alternative to a traditional log or gas stove. You can use this private fireplace to add warmth and atmosphere to your office, living room coffee table or dining table.
  • Unique Modern Design: Adopt the unique cement formula, the product quality is light, durable, the unique modern design shape is novel and beautiful. You will receive a unique tabletop fire pit as it is hand cast from organic sustainable concrete.

BRIAN & DANY Tabletop Portable Ethanol FireplaceOpens in a new tab.

BRIAN & DANY Tabletop Portable Ethanol Fireplace

This tabletop fire pit comes in a modern design with straight lines and sleek glass panels to contain the flames.

This pit gives the illusion of a modern indoor fireplace that is portable. Because this fire pit doesn’t have a ventilation system, it can be placed anywhere, indoors or outdoor.

This fire pit is sturdy and more child-friendly than some of the other fire pits on this list due to the protective glass on either side of the flames.

It is also eco-friendly as it runs on ethanol fuel that produces no smoke, ash, or pollution. The burn time of this fire pit is approximately 60 minutes.


  • Sleek, modern design
  • Eco-friendly fuel source
  • Tempered glass to contain flames
  • Lightweight and portable


  • Short burn time
BRIAN & DANY Tabletop Portable Ethanol Fireplace
  • 【No Smoke & Ventless】This tabletop fire pit provides a smokeless experience. Enjoy the ambiance of real fire without the inconvenience of smoke, soot, and ash. It is also a perfect replacement for traditional wood log or gas fire.
  • 【Sturdy Fireplace】The table top fire pit bowl is durable enough for long-time use with design of a solid steel base and tempered glass panels.
  • 【Light and Portable】Compared to traditional fireplaces, the mini tabletop fireplace is light and easy to transport so you can use it to add warmth and ambience to any space you like, such as living room, patio, balcony.
  • 【Clean Burning Fuel】We only recommend using 70% or higher bioethanol as fuel. It can burn with beautiful flame approximately 45- 60 mins when full filled with fuel.
  • 【Packing List】1× Fireplace, 1× Wick, 1× Flame Snuffer, 1× funnel, 1×Manual. Ethanol fuel NOT included in package.

INNO STAGE Patented Smokeless Fire PitOpens in a new tab.

INNO STAGE Patented Smokeless Fire Pit

The Inno Stage smokeless fire pit features a more industrial look than the other fire pits on this list.

It is more angular than any of the other pits, which is even more striking when compared to the round fuel pit.

This pit is fueled by wood and is designed in a way that allows it to be used as a campfire or as a fire to cook on.

The double-walled design of this fire pit allows it to keep a high intake of oxygen while emitting a high level of warmth.

The deep design of the pit means that the smoke will be funnelled upward while protecting clothes, furniture, and limbs from flying embers.


  • Unique design
  • Cheap wood fuel
  • Can be cooked on too
  • Double-walled design to increase heat output


  • Clean-up of ash required regularly
INNO STAGE Patented Smokeless Fire Pit, 13 Inch Low Smoke Camping Stove Outdoor Wood Pellet Burning Spark Portable Carrying Bag, Firepit Grill Bowl of Fireplace Picnic Camping Cooking on Beach - S
  • 【Patented Double Wall Design of Fire Pit Bowl- Efficient Hotness without Smoke】Maximizes airflow and burning process producing less smoke and more flame; Bottom vent holes allow oxygen while the double walls warm it. No more smoky clothes or holes in fabrics from sparks.
  • 【Practical Two-tier Structure for Campfire】This patio firepit is very easy to set up , just put 2 parts together. Easy to lift it up and attempt to dump the ash by bottom underlying tray when it cold.
  • 【Cool Shape of Bonfire Pit Made from Sturdy Metal】Awesome fire pit has been painted black, antirust and resistance to high temperature, perfect for wood pellet buring. More affordable for long lasting.
  • 【Handy Size with Portable Carrying Storage Bag】Outer diameter 13"( inner diameter 9.4") X height 8.7". Firepit comes with waterproof linning - carrying bag, great for a small space, car camping or deck picnic.You can take it to anywhere you want.
  • 【No Assembly is Required】Just put the mini fire pit together, easy to use.

Flame King Portable Fire Pit BowlOpens in a new tab.

Flame King Portable Fire Pit Bowl

The Flame King portable fire pit bowl features a very different design from the other pits that we have looked at. This fire pit has a very campfire look to it rather than a modern, sleek design.

The propane fuel allows for an odorless flame with no smoke or clean-up required.

The pit features a pre-attached, 10ft hose to attach to a propane tank. The Flame King has a self-ignition feature that means that you do not need to use a lighter to light the flame.

It also comes with a stabilizing ring to keep your propane tank from falling over and leaking. It also has the capability to be converted into a barbeque appliance.


