Your deck is an open stage, with endless possibilities for enjoyment. But being outdoors, you are subject to the elements, sun, snow and rain. Impacting and limiting your enjoyment of your deck.

Here are a few items to make your outdoor space a little more comfortable regardless of the day or season. From cooling it down from the sun to warming it up in fall and everything in between. Items making your outdoor space just a better place to enjoy. Warmer, cooler or just a little cozier.

Deck SHADE Comfort

A deck umbrella is a great shade option for a deck to reduce the sun’s glare and cool down. Often costing less than a permanent overhead structure like a pergola along with being more versatility. To sufficiently shade a deck area will require a large umbrella of at least 9′, but often an 11′ works even better. There is lots to think about when buying an umbrella. If you want to learn more about the best material and umbrella design for your deck, click here. But skipping ahead, here are my recommended deck umbrellas.

Galtech 11 Ft. Octagonal Aluminum Patio Cantilever Umbrella W/ Easy Lift And Easy Tilt Wheel

Galtech 11 Ft. Octagonal Aluminum Patio Cantilever Umbrella W/ Easy Lift And Easy Tilt Wheel – Antique Bronze Frame W/ Sunbrella Canvas Natural Canopy

by Galtech ID # 2973108 Model # 887AB54

Eleven feet in diameter, providing 95 sqft of shade, with the peak at 111″ off the deck. That height gives you 83” of clearance under the umbrella, for you can comfortably walk under. A great sun blocker. And when the night comes out, 40 solar-powered lights creating a gentle ambience. As beautiful as it is practical.

Things to love

The canopy is made from weather-resistant Sunbrella fabric. One of the leading umbrella fabrics. With a high level of UV resistance, significant in the summer. Resulting in less fading with higher colour retention. Just like your composite decking, the best don’t fade in the sun.

The umbrella canopy is supported with eight steel ribs. Mid-range in strength but still durable. Held up by a 2″ (50mm) steel pole hold the umbrella over the deck.

The umbrella is raised with a Easy Lift handle. Making lifting the umbrella a piece of cake. Once extend the umbrella can be tilted to provide maximum shading and wind control. Wheels extend out of the base for swivelling the canopy to what ever direction you need. Providing versatility in shading location.  This is also handy for setting the umbrella off to the side to create better shade or to move out of the way entirely to enjoy the sun and open sky.

The heavy-weight base can be filled (up to 100 lbs of sand) for added weight and stability and features retractable rollers for moving the umbrella around.

A quality deck umbrella for those wishing to spend many hours enjoying their deck in summer.

Making a Deck more Comfortable with a Heater

A deck heater, commonly called a patio heater, is a great solution to extend the deck season and take the night air’s chill. There is an overwhelming number of options and opinions available. I am still trying to climb out of the black hole of “Best Patio Heater”. Information overload.

Fire Sense Commercial Series 46,000 BTU Propane Gas Patio Heater With Electronic Ignition – Stainless Steel – 1775

Fire Sense Commercial Series 46,000 BTU Propane Gas Patio Heater With Electronic Ignition - Stainless Steel - 1775Opens in a new tab.

by Fire Sense ID # 2597730 Model # 1775

Key Features

  • Heats areas up to 18 feet in diameter [113 sqft]
  • 89 inches tall, for the heat radiates down to you
  • Stainless steel and aluminum construction for durability and corrosion resistance
  • Operates up to ten hours continuously on standard 20-pound propane tank [Not Included]
  • 46,000 BTU of deck heat
  • Entire unit only weighs 42 lbs plus the tank
  • Auto shut-off tilt valve and wide base for additional safety
  • Wheel assembly included for easy moving
  • CSA approved for safety

Looks good while providing warmth out on your deck. Fire Sense Commercial series are one of the more powerful patio heaters on the market. Providing excellent heat extending the deck season and allowing you to enjoy your deck well after the sun goes down.

The heavy-duty 304 stainless steel construction helps the heaters to withstand any outdoor environment. I would still recommend ordering a heater cover to help protect heater when not in use. We all do better with a jacket on when its raining.

Runs of a standard 20 lb propane tank [not included]. Before warned under optimal conditions it last up to 10 hours. Plan for 8 or have a back up tank, as not to cut the evening short.

The convenient ignition avoids fumbling with matches. Not sure who does that anymore. A crank of the tank and a push of the button and you have heat.

Fire and decks always make me nervous. What I appreciate about this heater is the wide base, helping me enjoy the evening without worry about a deck fire. Which I guess with the auto shut off I really should worry less.  

What more can I say, its convenient heat for you deck?