Review of East Oak Patio Heater

Baby, it’s cold out there but don’t worry with a East Oak patio heater, you can be toasty on your deck. One of the most powerful propane patio heaters with plenty of heat to go around. Taking the chill off you and your guest.

As the temperature drops, heat for your deck becomes even more important. Calling for a patio heater to warm things up and let you continue to enjoy your deck.

But not just any old patio heater will do. You need a patio heater with plenty of heat to boot with a large heating range. Make sure that it not only takes the chill off you but makes you nice and toasty.

Helping you enjoy being outside despite what the thermometer says. Or at least a few degrees. Sorry if it is -40, blowing snow, you best stay inside. But if you just need a little extra warmth on your deck, an East Oak patio heater may be for you.

East Oak

If you are tired of being cold out on your deck, this is your heater. East Oak patio heater is designed to produce heat. And that is what it does, on high pumping out 50 000 BTUs of heat to all those gathered around it.

The East Oak Patio Heater

Yes, it’s a Dome, pole patio heater. With the classic “mushroom” reflector panel on the top. 304 Stainless steel flame cover. Supported by an iron frame with a bronze zinc print protecting it from the elements, which also makes it easy to clean compared to stainless steel.

But what sets the East Oak patio heater apart from the rest is how it is built.

  • More sturdy
  • More Durable
  • More Safe

That is a lot of more to pack into a patio heater. In fact, it’s 5 lbs of more material compared to similar patio heaters. No weight is not the whole story, but the additional weight is a good sign that they have not skimmed on material. Making this patio heater just that much more durable than others.


  • Thicker wall material
  • Double emitter screen
  • Extreme levels of heat 50 000 BTUs
  • Easy to Clean Finish
  • Wheels for easier placement
  • 3-point anchor


  • Burns through propane
  • Water box is not included

But don’t take my word for it, let’s review all the details of what makes up East Oak patio heater and see if those extra 5 lbs make all the difference.

Features & Benefits of East Oak Patio Heater

East Oaks features to bring some real benefits for you out on your deck on a cool evening.

East Oak Patio Heater Fuel Source

East Oak is fueled by a standard 20 lb propane tank giving it powerful and relatively quick heat. They do advise letting it warm up for 5 minutes before turning on the full 50 000 BTUs.

Propane also allows you to easily move the heater around on the deck without paying for a gas fitter to run a new natural gas line.

The responsiveness of propane it one of its biggest advantages. Few fuels produce heat as effectively as propane.

But being fueled by propane does have a few drawbacks. One is the regular running to the store to get refills of propane. Especially this one, it can burn through a full tank in under 4 hours. It maybe best to have two tanks to ensure it will last through your whole evening with friends.

All these trips for propane can get costly both in money and time.

Size of East Oak Heater

The East Oak heater is pretty standard for size. A full 87″ (2.2m) tall, the aluminum reflector panel is 33 wide (Just a little bigger than most) with a standard 18″ (457mm) base. Which holds the tank and is nicely covered with a liftable cover. With a handy 4.7″ (120mm) hole for easy access for turning the propane on and off.

But this is not a cheaply put-together heater. Despite its similar size, it weights 35.2 lbs.

Heat Produced by East Oak Heater

Now this is the real reason you are looking at a East oak patio heater.

50 000BTUs

Yes, that is more heat than almost any other propane heater. With most patio heaters being between 41 -47 000 BTUs. Some are 48 000, but this one beats them all for heat production.

Resulting in a large heat radius, 9′. A heat dome of 18′ diameter to enjoy being outside in. allowing you to enjoy the warmth but still spread out a little bit more on your deck.

All this heat comes from its unique double mesh heat emitter. Which makes it more resistant to heat damage while minimizing the potential of the mesh from clogging up. The extra screen also makes the heater more windproof. Allowing you to continue to enjoy your patio heater even when there is a little bit of windOpens in a new tab.. Now don’t get all crazy, but this is nice. 

Safety Features of East Oak Heater

East Oak patio heaters are built with Anti-tilt and Flame-out Safety Protection System to ensure your safety. In the event of falling over, the flame is extinguished, preventing a fire on your deck.

If the flame does go out, the flame-out safety protection system turns off the propane. Safeguarding against anoxia, when oxygen levels drop to dangerous levels being replaced by leaking propane.

