EnjoySun Patio Heater Review

EnjoySun dome patio heater is an excellent addition to a chilly deck. Bring warmth when the sun goes down when you are trying to enjoy your deck for a few more hours.

This becomes so much more important as we head into fall and winter, with the days getting shorter. After driving home from work, there is so little time left to enjoy your deck before the sun goes down and the temperature with it.

But not with a patio heater. A patio heater can raise your deck’s temperature just enough to make it pleasant and enjoyable. Even after the hot summer sun has past.

EnjoySun Dome Patio Heater

Wait! Before you order the EnjoySun patio heater

I understand you want to warm your deck as soon as possible before it’s just too cold to enjoy your favourite place in your home, your deck. But getting the right patio heater will make the difference between enjoying your deck again or looking out the window at that eyesore you never use because it is too hard to use or just doesn’t heat up enough.

The size of the patio heater needs to match the size of the deck. The EnjoySun heater is a larger heater best suited for a deck with at least 12′ x 12′ sitting area. A smaller deck will be better heated by a tabletop heater or electric wall mount heater.

Also, being a pole heater will require additional space on the deck for the heater. Ideally, in the centre of the sitting area.

The tall size of the heater also requires an open deck. Something without a roof or high pergola rafters.

But if you are ready for some warmth on your deck. Your deck is large enough with an open sitting area to enjoy its heat. Please continue reading. Hopefully, you will know if the EnjoySun Dome Heater is right for you and your deck by the end.

Short Description of EnjoySun Patio Heater

A dome heater, Sunjoy heater is the classic mushroom shape I am sure you have enjoyed from one of the thousands of similar patio heaters. Along with the classic stainless steel (304 thickness) finish.

This heater is designed for residential or commercial use. On the higher end for heat production. Producing 48 000 BTUs heat on high but with 3 levels of heat, allowing you to adjust the heat as required.

The flames is hidden behind a flam emitter screen. Which does limit enjoying the dancing flame but does increase heat production, the main reason for a patio heater. 


  • Cover Included
  • Piezo ignition
  • Simple 3 setting heat
  • High-Quality Wheels for moving
  • Many safety features included


  • Costly fuel
  • Stainless steel is hard to clean
  • Poor assembly instructions

Features & Benefits of EnjoySun Patio Heater

Now for the specifics about EnjoySun patio heater.

EnjoySun Patio Heater Fuel Source

The Sunjoy heater is fueled by a 20 lb propane tank (not included). But is conveniently stored at the base of the heater under a classic stainless steel cover that can be raised to access the tank.

Propane is and fuel source for the following reasons.

  • Doesn’t require professional installation
  • Portable
  • Consistent heat source
  • High heat output
  • Quick source of heat

But EnjoySun fueled by propane also shares these common disadvantages of propane.

  • Expensive to operate compared to natural gas
  • Requires inconvenient tank refills (Tank only last 10 hours on high)

This means if you are enjoying your heater every evening, you will need to run out for a refill every week. That gets expensive and a real time suck.

Size of EnjoySun Heater

EnjoySun is a taller heater, measuring just over 86″ (2.186m). A convenient height for heat to reflect off the 32″ (812mm) wide heat dome down to those sitting around the deck.

A larger reflector dome also increases the area heated, which could be as much as 200 square feet but will be less in most sitiuation. Considering that few of us lay on the decking the largest heated area. Also, the farther from the heat source, the less warmth.

The ignition button and temperature switch are located just below the burner heater screen. Over 64″ from the deck. Safely out of the reach of children but can be a high reach for some. Right below the emitter screen can pose a burn hazard if you are not careful not to overreach.

The base is a smaller base at only 17 13/16″ (452mm) more on that later.

Heat Produced by a EnjoySun Heater

The heat produced by the SunJoy heater puts it on the top of the pack for a propane patio heater with 48 000BTUs. Few deck heaters have such a high heat rating. Making it ideal for a larger deck or if your deck is colder than most.

Safety Features of EnjoySun Heater

Sunjoy has ETL certification, with every unit tested for airtightness before shipping. 

Sunjoy includes a tip-over switch, automatically turning off the propane if the heater tips. Preventing the heater from burning the deck if knocked over in the wind. A weakness of the dome design.

Still, when you are not using your SunJoy heater, you should turn off the propane at the tank. Which is easily done by raising the cover to access.

