Best Patio Umbrella For Wind

A patio umbrella can be a life-saving piece of furniture during the summer when the sun is at its strongest.

The umbrella gives you ample shade so that you can still enjoy the gorgeous weather without sweating or even burning.

Best Deck Umbrella For Wind

But what happens when the wind starts blowing in and threatening to toss your umbrella off the deck?

We’re sure that we’ve all been there, frustratedly picking the umbrella up for the tenth time while we’re just trying to sunbathe.

On the 11th time of it blowing down, you’ll probably just leave it down. Then you’ll have no protection from the sun and maybe even get burned. Then you’ll wish that you had put the patio umbrella back up.

Luckily, we have the solution for you that will hopefully stop you having to deal with a falling umbrella every couple of minutes.

Today we’re reviewing our favourite five patio umbrellas for wind – prepare to be blown away!

PURPLE LEAF 10ft Patio UmbrellaOpens in a new tab.

PURPLE LEAF 10ft Patio Umbrella

First up we have a 10-foot patio umbrella from PURPLE LEAF. This is a square canopy attached to a sturdy metal pole which allows you to angle the canopy however you want.

The crank system is easy to use so that you can open and close the umbrella whenever you choose.

The canopy is made from high-quality 240/gsm polyester which is also UV resistant and water repellent. The stand is six feet tall and made of aluminum that has been anti-oxidized.

The ribs are also made from aluminum, making the entire skeleton of this umbrella reliable and sturdy.

You can choose which base you want to use with this umbrella, whether that be a water base or a steel plate that you secure into the ground. The latter is best for high winds.


  • Three-year warranty to protect your purchase.
  • Six-foot aluminum stand is heavy enough to withstand strong winds.
  • Choose the ideal size and colour for your garden.


  • Does not come with a stand, you have to purchase this separately.
  • High price point.
PURPLE LEAF 10ft Patio Umbrella Outdoor Square Umbrella Large Cantilever Umbrella Windproof Offset Umbrella Heavy Duty Sun Umbrella for Garden Deck Pool Patio, Grey
  • The canopy size of this offset umbrella is 10' X 10' , unique double-top canopy design for commercial and residential use
  • This outside umbrella for patio has unique handle design and crank system, 6 height and angle to choose, 360-degree rotation for easier shading area control
  • High quality 240/gsm yarn-dyed polyester fabric, UV resistant, water-repellent and colorfast fadeless, 3 years warranty
  • All-aluminum umbrella bones and 8 heavy-duty ribs, anti-oxidation spray painted, maintain a long period life
  • Patio umbrella base in the picture is NOT included. Please search B082WBKN1T for water tank base or B081D5R2TN for anchor ground base. Please search B081ZT52R4 for umbrella light.

BLUU Olefin 9 FT Patio Market Umbrella

BLUU Olefin 9 FT Patio Market Umbrella

Next up is a budget-friendly alternative, which is this 9-foot umbrella from BLUU. This is the ideal size to cover a round table sitting between four and six people.

The design is also lovely, making a lovely addition to any garden.

The stand and umbrella ribs are made from durable iron. Iron is heavier than aluminum and therefore should be more durable in strong winds.

This umbrella comes with a crank system, making it very easy to use and open and close.

So, whenever you want to protect it from incredibly strong wind, you can easily close it without any issue. You can also tilt the canopy to provide you with the perfect amount of sun.


  • Durable bones made from iron.
  • Low price point for people on a budget.
  • Three-year warranty to protect your purchase.


  • No stand included.
  • Pole is a little thin for stability.
BLUU Pro 9 FT Patio Market Umbrella Outdoor Table Umbrellas, 3-year Nonfading Olefin Canopy, Market Center Umbrellas with 8 Strudy Ribs & Push Button Tilt for Garden, Lawn & Pool (Navy Blue)
  • VERSATILE: This patio umbrella outdoor has a tilt mechanism that can adjust the canopy to provide all day shade. We also added Velcro straps at the end of each rib so that you can install various decorations to make your outdoor area perfect. The top vent allows for adequate airflow but also protects the patio table umbrella from strong gusts.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY: The certified 280 gsm olefin canopy produces less pollution during the production process. Its excellent fabric density and characteristics create a long-lasting UV protection barrier, providing an unparalleled anti-fading fabric for this gorgeous outdoor patio umbrella. We proudly provide a 3-year canopy fabric waranty.
  • HIGH END METAL FRAME: The frame is built with top-of-the-line steel, which allows the frame to stand tall without the fear of bending or breaking. The hardware is sealed with a thick antioxidant coating to protect the frame from corrosion, rust and damage.
  • OPERATION & USE: Rotate the reinforced handle to open and close the canopy; press the tilt button to tilt the canopy 45° left or right to provide adequate shade all day. Please use the umbrella strap to secure and protect the patio umbrella in a closed state.
  • RECOMMENDED MAINTENCE: This umbrella must be secured with a weighted base (SOLD SEPARATELY, SEARCH ASIN B09QKJHNXH or B09NBJH9QH) or inserted onto a patio table. In order to keep the umbrella in pristine condition, we recommend closing the canopy when windy.We proudly offer a 1-year waranty for umbrella (5 years for the canopy) and world-class customer service.