This also saves on fuel if the flames go out in the wind. No flame, no propane. Resulting in less wasted fuel.

Another safety feature of the East Oak heater is its base.

The 3 -point anchor system is properly set up, evenly spaced around the base to provide equal strength from the wind on all sides.

As a added bonus, it is pre-drilled for screws for a water box to add extra weight and stability.

But then the big disappointment. The water box is not included. Really?

You were so close East Oak to the goal line, but you just needed to include a water box.

Really disappointing East Oak. Really disappointing.

Balkene does sell water boxesOpens in a new tab., but it’s a different brand, and I am not sure if it will fit. But it’s a start. Click the link to learn more.

Cost of East Oak Heater

The extra BTUs and durable material does come at a price. East Oak costs a little bit more than similar style dome patio heaters. In the US, around the $200 mark or more. Putting it in the mid-range for price compared with other heaters.

It is a well-built heater with durable material but will cost more to purchase and to run.

Warranty of East Oak Heater

Another thing that sets East Oak apart from other heaters is the 3 Year Warranty. Yes, this is nothing compared to composite decking, but that is a long time for a patio heater.Most have only a 1-year warranty, many only 90 days.

But with a full 3-year warranty you can set it up and know you can enjoy it next year to. It is built to last.

Assembly of East Oak Heater

Officially they promise an assembly time of 40 minutes. This is made even easier with a handy online video showing how to assemble the heater. Just a little bit more visual to make those instructions clearer. But most users speak highly of the assembly and instruction.

“The assembly It was very easy, took us less than 15 minutes”


I think Henry maybe a little bit of an overachiever, but still a very positive sign. Take the time to read the full instructions, watch the video, and it should go well. 

Extra features/bonuses included with East Oak heater

The more I review, the more I write the more praise I pile unto East Oak. Well, let’s not stop.

Included with the heater is a rainproof cover to protect against the rain and elements. This will go far in helping your heater to keep working. Keeping the rain and snow out. Preventing rust and everything else that can damage the heater.

Not really a bonus, but I am counting the double flame mesh as an extra. A single-screen would work. In fact, many heaters do, but East Oaks takes it to the next level by adding another layer of mesh to both protect and produce better heat.

Which leads to the bonus 2 000 BTUs. With many similar heaters, you will get even more extra heat. As much as 9 000 from the East Oak heater. Making it just a little bit better.

Plus, wheels to move this heavy heater. Yes, most quality patio heaters come with wheels but these are really need to make moving it around on your deck with the extra weight.

Reviews of East Oak Heater

So what are owners saying about East Oak heater?

“This outdoor heat is definitely worth the investment, I’m recommending it to all my friends.”


Well, thanks, Henry. From the same overachiever who put it together in 15 minutes.

“Finally I set up the heater. I was surprised that the heater has enough output to cover my entire patio, which is an extended patio after remodeling.”

Gong Jiali

Nice to see Gong confirm the large range of the heater.

“Great patio heater! It’s very easy to assemble (took me 15 minutes) and to easy to move around with the wheels. It’s not super heavy but very stable. They also provided a free dust cover which could be useful in warmer seasons. The heater is very solidly built with high quality steels. It arrived just in time for the Christmas. Absolutely love it!”


Merry Christmas Siyuan, it seems that East Oka makes a good gift because many people had reviews of the heater they had given to someone else. Again, easy assembly and confirmation of the quality of the heater.

“Description states heats up to 18 ft which I strongly disagree with. We had a 20lb propane tank and got MAYBE 3 strong hours of use on high heat. Otherwise, we thoroughly enjoyed hanging outside New Year Eve with our guests.”

Tangela Barber

This is the single biggest con about the East Oak heater. It cost more to buy and will burn through propane faster than most other heaters. If you don’t need the extra heat, this one may not be best for you.

Alternatives East Oak Patio Heater

Final Word on East Oak Patio Heater

In short, if you want heat on your deck, and lots of it, the East Oak is a quality-built powerful patio heater. Which will bring comforting warmth to your deck for years.

The little extra cost for the extra material and more durable build is balanced by the free cover included. Making the is heater last longer at no extra cost.

Well worth it. This one is making it on my Best Patio Heater list. Click the link to see the full review of its peers.

Or just order it and enjoy your patio sooner.