Whats Missing under Grill on Composite Deck

There is much to be said about grilling on your deck. I am not a grill master, so I will not recommend how to sear your peppers on the grill perfectly. Or what to use to season your salmon or the cedar blank to use perfectly. Instead, just a few items to protect your deck while grilling on it.

Best Grill Mats for Composite Decking.

What I love about Uperla Premium 10lbs Under Grill MatOpens in a new tab..

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Durability. There is much that could be said about “matte black finish” or free “heat resistant glove,” but primarily, I love the durability of Uperla mat. It is 3mm (1/8″) thick and lays down flat.

A common complaint of cheaper mats is the edges curl up, or they blow in the wind. Uperla lays down flat under the barbeque.

The industrial-looking pattern not only adds class but also is scratch-resistant. Something that I wish composite decking was more so. But this means Uperla is doing exactly what it’s supposed to do, protect your deck.

It’s durability also is reflected in its warranty, 2 years. I haven’t found another mat warrantied for so long.

Compatible with composite decking. Being made from PVC, it can be on PVC or composite decking without causing damage. There are many great mats out there; for instance, the GrillTex but being made of Rubber are not recommended for composite decks.

Easy to clean. Just spray off. How much easier could it get. I love easy. I love low maintenance, and that is why I enjoy composite decks. What could be better than a low-maintenance grill mat on a low-maintenance deck.

You can read see many more reasons to love Uperla, but these are my top 3.

Economical Grill Mat for Composite Decking

What I love about Cuisinart CGMT-300Opens in a new tab. Premium Deck and Patio Grill Mat.

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Similar to Uperla but almost half the price.

Compatible with composite decking. Also made from PVC, making it safe for composite decking.

Easy to Clean. Same as your decking, spray down with a hose, rinse and enjoy.

Definitely an excellent economical option to protect your composite deck. Not the cheapest but a good price for what it does.

What I love about GrillTex protective mat

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Heat Resistance. This is a grill mat that could be used under a charcoal grill or wood fire pit on your deck. Protecting the deck from the heat. Just one more layer of protection, at a very high-level 500°F (260°C). A temperature that more than exceeds the heat coming off a grill.

Still, to be upfront, this is not a heat shield. Keep burning coals off, or it will melt the mat.

Easy to Clean. Next to protecting the deck, easy to clean, is important. Which GrillTex is.A little wipe with a paper towel or spray down with the hose, and it’s looking brand new.

This easily could have been my number pick if it was compatible with composite decking. But it does not seem to be the case. I have seen and heard too many times of damage composite decking after using the GrillTex mat on composite decking. Yes, some of it is because of using a matt to soon. If you let the decking “age” for a summer before using a grill mat, it will reduce the chance of being damaged but not enough for me to recommend.

If you have a wood deck, this one is great. Great value and protection and it look good with its curved front corners. Or if you never plan to move your grill from its spot on the deck.

But still a great grill pad, just not for composite or PVC decking. I wish I could say differently.