Review of Sunjoy 47 000 BTU Avanti Outdoor Portable Propane Heater

Sunjoy dome patio heater is an excellent addition to a chilly deck. Bringing warmth when the sun goes down when you are trying to enjoy your deck for a few more hours.

Additional warmth on your deck only increases as the day gets shorter. As the sun drops, so does the temperature. Making your outdoor oasis too cold to enjoy but not with a patio heater. The right patio heater can take the chill off your deck, letting you enjoy being outside in the evening and fall season.

Avanti in Grey

Wait! Before you order the Sunjoy patio heater

I get it you are excited about the potential to have a warm deck again. Enjoy the evening out on the deck under the stars and your patio heater.

But let’s review the SunJoy patio heater a little more to see if it’s the right patio heater for you.

A dome heater is ideally suited for an open deck with room to set up chairs around the heater. At 47 000 BTUs, it should warm roughly a 9′ radius, not huge but enough for you and a few friends to gather around.

If your deck sitting area is larger, you may need more than one heater. A smaller deck would be better served with a tabletop or electric wall mount heater.

The Sunjoy Patio Heater

A dome heater, Sunjoy heater is the classic mushroom shape I am sure you have enjoyed from one of the thousands of similar patio heaters. Made from a rust-resistant powder-coated steel frame with 4 different colour options.

  • Grey
  • Black
  • Bronze
  • Silver

The top of the dome is 87″ high (2.2m) high, with a 29 19/32″ (760mm) reflector panel. With the simple single push button ignitor below the stainless-steel burner. Just above the ignition button is the variable-heat control knob, allowing you to adjust the heat with a simple turn of the knob.

This heater is designed for residential or commercial use, on the higher end for heat production. Producing 47 000 BTUs heat on high but with adjustable knob controlling heat, allowing you to adjust the heat as the weather demands.

The 20 lb propane tank (not included) is stored under a well-designed dome cover that slides up the pole for access. The fittings are your standard barbeque tank threads, allowing you to switch out tanks from your barbeque if required.

Without the tank the unit weighs 30 lbs (60lbs +/- with) but the wheels at the base makes moving around on your deck a piece of cake. Or at least a lot easier than dragging it and scratching the decking. 


  • Easy to clean powder coated finish
  • Built-in Wheels for easy movement
  • 3-point anchor


  • Cannot weigh the base
  • Quickly burns through propane

Features & Benefits of SunJoy Patio Heater

Let’s go a little more in-depth about the Sunjoy heater. The key benefits of this heater and why they are beneficial.

Sunjoy Patio Heater Fuel Source

A standard 20 lb propane tank fuels Sunjoy. Having the advantage of not requiring professional installation. Allows you to move the heater around without reattaching the gas line.

Unfortunately, propane can quickly become expensive, especially with the Sunjoy heater. Some users report that it burns through a 20 lb. tank in less than 6 hours. Barely getting you through the week before having to run to the store to get a refill.

Heat Produced by Sunjoy Heater

You can expect about 47 000 BTUs from your Sunjoy patio heater. On the higher end for propane heaters. Roughly enough heat to warm 4 -6 people comfortably seated around the heater.

Or roughly an 8 -9′ circle. Which does require fairly close patio furniture arrangement to enjoy the heat.

Safety Features of Sunjoy Heater

Sunjoy is designed with a safety auto shut-off tilt valve, which automatically turns off the flame if the heater is tipped. An excellent factor both for the wind and accidental falls.

I was disappointed not to find any safety certification like Intertek’s Electrical Testing Labs (ETL) or Underwriter Laboratories (UL) certification. But you should do a simple soap test to ensure there is no gas leaking after initial setup.

And, of course, shut off the propane whenever not in use. Reducing the risk of accidental fire and leaking gas.

Sunjoy does include 3-point anchors to attach the heater to the deck to reduce the risk of toppling in the wind. Make sure you add sufficient blocking under the deckingOpens in a new tab. to anchor the heater to. Decking itself is not strong enough to hold the heater in place. True for wood decking but doubly true with composite decking.

I was a little disappointed that the anchors are only on three sides. Leaving one side unanchored. Not a huge deal with the wheels on that side, but you could push it over from the wheel side. A better design would be a fourth anchor or the anchor at 120° instead of 90° missing one point of contact.   

Cost of SunJoy Heater

Is priced on the budget side of for patio heaters. Not always the case as prices are often functional throughout the seasons and with supply. In the US, many are listed for under $200 but don’t be surprised if your cost more. Still, when compared to other heaters, it will probably save you money.


Warranty of Sunjoy Heater

I could not find any warranty for the Sunjoy patio heater.

Assembly of Sunjoy Heater

Sunjoy promises that their heater is easy to assemble. I am glad to report that many owners found this to be true. Many claim assembly taking about an hour, some even 30 minutes. Which is very promising.

Some do report that their heater has a slight lean to it.

Do pay close attention to the threading of the screws and bolts. There is potential to cross-thread or screws just being hard to turn in.

Extra features/bonuses included with Sunjoy heater

There are no bonus features or items with Sunjoy. You order a heater, and a heater is what you get. There is no cover, table, or anything not expected to come with your patio heater. You can order a cover separately, and I would highly recommend doing so to protect the heater from the rain and snow. It is designed for the outdoors but not to be left I the elements.

Reviews About Sunjoy Patio Heater

With Sunjoy, I had many reviews to sort through. A sign of the popularity of their patio heater.

The majority are positive, from easy assembly to good heat.

“i unpacked and assembled it today. instructions were good, assembly was easy and uncomplicated. no parts missing, all the holes lined up perfectly. it looks like a very nice unit, especially for the price.”


A good reference to the price. This is a good unit at a price.

But even at the price, there is one common complaint.

“Love this unit, the only complaint I have is the control pipe is a little crooked and I can’t get it straight”


This slight lean is too common among the many reviews. To the point were I would say if you can’t deal with a small lean, don’t order this heater.

“It was easy to assemble and easy to turn on, but it needs to be very close for it to warm up and after a while with it turned on, the heat only stays in the head, leaving my legs cold. I wish I had bought a fire pit instead.”


This one was interesting and a good reminder that this is raised heat source. Despite the reflector panel, the cold hard fact is heat rises and the heat source is siting considerable above your head when seated.

There were some complaints about the level of customer service. This was surprising because Sunjoy presents itself excelling in customer service, which is one thing I liked about Sunjoy. The company.


Sunjoy Group as a Company

“The Sunjoy brand started in 2001 and has left quite an impression on the outdoor furniture and gazebo market, focusing on their fundamental pillars of quality, innovation, and design.”

SunjoygroupOpens in a new tab.

Based out of Singapore but with facilities in China and 4 warehouses in the US and Canada. They are committed to supplying quality outdoor furniture. Making them an excellent candidate for best patio heater.

Alternatives Patio Heater to Sunjoy

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Bottom Line of my Review of Sunjoy Patio Heater

Overall, Sunjoys ease of assembly and high heat is a good patio heater. Even in the running for best Patio Heater.

I like the use of solid material and the powder-coated finish, which looks better outdoors and is easier to clean than the classic stainless steel ones.

Also sold at a very competitive price makes it a good buy.