EliteShade USA Sun Umbrella 9Ft 3 Tiers Market Umbrella

EliteShade USA Sun Umbrella 9Ft 3 Tiers Market Umbrella

Next up is the EliteShade Sun Umbrella, which comes with three tiers and therefore ample ventilation for warm days.

These tiers also allow wind to travel through the umbrella, making the piece of furniture more stable in these conditions.

You’ll benefit from a more reliable umbrella as well as cool air being pointed towards you to cool you down – win-win!

The canopy is made of 260 GSM fabric which protects you and the umbrella from sun exposure, lengthening its longevity and providing better value for money.

The frame is made from aluminum which is incredibly durable when it comes to windy conditions. In fact, this umbrella is 20% stronger than other patio umbrellas on the market!

The pole is 1.5 inches in diameter, giving it a higher level of support in strong winds.


  • Three tiers help keep the umbrella resistant to wind.
  • High-quality materials used to make this umbrella.
  • Thicker stand makes it more durable than most on the market.


  • You will have to buy a stand separately.
EliteShade USA 10-Year-Non-Fading Sunumbrella 9Ft 3 Tiers Market Umbrella Patio Umbrella Outdoor Table Umbrella with Ventilation,Antique Beige
  • Three tiers design: Hot air or wind will flow through the multiple vents quickly which can make your umbrella more stable against windy condition and cooler underneath.
  • 100% Non-fading Acrylic Performance Fabric: 100% solution-dyed acrylic, 10 years non-fading top, water resistance and oil resistance. Ordinary market and patio umbrella will fade in one month, while EliteShade patio umbrella is fadeproof.
  • Sun Protection: High-quality 260 GSM impermeable fabric shows effective in heat insulation in sunlight exposure and protects the people tanning and burning.
  • Alloy Steel Umbrella Frame with Crank Open System: EliteShade patio umbrella is 20% stronger than most of patio umbrellas in the market. The 9ft Patio umbrella comes with 1.5 inches diameter alloy steel pole which provides stronger support than standard round poles. Rust Free Powder Coated with 8 Ribs. EliteShade patio umbrella is easy to open and close by the crank handle. You can press the push button to tilt it according the sun position.
  • The patio umbrella base is not included. Search B07VXLFGGW, B07X24LK86,B07W6VC19W,B07WC15DP3,B07TYL67Q1,B0B7HSLC18,B0B7HQT51M,B08NB6QT5Y for the umbrella base you might need.

GRAND PATIO 11 FT Deluxe NAPOLI Curvy Aluminum Offset Umbrella

GRAND PATIO 11 FT Deluxe NAPOLI Curvy Aluminum Offset Umbrella

This umbrella is a gorgeous-looking piece of furniture that you can use on almost any deck to enhance its design.

The curved stand is different from anything else we have seen on the market and allows you to put chairs underneath the canopy without there being a bulky stand obstructing the view.

The auto crank for this umbrella allows you to open and close it whenever you want without any hassle.

This umbrella actually comes with a stand that can be filled with water or sand, making it stable in high winds.

The stand, once filled, will weigh 265 pounds – so this umbrella is not going anywhere!

You will have to assemble this umbrella yourself, but it comes with all of the tools and hardware that you will need. It is also very easy to put together thanks to the easy-to-read manual.


  • Lovely design that keeps the stand out of the way.
  • Comes with a stand so you don’t have to buy one separately.
  • Offers up to 100 square feet of shade.


