What Kind of Furniture is Good For Deck?

A deck can be the perfect place to create memories and watch the world go by outside. However, if you’re hoping to create the perfect outdoor environment for your home, you’ll have to answer the question: what kind of furniture is good for the deck?

The key to creating the best deck space is choosing furniture that looks nice and can withstand outdoor weather. Furniture that is good for the deck will be properly constructed and pair well together visually.

Picking out the best deck furniture based on materialsOpens in a new tab. and appeal can be daunting. In this article, we’ll go over:

  • Types of Deck Furniture
  • Beneficial Deck Furniture Materials

Thanks to our expertise and research, we can dig more deeply into these two key categories of information. Soon you’ll be able to answer the question: what kind of furniture is good for the deck?

Types of Deck Furniture

The first thing we’ll need to cover is the types of furniture that can adorn your deck. There can be a lot of options to sift through. The perfect deck spaceOpens in a new tab. will usually have seating, tables, and of course, appealing decorative items! Check out our breakdown of these types of furniture:


This is the most obvious place to start when it comes to planning your ideal deck space. Nobody likes hanging out on their feet for too long!

Chairs are often the immediate item the mind jumps to when thinking of furniture. Deck chairs can be arranged and rearranged easily, depending on what material they are made from.

One thing to keep in mind aesthetically is varying the height of your seating options so that the way your deck looks is not too uniform. Remember that some chairs are collapsible for easy removal!

This can be accomplished by mixing up the style of the chair while keeping the coloration similar. For example, a couple of fancy hanging chairs can pair fine with plastic deck chairs, as long as they are the same colour.

Couches are another excellent seating option; they work just as well in an outdoor space as in your living room! Couches and even outdoor loveseats come in all shapes and sizes, so be sure to pay attention to how they combine visually with other items like chairs.

Some opt for couches with a sharp, modern feel, but one way to make the wilderness feel safer right on your deck is to find couches that are rounder. You can even hang couches from a deck with a roof if you so choose!


Once you have seating in place, getting a table or two is always a good idea. Remember that on hot summer days, your visitors will be glad to have somewhere to set their beverages. Plus, who doesn’t love a nice picnic on the deck?

Tables can, of course, come in all shapes and sizes. Do not be too restricted to the classic picnic table. Sometimes, an outdoor coffee table or end table can work just as well for deck space. 

One thing to remember about tables is the possible inconveniences weather might pose. Unlike a nice indoor dining room, a deck table is more likely to be knocked over by the wind. Try to find tables with a sturdy build or a low height rather than choosing those with thin legs.


Decorative pieces can really bring a deck or patio space together! Flower pots and lighting are nice ways to make the great outdoors feel close to home. However, we have a few more fun options for you!

One example of a useful and creative outdoor decoration is a mirror. This may seem like the best accessory for a bedroom or bathroom, but they can really open up more enclosed deck space, too! 

Just be sure to clean them properly. Otherwise, you may find that the weather has left you with a dingy addition to your space.

Pillows can tie together some of those varying seating options. They not only make guests more comfortable when sitting outside, but they add a homey feeling to the great outdoors. Just be sure to keep all fabric items a safe distance from fire pitsOpens in a new tab..

Lighting is practical, especially when one wants to spend time listening to the sounds of nature at night on the deck! However, light fixtures can also be a fun way to spice up deck space. 

Some like to go for strings of lights, which can give your deck a zany carnival feel, or bunches of fairy lights for a prettier look. However, you can hang outdoor chandeliers and pendant lights from certain decks just as nicely as you might indoors! Just remember that bugs love light, too.

Altogether, deck furniture is a great way to make your deck feel like a stylish extension of your indoor home.

Beneficial Deck Furniture Materials

Now that the various types of deck furniture have been discussed, it is time to go over what materials to look for in a deck set. Of course, the excited deck planner may be tempted to focus on looks. 

It is important to remember that a deck is an outdoor space. As beautiful as your ideal hanging couch or fancy table may look, if they aren’t constructed from the best materials, they could wind up being a costly piece to keep, thanks to the weather.

All materials have their benefits and their downsides. Knowing the facts will benefit any furniture owner in the long run. Below, we’ll go over the pros and cons of furniture materialsOpens in a new tab.!


Wood furniture has the benefit of making your outdoor area mesh with the background of nature visually. However, if you have an outdoor fireplace or your home is near harmful insects, wood might be more trouble than it is worth. 

Let’s look at the different types of wood deck furniture that can be constructed from!

