Best Patio Cooler

With summer rolling around and the weather getting increasingly hotter, there is no better way to spend your time than unwinding in the yard with some friends.

What could make this scene even better?

Drinking an ice-cold pop or beer. The only problem is, that you will need to keep darting in and out of the house to reach the refrigerator each time to get a fresh one, cutting into your all-important relaxation time.

Best Patio Cooler

What is the solution to this problem I hear you ask? The answer, is an outdoor patio cooler. What could be better than enjoying some ice-cold refreshments without having to move from your lawn chair?

The right one is also great for entertaining. Helping your friends to feel at home with their favourite beverage readily available on the deck. A perfect complement for your grilling treats.

If you take a look online though, there are so many different varieties of patio coolers to choose from, and selecting the right one is quite a difficult task.

Don’t worry though, we’ve got you covered. Take a look below at our compilation of the best patio coolers on the market.

The Best Patio Coolers

There are a lot of different kinds of patio coolers available to choose from, it really depends on your personal taste.

However, there are a few different pros and cons to consider before buying, which we take a look at below. Without further ado, here are the best patio coolers on the market right now.

BLUU Outdoor Patio Cooler BarOpens in a new tab.

BLUU Outdoor Patio Cooler Bar

This patio cooler is great for those who are looking for functionality. With an ergonomic design, it has been manufactured to give you the best cooling experience possible.

This cooler boasts a wood-lock texture, whilst being made from weather-resistant material, making it highly durable with material that is built to last.


  • 3-in-1 Design – This cooler allows you to adjust the lid to bring it down over the cooler, transforming it into a table to place your coffee or cocktails.
  • Durable Material – It is made from upgraded PP material, which stops it from bending and also prevents the colour from fading.
  • Easy Assembly – The cooler comes with detailed instructions, making it very easy to put together and enjoy as soon as possible.
  • Waterproof – So you don’t need to worry about rain damaging whatever you have inside. Keeping the inside of the cooler clean between deck parties.


  • Locking Mechanism – Sometimes the locking mechanism can be tricky and get stuck.
  • Cooling Rate – Some users complained that the cooler did not keep the ice cold for as long as they desired.

My favourite part of this cooler is its duel function and adjustable height. When not in use it doubles as a drink table for those not-so-hot days. Like your morning coffee while catching the morning rays.

The table top can adjust from 22.6 inches (574mm) to as high as 32″ (813mm). Working for both beside your lounger and the end of your deck bar.

Permasteel PS-A203-OR 80 Quart Portable Rolling Patio CoolerOpens in a new tab.

Permasteel PS-A203-OR 80 Quart Portable Rolling Patio Cooler

If you’re looking for a cooler which is aesthetically pleasing and highly functional, we’ve got the one for you.

This cooler boasts a range of 9 different colours! All of which looks like something straight out of a 1960s TV show based in Manhattan. A truly stylish option for those who are looking to brighten up their backyard.

As well as this, at 36 pounds, it is sure to be incredibly durable. Its capacity is 110 cans of beer, which can be kept cold for 36 hours. Now that is one long deck party!


  • Ease Of Access – It has a lid that makes it very easy to access and also contains a bottle opener and cap catcher on the side.
  • Steel Construction – It is made from powder-coated steel which is rust-resistant, making it a highly durable product.
  • Convenient drain for after-party cleaning.
  • Ease Of Movement – As well as having an easy access lid, it also contains two side handles so that you can simply move it around if you need to.
  • Vintage Style – A fashionable design paired with a variety of colour options guarantees that there will be one to suit your taste.