  • High price point.
Grand patio Deluxe NAPOLI Patio Umbrella, Curvy Aluminum Cantilever Umbrella with Base, Round Large Offset Umbrellas for Garden Deck Pool (Champagne, 11 FT)
  • ELEGANT CURVED POLE DESIGN: This large outdoor umbrellas with unique design opens and closes with an crank. The heavy-duty polyester canopy is made to stand up for seasons against water and UV rays. The reinforced pole is powder-coated aluminum for enhanced rust resistance.
  • COVER A LARGE AREA: This cantilever umbrellas from our Napoli collection provides 95 square feet of relaxing cooling shade. Stay in the shade with our clever auto-lock system that allows you to reposition the tilt of the umbrella exactly where needed as the sun moves throughout the day.
  • STABILITY BASE WITH WHEELS: The outside umbrella has wheels for easy movement, in order to safely secure your umbrella, the base must be filled with 265 lbs of sand and water. Because of the risks of bad weather, it is best to close your umbrella into the deadlock position when you are not using it.
  • STURDY STEEL RIBS: Enjoy unparalleled stability with our premium cantileverumbrella, boasting 8 heavy-duty ribs that ensureexceptional stability even in windy conditions.
  • EASY ASSEMBLY & WARRANTY: The pool umbrellas will arrive in TWO packages and includes all necessary tools and hardware along with an instruction manual. One person can complete the assembly within 30 minutes.We provide a 3-year warranty for umbrella canopy and 1-year warranty for frames and base from the date of purchase, if you need any support, please contact us directly.

10FT 3 Tiers Patio Umbrella With LightsOpens in a new tab.

10FT 3 Tiers Patio Umbrella With Lights

Last but not least is another three-tier patio umbrella from Klismos.

The three tiers allows more air to flow through the umbrella rather than crashing into it, allowing the umbrella to remain upright through strong winds.

The vents also keep you cooler even in high temperatures.

This umbrella also comes with lights on the bones of it, which can run for between seven and eight hours on a single charge. These are then charged through solar power collected during the day.

The material used to make the umbrella is UV resistant, windproof, and waterproof.

Use this umbrella throughout the year so that you can enjoy your patio in all weather conditions. The stand is made from aluminum for added durability.


  • Comes in a number of different colours.
  • Three-tiered system for maximum ventilation.
  • Comes with 40 solar-powered lights.


  • Advert is slightly unclear about whether it comes with a stand, but it does not.
Klismos 10FT 3 Tiers Patio Umbrella with Lights Windproof Outdoor Market Umbrella Large Waterproof Table Umbrella with Tilt and Crank(Blue)
  • ☂☂Three Tiers Design for Cool and Windproof :Keep the Air Flowing ,Hot air or wind will flow through the multiple vents quickly Which will make you cool in Summer,Windproof in the wind.
  • ☂☂Beautiful Lights:The Patio Umbrella with 40 Lights can run 7-8 hours
  • ☂☂Waterproof & Sunbrella Fabric :The Patio umbrella is made of Premium Polyester Fabric,Anti-UV, Wind Resistant & Waterproof.It can be for rainy days and the sun days.
  • ☂☂8 Aluminum Ribs for Durability:All-Aluminum umbrella bones and rust-proof powder coated pole
  • ☂☂Special Design for the Tilt:Open,Close,Tilt for one Handle crank System,So Convenience

Buyers Guide

Now that we’ve looked at five of the best patio umbrellas on the market, it’s time to look into some of the most important considerations you should remember when choosing your patio umbrella.

As these are not cheap pieces of furniture, it is important to choose the best one for your circumstance so that you’re not wasting your money or time!

Quality And Construction

Patio umbrellas are made from a fabric canopy, a metal pole, and a stand. However, some frames are made from other materials such as wood, fibreglass, or even plastic.

When looking for something windproof, plastic is not the way to go. It can get easily damaged and might break in strong winds.

Wood is a good choice as it is heavy and therefore won’t be so quick to blow over in the wind. However, wooden patio umbrellas are expensive and therefore not for everyone.

A good middle ground here is aluminum, as it is much more durable than plastic but it is still lightweight and relatively inexpensive.

It also holds up well to most weather conditions and requires less maintenance than wood.

As with any piece of outdoor furniture, you should look for one made with the best quality possible.

The better the quality your patio umbrella is, the more use you will get out of it for years to come.

Size And Stand

Most patio umbrellas will be between five and 11 feet long in diameter. It depends on what you’re using your patio umbrella for as to what size you get.

