The Perfect Furniture Brand For You? PolyWood or PolyTeak

When it comes to choosing the right patio furniture, things can get super tricky. After all, there are so many different kinds of material out there to choose from. Wood, iron, aluminum, wicker, the list goes on.

But, if you’ve been on the hunt for the perfect outdoor furniture for a while, you probably come across High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) furniture often called polywood or composite.

Polywood vs Polyteak - Comparison Of Poly Furniture Brands

Polywood and Polyteak are two well-known brands of plastic patio furniture made entirely from recyclable materials. If we should even call them plastic because they perform much different and better than many plastics moulded furniture that we think of when we hear plastic.

More and more people are turning to HDPE furniture because of its immense durability and sleek design.

But there is a difference between hearing about the brands and knowing the qualities and differences between them. Keep reading below, because we are going to compare Polywood and PolyTeak to figure out which is best for your deck or patio.

Brand Comparison

Before we jump straight in and discuss some of the different features exhibited by the brands above, let’s take a closer look at both of the companies.

About Genuine Polywood, the brand and company.

Some of you may be surprised to find that Polywood was actually developed in the 1980s. It was actually a part of a government scheme which was happening at the time, which aimed to utilize used plastic.

With mountains and mountains of plastic waste accumulating, PolywoodOpens in a new tab., often called Genuine Plywood to distinct from the material, decided they would create user-friendly and sustainable products to contribute.

In 1990 they created their first outdoor furniture made from recycled plastic. Mostly milk and laundry jugs. Which is still their source for most of the raw recycled material used in their furniture.

“Let’s do something meaningful for future generations.”

Doug Rassi, Co-Founder & CEOOpens in a new tab.

Which after 30 years still drives Polywood. making something good for people that will make the world a better place by reducing waste and creating lasting, durable products to be enjoyed.

Based out of Syracuse, Indiana where they still do a large part of their local recycling and manufacturing of all-weather furniture. But as demand grew they also expanded to North Carolina to keep up with demand and continue to trash into treasure.

With many styles of patio furniture, classic, sleek, or modern designs for every taste. So much so that their maiden chair, the Adirondack. Now has 16 different styles to choose from.

So much for one size fits all. Polywood as a brand has grown.

But so has PolyTeak.

About The Polyteak Brand

PolyteakOpens in a new tab. was founded in Southern California, headquartered in Santa Ana. To be exact.

Since 2010 they have been making furniture that can withstand whatever the weather can throw at it.

But through the process, they have discovered two other higher callings.

First that their environmental furniture made from recycled material can help against deforestation and plastic pollution. Two things they help by manufacturing furniture from recycled plastic instead of wood.

But they also wanted to make stylish furniture. Originally and still with many generic HDPE outdoor furniture, the material is quite blah.

They innovated something that looks more like real wood.

PolyTEAK® Premium HIPS Recyclable Lumber.

Designed to look and feel like teak wood. hence the company’s name, PolyTeak.

What Is Polywood?

So, what exactly is polywood made of?

Essentially, Polywood has been made from something called HDPE, or high-density polyethylene. Made from recycled milk and laundry container. Reducing what goes into the landfill.

It has been made from one of the most popular kinds of plastic in the world, and it’s not hard to see why they choose this material for their products.

It’s incredibly durable and can endure all manner of weather conditions.

What Is Polyteak?

Polyteak began as fans of the HDPE style of furniture, purely because of their environmental goals. But, the company felt as though they could do more.

Their furniture has been made from a polymer-based resin, which is treated to prevent fading from UV rays caused by the sun. Plus it’s waterproof.

Assembled using 304 Marine-Grade Stainless Steel, which can withstand salt water. Making it ideal for sitting out on the beach or leaving it out during a rain storm.

Protected against UV damage and waterOpens in a new tab.. A wining combination for outdoor furniture.

Polywood vs PolyTeak, Product Comparison

Now that we’ve covered the details about the brands, as well as what the products are made from, we can move on to discuss some product comparisons.

Hopefully, the different items below can help you come to a decision about which you’d like to make an investment in.

Polywood vs Polyteak - Comparison Of Poly Furniture Brands


Looking for more than just a place to sit or a place for your plate?

Furniture style is what makes the place yours. Raising the feel of your outdoor space.

Each brand has its own unique style, including Polywood and PolyTeak.


Polywood has 3 distinct styles arranged into collections.

  • Transitional
  • Classic
  • Modern

Within these three collections, are unique collections with their own stylish flair.

Like we said earlier, 16 different Adirondack chairs to choose from.