The base is small, just under 18″, and the base is not designed for additional weight and does not include anchors to secure the base to the deck. Making the potential of this heater toppling over In the wind, high

Cost of EnjoySun Heater

This is a real plus of SunJoy Dome heater is the price. It is sold on the budget end, in the States often for between $100-$200. Making it a very affordable patio heater

Warranty of EnjoySun Heater

Officially one year warranty, with the company claiming 30 years experience making outdoor heaters. Sorry, here I am, getting a little cynical. There is no warranty on Amazon sales page, and the seller EnjoySun presents itself as a young company. Well, it’s hard to claim 30 years of experience and youth at the same time.

Assembly of EnjoySun Heater

The reviews are either really positive or extremely negative. But the company claims you can assemble the EnjoySun patio heater in 20 minutes.

Which the positive reviews claim to have done. The greatest challenge is one that is common with many stainless-steel products is removing the protective film. One reviewer even claimed to have set up 4 patio heaters taking less than a half an hour each, with most of the time removing the film.

But many others had poorer experiences. A widespread complaint was very vague instructions with few pictures to clarify things. Assembly was further complicated with damage or poorly packaged items. The screws were pre-thread into place but became damaged during shipping.  

I searched for the instructions myself to see their value but could not find one. Which is always a bad sign. Most reputable companies have owner manuals readily available to help their customers use and enjoy their products.

I guess not EnjoySun

Bonus Included with EnjoySun Patio Heater

There are two good bonuses included with EnjoySun patio heater.

  • Cover
  • Wheels

The first is front and centre and could add years to the enjoyment of your patio heater, a cover. Yes, stainless steel is rated to withstand the elements, but rust does happen. Especially for the flame emitter, which is often prone to rust from regular exposure to flame and heat. The cover can protect the heater from rain, snow and sun, helping it perform and look better for years to come.

The wheels make moving the unit that much easier. Weighing under 40 lbs empty, 60 with the tank but its large size can make movement tricky. The wheels help to roll the heater around on the deck or of the deck when not needed.

With composite decking, this can be extremely important as it can easily scratch. One of the cons of composite deckingOpens in a new tab.. But high-quality wheels minimize the potential of scratching the decking.

What Others are Saying About EnjoySun Patio Heater (Reviews)

I am glad you kept reading to hear for this is where things start to fall apart. The write-up for EnjoySun patio heater is good, impressive. But their reviews are not. After reading their reviews is when I lost faith in this patio heater.

A common complaint is a damage, missing or poor-quality material. Which is heartbreaking if you wait with excitement to enjoy your deck again and a damaged heater arrives.

“The instructions were so vague on this product, it came with an instruction manual with 3 pictures in it”

Brian Dixon

Poor instructions were also disheartening but a common complaint. That even if it arrived in good condition, it was a challenge to assemble. Yes, as I already noted, some claimed success, but I am skeptical of the review. Sorry, who buys four untested patio heaters. It sounded too glowing to be true.

This one made me even more skeptical.

“I’m terrified to get another one… the part that caught fire came fully assembled. Very concerning. Amazon did provide a refund in addition to a credit to purchase a new fire extinguisher. I’m glad we didn’t leave it unattended. Luckily, there was no damage. But the experience was very nerve wracking. UPDATE on 10/27/21: Manufacturing company has now read my review and emailed me to offer “30 US dollars” if I will delete these comments and upgrade this to a 5 star review. Ummmmmm, no thanks…”

Melissa T.

If true, this alone will steer me clear of this heater. But made me even more skeptical of the 5 Star reviews because they didn’t seem balance enough. To much praise without full details.

“Do not buy. These units are cheaply made and are barely metal.”


I became suspicious the more I reviewed, but this was the final straw. It does seem to be too cheaply built. I like a deal as much as the next guy, but if it’s too good to be true, it probably is. Regardless of what you pay for this heater, I think you will be disappointed.  

Conclusion of EnjoySun Patio Heater

I know this is harsh, and I wish I could say otherwise. Initially, it looks good, at a really good price. The bonus cover was a cherry on the top.

Please don’t buy.

But after more research, I did not order the heater nor recommend you do.

The reviews did not encourage me to purchase. Plus, contradictions in the write-up. From the fuel source, is it electric or propane? Is there a door to access the propane tank? Just to name a few.

And yes, I will freely admit. Despite proofreading, Grammarly checks and the works, there are inaccuracies in my articles and reviews too. But it became hard for me to review when I could not even know which it was without making some assumptions of my own.

Alternative to EnjoySun Patio Heater

If you don’t want to order the EnjoySun heater and I don’t recommend you do. Here are few alternatives. Or go to my list of best patio heaters for decks.