  • Sturdy design
  • Propane fuel system
  • Self-ignition
  • Minimal clean-up


  • Requires a propane tank that needs to be stored.
Flame King Smokeless Propane Fire Pit, 19-inch Portable Firebowl, 58K BTU with Self Igniter, Cover, & Carry Straps for RV, Camping, & Outdoor Living
  • PERFECT NO MESS CAMPFIRE: Forget about dirty ashes and expensive firewood and enjoy a clean and smokeless fire in your backyard, beach, or lake, tailgates, camping trips, and more
  • 19-INCH PORTABLE FIRE PIT BOWL with a heat output of 58,000 BTUs; comes with a 10-ft hose with a regulator to easily connect with your standard BBQ propane tank
  • CONVENIENT & EASY TO SET-UP & TRANSPORT: Easy assembly, no tools required; comes with UV & weather resistant cover, fabric strap handle for easy and comfortable transport, and propane tank stabilizer ring to keep the tank from falling while fire bowl is in use.
  • SELF-IGNITING (AUTO IGNITION) - No need to purchase a lighter; this fire pit comes with a self-igniting piezo system
  • NATURAL LAVA ROCKS enhance the flickering effect of your flame; flame can be adjusted with the chrome valve knob

Danya B. Indoor / Outdoor Portable Tabletop Fire PitOpens in a new tab.

Danya B. Indoor / Outdoor Portable Tabletop Fire Pit

Concrete Encounter Tabletop Fire PitOpens in a new tab.

Concrete Encounter Tabletop Fire Pit

The Danya B. Concrete Encounter tabletop fire pit is one of the sleekest fire pits on this list. If you are working with a tiny outdoor space, this is the pit for you.

The Concrete Encounter burns using isopropyl fuel which provides a hot, beautiful flame that can provide a huge amount of ambiance to your yard or outdoor living space.

Because of the methods of concrete pouring that are used to make these fire pits, there are small variations in the appearance of each one, making them unique and even more beautiful.

They are also perfectly safe for making smores with the family, making them a great addition to any family home.


  • Unique concrete design
  • Perfect for tiny yards and spaces
  • Clean fuel
  • No clean-up


  • Very small
  • Short burn time
Danya B. Indoor/Outdoor Portable Tabletop Fire Pit – Clean-Burning Bio Ethanol Ventless Fireplace - Small
  • Ethanol Fireplace: The clean-burning bio ethanol ventless fireplace is a perfect replacement for traditional wood log and gas fires. Bio ethanol fuel NOT included.
  • Tabletop Fire Pit: This simple and elegant portable fire pit features a durable metal base and clear glass hurricane
  • Ventless Indoor Fireplace: The modern fire pit is carefully designed to work well both indoor and outdoor. Create an ambient fire centerpiece for social gatherings with this beautiful and classy personal fireplace
  • Modern Style: Modern in every sense of the word, this elegant indoor tabletop fireplace sports a sleek black metal base and a removable cylindrical glass body
  • Dimensions of the Ventless Fireplace: 8 x 8 x 11 3/8
Concrete Encounter Concrete Square Tabletop Indoor fire Bowl fire Pit, The Fire Pot., SM-S, Gray, 5In x 5In x 4In
  • Safely burns on isopropyl rubbing alcohol with no soot
  • Small natural occurring variations create a one of a kind look
  • High strength refractory cement for years of reliable use
  • Safe for making S'Mores
  • Made in the USA!

ONLYFIRE Outdoor Living Smokeless Gas FireplaceOpens in a new tab.

ONLYFIRE Outdoor Living Smokeless Gas Fireplace

The Onlyfire outdoor living smokeless gas fireplace is a beautiful, mini fire pit that will add style and ambiance to your outdoor living space.

The steel outer frame of the fireplace manages to be both round and angular at the same time which creates a great centerpiece for your outdoor table.

The Onlyfire fire pit is fueled by propane gas, with the connection for the gas located at the bottom of the pit making it slightly easier to disguise the hose and the tank.

However, the location of this connection means that the fire pit can only be used on tables that have a hole in them, such as tables that feature a hole for an umbrella.

Use of this fire pit will mean that you are unable to use the umbrella at the same time.