  • Poor Wheel Construction – If you’re planning to move the cooler around a lot, be careful as the wheels aren’t the most durable.
  • Wheels are not ideal for decking with gaps. The gaps do not allow easy moving. Good for a patio, not your deck. Unless you carry it into place.
  • Can Be Prone To Denting – Because of the nature of the material, although it is durable, it can incur dents and scratches unlike other coolers made from wood or plastic.
Permasteel 80-Qt Classic Outdoor Patio Cooler for Outside | Outdoor Beverage Cooler Bar Cart, Rolling Cooler with Wheels & Handles, Retro Design, Orange
  • COOL OFF THIS SUMMER WITH A CLASSIC RETRO STYLE COOLER - The Permasteel 80-Qt Classic Retro Style Outdoor Patio Cooler is perfect for keeping your drinks cold at all your summer parties! Made with elegant powder-coated steel, this outside cooler is well constructed with an insulated basin to keep your beverages cold for up to 36 hours.
  • RELAX & ENTERTAIN – Have friends over for a BBQ or outdoor party and keep drinks cold in this stylish 80-quart cooler. The integrated bottle opener makes it easy to open cold drinks without having to search for a separate utensil, while the cap catcher ensures you won't lose any caps.
  • 110 CAN CAPACITY – This outdoor drink cooler can hold up to 110 12-oz cans, so you can easily entertain a large crowd.
  • EASILY ACCESS YOUR COLD DRINKS WITH THE FULLY REMOVABLE SPLIT DOUBLE-HINGED LID - No need to miss any of the fun! The fully removable lid makes it easy to access your cold drinks.
  • MOVE YOUR OUTDOOR DRINK COOLER AROUND WITH EASE - With four heavy-duty casters, it’s easy to move your outdoor drink cooler around from party to party.

Not for everyone but a good choice for a retro look in your backyard. The cap catcher adds to this feel.

Leigh Country Char-Log Cooler With Fleur De Lis, 54 QuartOpens in a new tab.

Leigh Country Char-Log Cooler With Fleur De Lis, 54 Quart

This cooler is truly the height of craftsmanship, its wooden style truly gives it a classic touch.

Rather than just serving the purpose of functionality, this cooler is also sure to “wow” your guests, as it is made from rustic wood featuring a charred and varnished finish.

Built to last, the cooler weighs 36.9 pounds and can hold a capacity of 54 quarts.


  • Classic Finish – Varnished to five a char-log finish, it has an expensive feel.
  • Powder-Coated Hardware – This feature is important as it will keep the cooler from rusting after being in contact with water.
  • Deep Cooler Cavity – Making it easy to store lots of drinks inside.
  • Comes With A Bottom Drain – This means that it’s super easy to simply unplug and let all of the water out.


  • Tricky To Assemble – Some users found the product difficult to put together.
  • Needs To Be Lacquered – Instructions state that the product needs to be lacquered every 4-6 months, meaning that it will require some maintenance.
Leigh Country Char-Log Cooler with Fleur De Lis, 54 Quart
  • 54-quart capacity with insulated food-grade polyutherane liner
  • Powder coated hardware to prevent rusting
  • Bottle opener and drain valve included
  • Char-log finish with varnish
  • Assembled size: 19" length, 27" width, 30" high

Keter Beer and Wine Cooler TableOpens in a new tab.

Keter Beer and Wine Cooler Table

This cooler produced by Keter is the best option in terms of functionality. Unlike other coolers on our list, it is easily moved from one place to another.

Designed for both indoor and outdoor use, the cooler is perfect when the weather is too hot and you feel like escaping inside, simply use the two side handles.

Like the BLUU cooler, it can also be changed to function as a table, as well as a seat when you have several friends around and you’re at capacity.

It is far more lightweight than the other coolers on our list, weighing in at a mere 10.8 pounds. Don’t let this put you off, however, as it has an impressive capacity of 50 quarts!


  • Resin Construction – It is made out of weather-resistant resin, so you don’t need to worry about being damaged outside.
  • Portability – Its lightweight build and grips make it easy to transport.
  • Choice Of Colors – You can choose from either brown or black to match your garden decor.
  • Affordability – Unlike some other coolers on the list, this is a great option if you’re working from a budget.


  • Collects Water – This product can tend to accumulate water on the top of the seat instead of running off the sides, which can cause it to enter the box on occasion when the lid is opened.
  • No Drain Plug – The product doesn’t include a drain plug making it more difficult to clean.
  • Fragile wicker Resin. Like any wicker patio furniture, there are some complaints of it breaking easy. Looks great, matching the other furniture but needs to be treated with care to maintain its appearance.
Keter Ice Cube Beer and Wine Cooler Table Perfect for Your Patio, Picnic, and Beach Accessories, Brown,16.9 in. L x 16.9 in. W x 16.9 in. H
  • DIMENSIONS: 16.9 in. L x 16.9 in. W x 16.9 in. H
  • HIDDEN COOLER: 10.5 gallon drink storage capacity to handle up to forty 12 oz. cans with ice
  • RESIN CONSTRUCTION: It's made out of all weather-resistant resin with an appealing rattan-look texture
  • DURABLE AND STRONG: Weather-resistant polypropylene construction prevents rusting, peeling and denting - unlike real rattan
  • PORTABLE: Easy to tote thanks to its lightweight build and handgrips

I personally love the dual feature of this cooler, serving as a table and cooler on your deck. Plus the wicker look is welcoming with many patio sets.