The first and most popular type of wood we’ll examine is teak wood. A teak piece of furniture is great to have on your deck because it is a strong wood. It will not crack or warp, thanks to changes in weather. However, teak is costly as exotic wood. Needing to be imported. On the flip side, its durability is excellent compared to many other woods.

chairs on a wood deck

Shorea, on the other hand, is even stronger than teak. It is also heavier, which is great for windy decks! One of the most fascinating things about shorea furniture is that heat actually makes it stronger and more flexible. Still, it needs to be oiled regularly, or its colour fades to gray.

Another great option for outdoor furniture materialOpens in a new tab. are those made from eucalyptus wood. Eucalyptus is cheaper than both teak wood and shorea wood. It doesn’t wear down or rot easily, but it is susceptible to insect damage and cracking if it is not sealed properly.

One lovely wood furniture option from South America is ipe wood, which is also called ironwood. Deck owners admire Ipe for its beautiful colour which does not easily fade. Ipe furniture pieces can last up to forty years, but they are difficult to make and harder to find.

A non-exotic wood furniture option is cedar.Opens in a new tab. There are many benefits of exotic woods like resistance to decay, insects and durability. It can also be left to grey or stained to keep it natural beauty. Cedar also has the advantage of a lower price tag. Allowing you to enjoy your deck for less.

On the other hand, the last type of wood we’ll cover for deck furniture is relatively easy to find! This is white oak wood. White oak is also long-lasting, like ipe, and it can repel water. A con for white oak would be that it must be painted or sealed if you want to keep it from rotting. Its colour is also prone to fading.

Overall, wood is an excellent choice when it comes to selecting materials for your deck furniture. Just be sure to stay aware of the different types of wood and their benefits as well as their weaknesses to be sure the kind you select works best for your deck.


In addition to wood, metal is an attractive choice for some deck furniture options. It has the benefit of giving the space a modern or strong look. Unfortunately, metal has it’s own drawbacks. Let’s dive deeper into what kinds of metal deck furniture there are, and what pros and cons each has to offer.

Stainless Steel is the first option, especially since it has the benefit of matching with other outdoor items like some high-end grills. Stainless steel is strong and can hold plenty of weight, whether it’s a couch or a table. It is also resistant to dents and hard knocks and can handle extreme cold and heat. One of the best benefits of stainless steel is its rust resistance!

However, stainless steel is costly. It also tends to hang on to any heat from the sun or fires, which can lead to injury if the deck visitors aren’t careful.

Aluminum is another wonderful furnishing material option, as well as slightly cheaper. It is lightweight without losing its strength or durability. Unfortunately, most aluminum furniture features hollow tube construction and can be knocked over by the wind.

Wrought iron is the final choice for metal furniture materials. It is rustic, strong, and not prone to getting dented or pushed around in rough weather. Still, wrought iron furniture rusts very easily and can be a little uncomfortable, even though it looks cool.

Resin or Plastic

The last and sometimes most easily accessible type of furniture material is resin and plastic. Often used to replace natural wicker furniture. They are lightweight, flexible, and don’t fade easily. And overall last longer than natural materials on your deck.  

Synthetic resin, for example, has been called “all-weather wicker.” It is weather-resistant, thanks to the chemicals used to seal it. However, the very thing that makes synthetic resin furniture easy to move also leaves it prone to heavy winds.

On the other hand, Recycled Plastic is an environment-friendly option that does not crack or peel and is more durable than the synthetic version.

Be sure to check and make sure that plastic or resin furniture matches the needs specific to your deck space!


I don’t want to be remiss and not mention composite deck furniture. Since I spend so much time researching, building and writing about composite decking, it just seems right also to mention composite deck furniture.

The biggest appeal of composite deck furniture is the same as the decking underneath it. I am sure it works on wood decking but is a perfect match for low-maintenance, durable composite decking.

Composite furniture is made from High-density polyethylene (HDPE)Opens in a new tab. or Poly Lumber. Often made from recycled plastic. Minimizing their environmental impact while providing years of comfort and enjoyment.

Of course, some of the major decking companies also sell composite deck furniture. Brands like Trex and Fiberon come to mind. One of the advantages of buying from these brands is the warranty. Fiberon in particular, at the time of writing, has one of the longest composite furniture warranties in the business.

Which makes sense. Fiberon also has one of the longest, best warranties for composite deckingOpens in a new tab..

Conclusion of Types of Deck Furniture

The best deck furniture is the kind that looks good, inviting visitors to come outside and sit a spell. But it also takes into account what furniture lasts in the weather without being an uncomfortable place to hang out. After perusing these options, you will be ready to put together the perfect set of furniture that is good for the deck!

Ryan Nickel

A Red Seal carpenter, passionate about building decks to be enjoyed.

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