Initially, this can be a little overwhelming.

But once you figure out which “look” you like then within that collection you can find the chair, table or chaise perfect for your deck.

Or embrace a rocking chair to rock that stress from your life.

Or possibly benches, swings and gliders, or a full dining set. Plywood makes it all.

On top of this, Polywood has two different styles of furniture available for their customers, and these are called the classic finish, and the vintage finish.

Classic is a smoother look and feel.

Vintage, a more wire brush finish.

Plus if you order directly from Polywood you can select from multiple colours. Really giving you a lot of options, including red, gray, white, black, and beige.

Again, don’t get overwhelmed embrace the choice, and find the collection which speaks to you.


PolyTeak has chairs, tables and umbrellas to improve your deck. All are made from their unique poly wood design to imitate teak. Well except for their umbrellas.

But compared to Polywood they have less styles and options to choose from.

For example, PolyTeak has only 4 styles of Airdorack chairs. A quarter of the options of Polywood.

Colour is a similar tail. Often with only 5 colours to choose from, black, brown, blue, white, and red. Polywood can have as many as 15 colours to choose from.

Unlike Polywood with 2 finish options, PolyTeak has only one.

But Polyteak’s one texture is incredibly realistic. Giving reasons not to offer anything else.

The furniture collections offered by Polyteak are far less vast and varied than those produced by Polywood.

If you’re looking for a full set of dining chairs complete with a table, you won’t find it here. Instead, Polyteak offers different-sized chairs and side tables only.

For appearance and style, Polywood has much more to offer. But if you are looking for a distinct wood look and feel. PolyTeak may be right for you.


You never want to have to use it but it gives peace of mind of how well the furniture is made. The longer they will replace it, the better I assume its built.


You can rest assured that when you’re buying a piece of furniture from Polywood, that it’s guaranteed to stand the test of time.

When you make your purchase, the company will provide you with a 20-year warranty for the polywood material. Fabric and fasteners are less. 5 and 3 respectively.


Polyteak also has a high level of confidence in their products. Offering a lifetime warranty.

Hard to top that.

So for length of warranty, PolyTeak is the clear winner.

One note they both include fading of colour. Designed to not fade but not warranted to keep their original colour.


How much are you going to pay?

Well, that does depend on the brand.


In terms of price, Polywood is more expensive. Their products are durable and are built to last you for decades to come. But that durability will cost you.

Even little things like colour. Many are considered an “upgrade” and will increase the price.


Polyteak is slightly cheaper than Polywood.

Same as Polywood, certain colours will cost you more. But the “upgrade” will cost you less than Polywood. Polyteak might be your best option.

Price Match GuaranteeOpens in a new tab., is another plus of Polyteak. If you find the same product locally either in-store or online they will match it. There are some limits but you can rest assured they are striving to save you money.

Also, their website regularly offers sales and discounts on their furniture. Making bargain hunting a possibility.

So when it comes to price, chances are you are going to pay less with PolyTeak.


In terms of availability, you can purchase furniture from both of these companies directly from the brand’s website.

Both are also sold on Amazon.

Amazon has less selection than purchasing directly from the company’s website but often the price will be less. Making checking out Amazon a good choice to possibly save a few bucks.

In addition to this, you can purchase both Polywood and Polyteak from WalmartOpens in a new tab., which features a good selection of their products in different colours and styles.

WayfairOpens in a new tab., which regularly holds sales where you might be able to find the items for a discounted price.

Plus Home DepotOpens in a new tab. and LowesOpens in a new tab..

Plus many more options for instore or online purchasing. In short, if you want to buy Polywood or PolyTeak you have options.

Are The Products Easy To Maintain?

Both Polywood and Polyteak are incredibly easy to maintain. They don’t require any special mode of cleaning apart from a wipe with a clean cloth whenever need be.

They can also withstand all manner of weather conditions, so you don’t need to worry about leaving them out in the rain, or having them blown away in harsh winds.

Both of these materials do get quite hot when the weather is sunny, so we do recommend purchasing some seat cushions to accompany them.

Final Thoughts

Both Polywood and Polyteak are great options for those looking to invest in durable and sustainable garden furniture.

The brand you choose will depend on which products you’re looking to buy. Polywood has a much larger selection of patio furniture, including dining tables, bar tables, rocking chairs, and benches.

If you just want to invest in a few select garden chairs, Polyteak is a slightly cheaper option. With a distinct teak look.

Ryan Nickel

A Red Seal carpenter, passionate about building decks to be enjoyed.

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