Is Wicker or Metal Furniture Better on Your Deck?

Metal furniture is typically made from aluminum or steel, and wicker is traditionally a woven reed or cane. Wicker outdoor patio furniture may offer tradition and flexibility as it can be put in any room, but it may not last as long as metal furniture.

Metal furniture is better for deck use. Metal furniture can withstand more weight and is easier to clean because it typically has a smooth surface, where wicker may trap dirt. Additionally, metal chairs may last twice as long as wicker furniture in some conditions.

Read on to discover why metal furniture may be better on your deck than wicker furniture. We will discuss the properties of each type of furniture and cover how they may stack up against each other when left outsideOpens in a new tab.. Additionally, we will discuss how long each option will probably last on your deck. 

What Is the Best Furniture for Your Deck?

Most wicker furniture is made of natural fibres, so it needs to be cleaned and cared for regularly. Metal furniture requires minimal care but has a rougher surface. The choice between these two options comes down to durability. 

Metal furniture is the best furniture for your deck. It needs less maintenance than wicker in terms of frequency of cleaning. Wicker is typically a shorter-term option because wicker furniture will need to be replaced after being outdoors for too long.

Metal chairs are easier to clean than wicker, which traps dirt in its crevices that cleaners can’t reach. Another reason metal should be a consideration when choosing your deck furniture is the colour. Wicker usually requires paint or stains at least twice a year, while metal won’t fade when exposed to sunlight as wicker does.

What Is the Strongest Material for Outdoor Furniture?

Outdoor furniture on your deck can be the perfect way to increase the comfort of your home, but wicker and metal furniture require different materials. If you’re looking for an option that will withstand weather conditions, metal furniture will be your option.

Metal is the strongest and most durable material for your outdoor furniture.  With wicker furniture, the joints and wood can become loose over time. The wicker is also prone to insect infestations which will cause it to deteriorate further.

The benefits of metal outdoor furniture include:

  • Metal outdoor furniture never needs to be painted or stained. It won’t dry out in the sun and will not lose its color.
  • Wicker is very likely to get banged up during a storm, while metal can take it with ease, so you don’t have to worry about replacing your wicker every time there’s bad weather. 
  • Metal furniture also doesn’t need reupholstering, making for easy cleanup and no fabric loss over time. 

Metal can also resist insects more than wicker furniture, which means less upkeep for you! If you want something that will last long term with minimal maintenance required, then go with metal, while if wicker looks like your style, consider using it only inside of an enclosed space where there are fewer risks from sunlight exposure.

The downside of wicker furniture for deck use includes:

  • Insect infestations that may require treatment by professionals can become expensive when they are regular occurrences. 
  • Wicker furniture is also susceptible to water damage because the wood inside absorbs moisture easily. 
  • Wicker outdoor furniture can also be expensive to purchase and requires regular sanding. 

Wicker furniture can also require additional varnishing or painting regularly, while metal pieces are typically finished with powder coating, which won’t fade as paint does.

Does Wicker Furniture Hold Up Well Outdoors?

Wicker furniture is typically used inside the house or on patios and decking. Wicker furniture can deteriorate when subject to extreme outdoor conditions. Unless you live in a mainly dry and warm climate, wicker furniture may not be the best option for your deck. 

Wicker furniture does not typically hold up well outdoors. Wicker furniture is susceptible to water damage because the wood inside absorbs moisture easily. Wicker furniture can also be a fire hazard. 

Metal furniture is a better option for outdoor use. Metal furniture can be left outside all year long without fading and, when compared to wicker furniture, requires less maintenance. 

How Long Does Wicker Furniture Last?

If wicker furniture is left undercover, out of the sun, and away from the water, then it might last for many years. However, wicker can only be considered an outdoor material if you don’t mind replacing it every few years. 

Left outside in the elements, wicker furniture typically only lasts a few years. It may start to deteriorate fairly quickly if left in the rain or other extreme conditions. 

If wicker starts to show signs of deterioration such as fraying or splitting into its wooden parts but not yet rotting through, a quick coat of paint will protect your wicker until springtime when it’s time to sand and varnish again. It’s best to do this before the wood has absorbed too much moisture that could cause warping or cracking later on down the line.

Metal furniture is made up mainly of steel which means it won’t rust when exposed to water, unlike some other metals such as aluminum and copper – though these have their own benefits in addition to longevity.


Metal furniture is a good option for decks or patios because it can withstand more weight and typically has a longer lifespan than outdoor wicker furniture. It’s also easier to clean and care for because metal chairs have fewer crevices that may trap dirt. 

If you’re looking for a new deck or patio furniture, consider your options before making the purchase; metal might be just what you need! Metal furniture has the benefit of being weather-resistant and durable. It’s also less likely to become infested with termites or dry rot like wicker will over time. Metal lasts so long that you may not need to replace your outdoor living room set for decades! 


Ryan Nickel

A Red Seal carpenter, passionate about building decks to be enjoyed.

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