EDOSTORY 80 Quart Rolling Ice Chest Cooler CartOpens in a new tab.

EDOSTORY 80 Quart Rolling Ice Chest Cooler Cart

If you are somebody who likes to host a party look no further because we’ve got the cooler for you. With a functional, sleek design, this cooler has a strong appeal to modern buyers.

Its stainless steel material along with its utilitarian card perfectly blends the stylish and ergonomic.

Its capacity holds a whopping 80 quartz, making it ideal for catering for larger gatherings.

It comes with an integrated bottle opener and cap catcher, making it super easy to crack open a beer for guests without having to search for an opener.

The shelf below the cooler also makes for great storage space, so you can keep additional items underneath.


  • Alternate Temperature Option – It can either keep your drinks cool for 14 hours, or you can keep warm drinks in there for 8 hours, making it a truly functional piece of equipment.
  • Ice Scoop – This product contains an ice scooper which is also made from stainless steel, so you can easily shovel your ice cubes.
  • Large Capacity – At 20 gallons, this cooler is great for those looking to store lots of drinks.
  • Durable Construction – Made from PP lined injection-foam-unitized material and a stainless steel exterior, it can withstand a lot of use.


  • Assembly – Because this is such a large unit, it can prove difficult to assemble with several different components involved.
  • Missing Screws – Some users complained that the item was missing some screws for the assembly, so you might need to pick up a few extra from your local hardware store.
EDOSTORY 80 Quart Rolling Silver Ice Chest Cooler Cart,Patio Backyard Party Drink Beverage Bar Stand Up Cooler Trolley with Ice Scoop
  • [Keep Cool and Warm]: keep a variety of drinks for a longer duration, such as wine, beer and beverages. Keep cool for 14 hrs, keep warm for 8hrs and keep the temperature difference less than 10℃ in 8 hours
  • [Large capacity]:Our cooler is 80 Quart / 20 Gallon capacity,Can store up to 100+ cans or 55+ bottles.suit for patio, backyard or any outdoor leisure occasion, such as dinner party, BBQ or backyard party. Have a nice weekend with your family and your friends
  • [Convenient Design]:4 multi directional rolling wheels – rotates 360 for easy transportation,Bottle Openers can easily Open bottle cap,2 fold back lids offer easy access from either side.
  • [ice scoop]:This cooler have a ice scooper to help you shoveling ice cubes.
  • [Durable construction]: our cooler interior of our cooler cart is PP lined injection-foam-unitized without smell.exterior is made by iron which can Can withstand minor external impacts.

Our Recommendation

The EDOSTORY 80-quart ice chest is ideal for those who are looking to support larger gatherings, such as birthday parties or BBQs.

With a great internal temperature stabilizer, it can keep drinks cold for up to 14 hours, making sure that it will last you all day.

If however, you are simply looking for a cooler to serve everyday use, we would recommend the Keter cooler, which is great for its functionality and maneuverability.

Ultimately, the cooler that you purchase should cater to your specific needs, and by taking a look at our list, you’re sure to find the perfect cooler to fit those requirements.

Buyers Guide

There are several different aspects to consider when purchasing a water cooler if you want to get the most out of your money.

Take a look below at some important points you should take into consideration before making your purchase.

Features To Consider Before Buying A Patio Cooler


As we touched on above if you’re struggling to choose the perfect cooler, one of the main things to consider is the capacity.

Thankfully, patio coolers come in a wide range of different sizes, making it easy to find one to fit your needs.

If you intend on using your cooler for events and functions, although they can be more expensive, you should consider investing in a larger cooler.

If you are looking to host smaller gatherings, a medium-sized cooler with a capacity of around 54 quarts should be ideal.

