None of us had our deck built to take care of it but rather to enjoy it. But just like a good marriage, there are times when you have to roll up your sleeves and do a little maintenance to keep your deck and marriage working. To make the enjoyable moments better and ensure that you can have them for years to come.

Not every deck has the same level of maintenance, which is why many of us choose composite or PVC decking to minimize maintenance. But even with these low maintenance decks, a little deck care will make it look better and keep the joy in deck.

Snow Shovel for Composite Deck

I am not particular to any one snow shovel for clearing a deck of snow, but a composite deck should only be shovelled with a plastic, non-metal blade. A metal blade can easily scratch the decking running your deck.

20” Ergonomic Steel Handle Poly Combo Blade Snow Shovel

by Original Back-Saver

Internet #203814971 Model #36PBSW1

When my wife first showed up with a snow shovel with an ergonomic handle, I didn’t quite understand the design or fuse. But now, after years of shovel snow with it, it is easier on your back and makes clearing snow easier. Less bending over the lift the shovel. The small curve makes a big difference in a big way.

In particular, this shovel has a 20” (510mm) wide, deep polypropylene blade. I like it for two reasons. Primarily no metal to scratch the deck. This cannot be over emphasised; no metal snow shovels on your deck. I don’t care how careful you are. Plastic is a must.

Secondly, I like the large scope, moving more snow off the deck in less time. The high-density poly D-grip helps with this.

Made from high-quality material, sure to last for many years.

Safe for Composite Decking Ice Melt

Lots to be said about composite decking and ice meltOpens in a new tab.. In short, no traction grit or colourant and being in your back yard safe for plants and pets is good. Almost all composite manufacturers recommend Calcium Chloride for their decking. Snow Joe checks all these boxes.

Melt 50 lb. Resealable Bag Calcium Chloride Pellets Ice Melter by Snow Joe

Internet #206402772

Model #MELT50CCP

I would not feel right not knowing your particular deck. I join with composite manufactures in saying always test in a small inconspicuous are of the deck before spreading on the deck. Better to be safe than sorry.

Deck Cleaner, especially for Composite Decking

There are many “specially formulated” composite deck cleaners. Even TimberTech now has their own formula for their decking. But for years, recommended and still one of the best composite deck cleaners is your trusty Dawn Dish Soap. Yes, you read that right. I was surprised when I first learned that also. But the gentle but powerful Dawn dish soap will do the trick in cleaning most dirt and grunge on from your composite deck. You can use the same bottle from beside your sink or if you like extra strength. Lowes sells a larger bottle of heavy-duty dish soap.

            Dawn Platinum Heavy Duty 56-oz Original Dish Soap

Item #1031369Model #3700076048