For example, if you were only using it to cover one or two loungers, then you could opt for a smaller umbrella.

On the other hand, if you wanted to cover a table that seats six people, you should opt for a bigger umbrella.

Getting the incorrect size of an umbrella might make your space feel smaller or leave you with insufficient coverage, so it is important to choose an umbrella that is the correct size.

When it comes to the stand, it needs to be a suitable width and weight to account for the size of the umbrella.

Having a 11-foot canopy with a tiny little stand is obviously a recipe for disaster, and you’re going to be picking it up every few minutes.

When looking for the best patio umbrella to use in windy conditions, you’re going to need a stand that is as stable and reliable as possible.

For this, look for a stand that is as wide as possible. This is going to take more floor space away from your garden, but it will be worth it if the umbrella stays upright.

Some umbrellas also come with stands that you can fill with water or sand to add weight to them. If you live in a particularly windy area, then this might be the best option for you.

Bear in mind that most patio umbrellas do not come with stands and therefore you will have to purchase your own.

Most of the umbrellas that we have reviewed above do not come with their own stands and therefore require you to buy your own.

Make sure that you are choosing one that is compatible with your umbrella and that can be weighed down with sand or water, as this will help it in windy conditions.

Using a patio umbrella without a stand is almost impossible, especially when it comes to windy weather.


As with any other outdoor furniture, you’re going to need to maintain your patio umbrella from time to time.

Some umbrellas are able to be sprayed down with a hose while others might require a more gentle approach to cleaning.

Most frames will be easy to clean provided that they are made of something like aluminum or fibreglass. However, wooden frames might be tricker to maintain.

You should also consider the fact that you will have to look after the wood and prime it often to protect it from the elements.

While some patio umbrellas might look nicer than others, it is worth considering whether you want to deal with the regular upkeep or not.


Most patio umbrellas will have a crank that you can use to open and close the canopy.

These require a bit of muscle power as they can be quite heavy to use. Other models have push buttons to automatically open the canopy.

The push button would be easier to use, but it can also be more expensive. Which option you choose will depend on how you intend to use your patio umbrella.

If you were to keep it open all year round, then you might prefer a pulley system which is more difficult to use, but as you won’t need it too much then you can save yourself some money.

Alternatively, if you need to close the umbrella often due to high wind or bad weather, then you might prefer a higher quality mechanism such as a crank or a push button.

The latter is more expensive, but the quality is often also better and therefore a push button might last longer than a crank.


If you’re looking for a patio umbrella to use in windy conditions, then durability is a must. You need it to be able to withstand enough wind that it doesn’t break and waste your money.

Look for durable and reliable materials, and always check the customer reviews before purchasing for yourself.

The customer reviews section for a product will always give you an accurate depiction of its quality and durability of it.

If it has broken within two days and a light wind, the customer reviews are going to tell you.

Likewise, if the umbrella remained standing during a tornado, you’ll find the five-star review here.


It is always important to check for a warranty when you are spending a lot of money on one item.

Most of the umbrellas that we have looked at today do come with warranties, but others on the market might not.

Patio umbrellas can be rather expensive, so it’s worth looking for a warranty if you want to protect your purchase.

If you are planning on using your umbrella in strong winds, then it would make sense to get one with a warranty just in case anything were to happen.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Keep My Patio Umbrella From Blowing Away?

The best thing to do if you find your umbrella constantly blowing away is to get a weighted stand for it.

The umbrella should not be blowing away on its own, so it’s worth checking that you have enough weight in the stand before the wind starts.

Fill the stand with some more water or sand and see if that does the trick.

Another thing you should consider is the compatibility of the stand with the umbrella. Some stands are too large for the umbrella and therefore do not hold the umbrella up correctly.

If the umbrella is already loose within the stand before the wind hits, it’s going to be much easier to blow away in bad weather.

Is It Better To Put Sand Or Water In An Umbrella Base?

Both sand and water are great options to put in your umbrella base, but why not combine them and make an even better option?

Wet sand is even heavier than dry sand and therefore offers the best support and weight for an umbrella, preventing it from blowing away in high winds.

How Big Should A Patio Umbrella Be?

This will all depend on what you want to use the umbrella for. If it is being used over a table and chairs, the general rule of thumb is that the umbrella should extend over the table by two feet on each side.

For example, if your table was 4 feet wide, you would need an 8-foot umbrella to sufficiently cover it.