Is Tropitone A Good Patio Furniture Brand?

While deciding on furniture for your deck, you’ve probably come across Tropitone.

But you’re probably wondering if this brand produces as good furniture as you think. In this article, we’ll be taking a closer look at whether Tropitone is good for you.

Is Tropitone A Good Brand?

Who Is Tropitone?

Tropitone has been a commercial brand since the 1950s, when road trips became more popular. Because of this, Tropitone became a brand that was a regular sight in hotels and resorts.

Looking over what they have been involved in over their time, innovation is constant. From double wrapping vinyl strapping to URComfort® seat adjustment. Tropitone is a company striving to improve outdoor furniture. so expect the unexpected features when enjoying their patio furniture.

Due to consumer demand, Tropitone offered its own products for sale to the public. Since then, Tropitone has made it, so there is more demand in the market for products sold in businesses and at home.

What Is Tropitone Furniture Made Of?

Tropitone prides itself on using high-quality materials in all of its products. You can easily recognize a Tropitone product by looking for the tell-tale aluminum frame of their products.

These frames have been perfect for the design process. But they don’t only use aluminum, but stainless steel too if the design has a demand for it.

You can see how they successfully weld the metals to form various designs, from simplicity to contemporary.

Weather-resistant yet stylish fabrics have been placed on all of their outdoor furniture, with over 300 materials, colours, and designs available.

These fabrics are all designed through collaboration with some of the finest fabric designers in the world.

They have carefully selected their fabrics to fit Tropitone’s sense of style and comfort, which they then test to check their durability.

Regarding the wicker texture of their woven seats, Tropitone uses their TropiKane weaves to entwine together by hand into a series of different designs.

Like the other materials on this list, they make sure that they test the wicker and rattan for durability. 

Last but not least, they finish all of their products with a high-tech, durable powder coating process.

Tropitone was the first brand to introduce this method to help protect your Tropitone furniture through the seasons.

The powder coat finishes are thicker than paint by three times the amount, so they ensure that your furniture is protected in all environments.

What Kind Of Furniture Can You Expect From Tropitone?

Due to Tropitone’s beginnings as a commercial retailer, it comes as no surprise that their designs are of a higher standard than most.

They have many options available, with a series of collections utilizing their different designs. 

Many of the designs Tropitone has are those you would find in restaurants and cafes or even around the pool.

You can find a series of Basta Sole umbrellas for shade to various loungers. Overall, Tropitone has something for everyone.

There is such a variety available at Tropitone that you would struggle to find an item that no one would like.

What Kind Of Furniture Can You Expect From Tropitone

Their cushioned furniture is perfect for making it feel as though you’re inside while outside, which is perfect for when you’re sitting on your deck.

This added comfort is done even better with their use of RELAXplus cushions, which are on par with your regular indoor furniture, but still manage to resist the demands of the outdoors.

But maybe you’re not looking for chairs, but perhaps a fire pit for your deck? If so, Tropitone has a wide range of products and accessories, making this easier for you.

These fire pits have been designed with safety in mind. Still, they even combine a variety of Tropitone table accessories and safety features that will always ensure your fire pit is both safe and stylish.

If you’re looking for dining accessories, they have various tables and chairs available for dining, including woven and strap and cross variations.

There are so many options available that you’ll need to decide what sort of deck you hope to go for before you find many of these, as there are so many different options available.

However, if you want to go for a classic lounge, then there are EZ Span segments and slings, padded and normal, to sit back and relax while you’re out on your deck.

With the wide selection of Tropitone furniture available, you may even be wondering just how you can select the right product for you.

Tropitone Warranty

Tropitone has a selection of warranties available on its website for commercial use and for consumers. For example, we’ll look closely at Tropitone’s limited consumer warrantyOpens in a new tab. in this warranty.

Practically labelled 15/5. We will quickly see why.

The warranty for the purchased product is valid from the date it’s purchased by the person who originally bought it.

In this case, they will require the purchase receipt and may also require a photo or inspection in some cases.

Their warranty covers outdoor aluminum furniture and fire pit frames for fifteen years. Suppose either of these products has any structural faults due to regular use for fifteen years.

In that case, they can repair or replace it at the manufacturer’s discretion if that product is discontinued. If the finish peels within five years, they’ll repair, refinish, or replace them at no cost. 

Tropitone will even pay the freight costs if this occurs within the first year. However, some items will only be covered for five, three, or one year.

You may need to check which items are available, but having most furniture available under a fifteen-year warranty is still pretty good.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking at the vast collection, there’s no doubt that Tropitone has a great collection of items to choose from.

To help come to a judgment, I’ve also checked out some customer reviews, and they thoroughly recommend Tropitone, and they even have great customer service. 

Overall, I’d say that if you want good quality furniture that you can also find in commercial use, you’re in a good place.

After all, they have so many clients that Tropitone is undoubtedly one of the best brands on the market today.

If you want to explore the furniture selection, head on over to their website or find a store nearby that sells Tropitone products to see if they’re the right choice for your deck.

Ryan Nickel

A Red Seal carpenter, passionate about building decks to be enjoyed.

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