  • Small, portable design
  • Clean fuel source
  • No cleanup
  • Interesting design


  • Requires a table with a hole in it
Onlyfire Portable Tabletop Fire Pit, 14 Inch Table Top Gas Fire Bowl with Bottom Air Intake for Indoor and Outdoor, Designed for Tables with Umbrella Hole, Connect with 1 lb Propane Tank
  • 【Solid & Durable Construction with Charming Modern Appearance】 - The propane fire pit is made of durable steel frame with a protective enamel finish, which is rust-proof and heat resistant, perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. The modern elegant polygon appearance with simplistic line design is very attractive and match most style of room or patio garden.
  • 【Small-sized Portable Fire Pit is Specially Designed for Tables with Umbrella Hole】 - Measures 14 x 14 x 8 inch (L x W x H), weighs 12 lbs, with a total output of 5400 BTU/HR. This 14 -inch sized tabletop fire pit is specially designed for tables with umbrella hole. The connection position for fire pit and propane tank is at the bottom of the fire pit, so the propane tanks can be hidden perfectly.
  • 【Better User Experience & More Possibilities】 - Usually small desktop fire pits use ethanol as fuel, we believe that the Propane fire pit is more operational and it provides more possibilities. You can adjust the strength of the flame by rotating the switch knob as needed.
  • 【Including All Accessories, No Assemble & Easy to Use】- It includes a fire pit, leg caps, a fully adjustable safety shutoff valve and fireglass diamonds. This gas firebowl comes ready to use with the standard 1 lb propane tank(not included). Therefore, it does not require large space to place the large 20 lbs gas supply propane tanks. Of course, it can also be connected to the normal 20 lbs gas propane tank to work.
  • 【CSA APPROVED Fire Safety Assurance & Mess-Free Campfire】- No smoke and no ash, providing you with a clean, safe and cozy campfire experience. We Stand Behind Our High Quality Products, if you have any problem or need assistance, we are always there and ready to make it right!

Bluu Tabletop Fire Pit

Bluu Tabletop Fire Pit

The Bluu tabletop fire pit combines sleek tempered glass panels to contain the flames, and imitation wood that gives it a more natural, rustic feel. The boat design of the fire pit keeps the fire contained in the dug-out part of the wood effect base.The Bluu tabletop fire pit uses ethanol as a fuel source creating a clean and odorless flame that provides a reasonable amount of heat for the size of the pit. Because of the pollution-free fuel, this fire pit can be used indoors or outdoors safely.


  • Natural imitation wood design
  • Sleek tempered glass panels
  • Completely portable
  • Clean fuel source


  • Very short burn time
Bluu Easter Decorations for The Home Tabletop Fire Pit Portable Indoor Fireplace, Personal Mini Bio Ethanol Faux Wood Fire Bowl Heater for Outdoor Use
  • OUTDOOR AND INDOOR USE:Tabletop Fire Bowl is small in size, very portable and can be safely used indoors and outdoors. This fire pit adds a warm atmosphere of flame to your desk, dining table in your living room, and anywhere outdoors.
  • CLEAN FUEL: Tabletop Fire Bowl uses ethanol, which is colorless, odorless and pollution-free when burning, and will not emit harmful gases like burning gas and wood. You can even roast cotton candy on it, which is the ideal clean fuel.
  • IDEAL DECORATION:Tabletop Fire Bowl had a beautiful imitation of a boat and a pattern of imitation wood, like a canoe. Once lit, the flame can be viewed 360 degrees in the tempered glass, allowing you to watch the beautiful flame anytime and anywhere.
  • SPECIFICATIONS:The overall dimensions of the ethanol fireplace are 13L x 6.3W x 3.8h; Weight: 6.6 pounds. The pit can hold up to 200ml of fuel at a time and burn for up to one hour (depending on room temperature and climate).
  • CAUTION :Do not attempt to refuel a unit that is already burning. Make sure the fire is out and allow the unit to cool for 30 minutes before refueling. Place the extinguishing cover onto fuel can until NO flames are present

Buyer’s Guide

While it can be tempting to focus heavily on the appearance of fire pits when it comes to purchasing one for your outdoor space, there are a few other aspects that it is important to consider as well.


One of the most important things to consider when choosing a tabletop fire pit is the size and weight of the pit.

You need the fire pit to be light enough that it can be supported by whatever surface you are planning on putting it on.

It is also important to consider what the weight of the fire pit will be when there is fuel in it, or whether you need to allow for extra space for things such as gas tanks.


The consideration of portability is important mostly if you are looking at purchasing a tabletop fire pit that can be used indoors or outdoors.

If you are planning on using your fire pit in multiple locations it needs to be easily moved from one location to the other. This also incorporates the size and weight of the pit.


table top fire pits can be made from a variety of materials. It is important to consider the pros and cons of the material a pit is made of and who is going to be around the pit, especially children.

For example, steel fire pits can remain hot to the touch for a long time after the fire is extinguished. Whereas concrete pits can develop chips over time if they are knocked or around other hard materials.

Fuel Type

The type of fuel that is used in the fire pit is an important consideration to make. There are many pros and cons of each fuel source including cleanup, pollution, smoke, odor, and cost.

It is best to work out what factors are your priority before looking at any fire pits as it is an ongoing cost that you will be taking on with the purchase of a pit and needs to be considered carefully.