Other than this, if you’re planning on just using a cooler for yourself and your family, around 50 quarts or less will be more than enough.

Different Types Of Coolers

There are three distinct types of coolers on the market, standing, rolling and bucket.

The type of cooler you purchase will depend on what kind of experience you are looking for. If you want a cooler that will become a staple in your backyard, a standing cooler is a good option.

Although they are more difficult to maneuver, if you intend on keeping the cooler in the same place, or using it infrequently, there is no need to purchase a rolling cooler.

Rolling coolers are better for maneuvering around your garden. Although they are still highly durable, they are easier to transport back and forth from the garage.

These coolers tend to be made from a more lightweight material, and so need to be protected from the weather, so the rolling function is perfect for quickly transporting them under shelter if it begins to rain.

Be sure to clear out some space for your new cooler so that it isn’t subject to unforgiving weather conditions.

Lastly, another type of cooler is a bucket cooler. Typically used for transporting on picnics or luxury dinners involving champagne, this type of cooler is not featured on our list.

If you are looking for a bucket cooler to keep only a few drinks, however, we recommend the Large Capacity Beverage Tub Oval Storage BucketOpens in a new tab..

These types of coolers do not come with a lid and are not designed to keep your beverages cool for long periods of time.

They are great, however, if you’re planning on hosting a fancy dinner party with a few close friends.

Ice Retention

Another thing to consider when purchasing a cooler is how long the ice-retention period is.

Some coolers are better insulated than others, so purchasing one based on how long you intend on keeping the drinks cool is important.

The whole purpose of a cooler is to enjoy some drinks with friends and family in the comfort of your yard, and so making sure that the ice won’t melt too quickly is integral.


Coolers available on the market today come in a variety of materials.

Although each boasts its own style, some materials can prove to be more durable than others, and therefore this factor needs to be taken into consideration.

Wood And Metal

Both of these materials are highly aesthetically pleasing, typically featuring either a rustic or a modern look. Their decorative appeal is sure to make them a centrepiece when it comes to entertaining guests.

Although they are nice to look at, they can prove to be less resistant to unruly weather conditions.

If you are intending on keeping your wood/metal cooler in an area that is exposed to potential rain, then you will need to purchase a protective cover.

If your cooler is easier to move, which many metal coolers are, then it should be moved to a safe area when not in use.

In addition, wood coolers sometimes require lacquering every few months to ensure their durability.


Although they look less expensive than their wood/metal counterparts, these coolers are really great if you’re looking for something low maintenance.

These coolers will require less care and cleaning than coolers made from other materials.

The plastic material means that these kinds of coolers tend to last far longer, meaning that you’ll be able to bring them out each summer for years to come.


If you’re somebody who is highly invested in creating the perfect patio aesthetic, the appearance of your cooler might be one of the most important, if not the most important features.

Fear not, there are so many different shapes and sizes of coolers out there. Whether you’re looking for something with a classic, rustic feel, or a vintage cooler which harks back to yesteryear, there is a cooler for you.

Carrying Method

Heavier coolers will have wheels attached to them, making them easy to maneuver around the deck.

However, the wheels can prove to be difficult to move when attempting to drag them around different kinds of terrain. Think over the grass to the patio.

Some coolers also feature side handles so that you can actually pick them up. Depending on the weight of the cooler, you may need a person on either side to share the load.


Generally, it is easy to find a bargain where patio coolers are concerned, however, if you’re planning on purchasing a model that is top of the range, you can expect to spend a decent amount of money.

Fear not, however, if you’ve found the perfect cooler but it’s simply just too expensive for your budget, there are so many on the market that you will surely be able to find something similar that is less pricey.

Don’t settle too much on price though, if you can help it, because this is a product that you will want to last for years to come. If you are willing to make that initial investment, you are sure to reap the benefits.

Final Thoughts

With so many coolers on the market, it can be a bit overwhelming at first, especially when this is your first time purchasing such a product.

Don’t worry though, whether you’re looking for a cooler for you and your spouse to share a romantic evening in the garden, or you want to entertain the whole family, there is a cooler out there to suit your needs.

Be sure to consider the features we mentioned above, and you’ll be on your way to making the perfect purchase!