Propane Fire Pit, Do You Know How Hot They Get?

A fire pit can be an amazing addition to your back porch or yard, especially when you want to entertain guests on those chilly fall or spring evenings! But if you don’t want to build a fire the old-fashioned way every single time, this may leave you wondering if a propane fire pit will provide enough warmth. 

Propane fire pits can get pretty warm, putting out anywhere over 10,000 BTUs. The average fire pit for use at home usually averages about 30,000 BTUs.  In some cases, the warmth of a propane firepit can reach up to 70,000 BTUs. 

For safety and comfort reasons, it is important that you learn all there is to know about propane fire pits before you install one. Keep reading to learn all about the warmth of propane fire pits. 

How Hot Does a Propane Firepit Get?

A backyard firepit is a great way to add warmth and utilize your outdoor space during the cooler months.  Thus you want to make sure that a propane fire pit will keep you just as warm as a traditional fire pit would. 

There are many different types of propane firepits, and depending on the one you select, the amount of heat emitted will vary. Some propane fire pits only emit decorative heat, while others can be warm, if not warmer, than a traditional firepit. 

Firepit heat emission is measured in BTUs. A decorative firepit is any flame that emits 10,000 BTU’s or less. If you want a fire pit that will keep you warm, then you should look into those that have a rating above 30,000 BTUs. Propane firepits can be rated as high as 70,000 BTUs. 

One thing to note about propane firepits is that the pit will continue to emit heat even after the flame has been switched off. This is because the flame, although artificially fueled, is still hot enough to heat the lava rocks or glass rocks in the pit. 

How Can You Measure the Temperature of a Propane Fire Pit?

Unless you were present when a firepit was installed, it’s impossible to know its max temperature. 

To safely measure the heat of the propane fire pit, you should acquire an infrared thermometer. This will allow you to accurately measure the temperature of the fire pit without having to guess. 

Another reason that you may want to measure the temperature of your firepit is because it is either not hot enough for you, or maybe it is too hot, and you would like to replace it with a different one. Or maybe you would like to replace the material in your propane firepit, and you want to know the level of heat resistance that will be required to keep the new material from being damaged. 

What Are The Benefits of Propane Fire Pits?

Seeing as propane firepits can emit the same amount of heat as a regular wood firepit, and sometimes, even more, this may have you asking if there are any additional benefits to using a propane firepit.

There are many benefits of using a propane firepit, from inhaling less smoke, being easier to light, and less of a hassle to move. Additionally, you can often control the warmth of a propane firepit. 

Even if you have purchased a propane firepit rated up to 70,000 BTUs, many have a feature where you can adjust the flame. This means that you can have a decorative flame for light only when it is a warm summer night or a warmth-inducing blaze when you need it. This is not something you can control with a wood firepit. 

Not to mention that propane fire pits tend to be less harmful to human health. They produce less smoke and harmful gases. This means that some propane firepitsOpens in a new tab. can even be used indoors without concern. A wood firepit indoors is never advised. 

You can also move a propane firepit wherever you would like. Just make sure you bring the propane tanks along! This makes it easy to have a fire wherever you may desire. And a propane firepit is convenient because it typically just takes the turn of a dial or the push of a button to light—so you won’t have to struggle with matches, a lighter, or lighter fluid. 

Can Propane Fire Pits Keep People Warm?

Are you looking for a propane fire pit that will specifically keep you warm? This can be important if you live somewhere very cold where a decorative firepit won’t cut it. 

Generally, if you are looking for a propane fire pit that will specifically keep you warm, you will need to select a firepit carefully.  This is because not all propane fire pits are designed for warmth. 

You will specifically want to look for a propane fire pit that is rated upwards of 50,000 BTUs. Although it still may not be quite as warm as a wood firepit, propane firepits rated around 70,000 BTUs do come close. 

When you are concerned about keeping people warm with your firepit, you will generally want to purchase a higher quality one, as the cheaper ones typically are only for decoration. 

Are Propane Firepits Safer Than Wood Firepits?

Safety is always a concern when it comes to having an open flame, even if it is generated by propane. 

A propane fire pit is still dangerous because it involves a flame. That being said, it is safer than a wood firepit because the flame can be easier controlled, and you won’t have to get as close to the flame to light it. 

If you are taking a propane firepit on a camping trip or anywhere in nature, the same rules that apply to a wood-burning fire pit tend to apply to those that use propane as fuel. Always be cautious of your surroundings when you light your propane firepit. 

Final Thoughts On Propane Fire Pit Warmth

Whether you want a fire pit to entertain guests on your back deckOpens in a new tab. or one to take with you when you go camping, a propane fire pit is an excellent choice. Not only are these firepits capable of keeping you warm, but they also have many safety features that a regular wood-burning pit doesn’t have. 

So if you have been on the fence about getting a propane firepit because you aren’t sure if it will keep your family warm, there’s no need to worry as you will be fine as long as you choose your propane firepit. With care! 

Ryan Nickel

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