What Kind Of Patio Furniture Is The Most Weather Resistant?

Durability is a vital factor to take into consideration whenever you are purchasing outdoor or patio furniture.

You will need to consider durability and how this impacts the overall longevity of patio furniture.

What Kind Of Patio Furniture Is The Most Weather Resistant

This specific type of furniture can be negatively impacted by the weather in regard to its overall lifespan and durability. 

In order to construct patio tables and frames, you will need to use a variety of metals and hardwoods like wrought iron and teak.

Synthetic fabrics like olefin or acrylic should also be used in the making of patio furniture. The overall durability and suitability of these materials is dependent on the climate where you live. 

If you are seeking to purchase patio furniture that is weather resistant and durable, then this article will outline everything that you need to know before making your purchase. 

How Weather Impacts Deck Furniture

There are 3 elements of weather which can impact patio furniture the most, Sun, Rain and Wind. Each having a different impact on the furniture.

Impact of Sun on Deck Furniture

The sun’s UV rays can warp and twist planks of tables or chairs.

The sun’s heat will dry out the material which can cause it to crack and weaken it. Making the once strong chair leg fragile and possibly collapsing when you sit down.

Not instant but over time many furniture pieces’ colour will fade. Once vibrant colours losing their lustre. Or even changing entirely.

The sun’s warmth draws us outdoors but our furniture must be able to resist its rays.

Rain and Waters Damaging Patio Furniture

Water the essential for life but also can spell disaster for the wrong patio furniture. Frequent rains can make metal joints rust from the moisture. In conjunction with the sun’s, heat water will often warp wood. From table tops or planks of a chair seat.

Along with direct damage to the furniture, moisture can cause mould to grow on the shade side of furniture. Especially fabric pillows.

Furniture that doesn’t absorb water will always fair better outdoors.

Wind Breaking Outdoor Furniture

Depending on how windy your area is, but a wind gust can knock furniture off the deck breaking it. But even in calmer areas, the wind can tip chairs or tables over. Which can be particularly bad with glass tops cracking on concrete patios.

The simplest solution beyond tieing everything down is buying heavier furniture which is less likely to be moved by the wind.

How To Find The Most Weather Resistant Types Of Patio Furniture

When choosing which furniture to purchase for your patio, you will need to ensure that it is highly durable and able to last for a long period of time.

Otherwise, you will waste your money on furniture that is ruined during a tumultuous period of weather.

While there are many materials to select from, the overall suitability of these varies depending on the climate where you live.

Some materials are far better suited to climates that have a more intense humidity, whilst others will be better suited for scorching temperatures. 

Ultimately, this means that you will need to understand the climate prior to making any decisions or purchases.

Whenever you are choosing patio furniture, you will need to consider the materials that make the rests, tabletops, and frames.

These critical materials form the basis for your furniture, ensuring that it remains sturdy and safe to use. Secondly, you will need to consider the fabrics that make the slings, pillows, and upholstery that are present within the patio furniture.

By carefully selecting the fabrics that are used, you can ensure that your patio furniture remains weather resistant. 

Your Guide To Weather Resistant Patio Furniture Materials 

When selecting patio furniture, homeowners should carefully asses the materials that are used to make the tabletops, rests, and frames.

Each material that I have outlined below will assess its suitability for a variety of weather conditions. By choosing materials that are best suited to the climate in your region, you will ensure that your furniture remains sturdy and continues to look great!



Wood is a naturally aesthetically-pleasing material that makes the perfect choice for patio furniture.

Usually, hardwoods are the best choice for this form of furniture, as they are better suited to resisting any weather-related damages that can be permanent.

Teak is also one of the most popular choices for wooden material and is often used to make patio furniture.

This is because teak is a notably strong material, which inherently prevents it from warping over a period of time. Teak is also low-maintenance and highly resistant to rotting and insects.

Thus, it is the most suitable material to use for patio furnitureOpens in a new tab. in the vast majority of climates. It can withstand the sun and snowfall!!

Alternative forms of wood that are used include Oak, Ice hardwoods, and Shorea, however, these require far more maintenance and care than teak. 

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is a wonderful choice of material for constructing patio furniture. This is because the high-density nature of this material ensures that it remains resistant to damages and dents.

Adding a powder coating on to your steel furniture will also ensure that there is an added layer of protection provided.

This drastically increases the overall durability of the furniture itself. This form of material is also highly rust-resistant, as well as being impervious to wind damage. 

The higher the amount of chromium contained within the steelOpens in a new tab., the more resistant it remains to weather corrosion.

When compared to other forms of metal, stainless steel is also better able to endure extreme weather changes. This makes it a great choice for homeowners who live in hotter, more windy climates. 

A downside of stainless steel furniture is price which leads us to a cheaper metal furniture option.


This is one of the most sturdy metals that are used to construct patio furniture. Irrespective of how lightweight it is, it is highly durable.

This type of furniture comes in many inspiring visual designs. It is highly resistant to weather changes, and a coating of polyester powder drastically increases the overall durability of this material. 

A further benefit of adding polyester powder to this form of furniture is that it helps to retain the overall coloration of the furniture.

For homes within coastal areas, this is the best form of material to use. It is resistant to corrosive environments with salty air. It is also a notably inexpensive form of material to use. 

Aluminum weight is great for moving furniture around. Being light and easy to lift.

But the same is true for wind. Aluminium furniture can easily be tossed by the wind.

Good for water, not so much wind. As a bonus aluminum doesn’t get as hot in the sun keeping them cool regardless of how hot the sun is.

Wrought Iron

Wrought iron is a highly popular choice of material to use for patio furniture due to its sheer strength. It is also one of the heavier forms of material to use for patio furniture.

While this means that it can be harder to transport and rearrange, it is the perfect form of material to use for those who are located in places that experience high winds or hurricanes. 

Wrought iron is ideal for patio use due to its thermal qualities. However, without properly maintaining your patio furniture, it will become rusted very easily.

For those who live in coastal locations, you should not consider purchasing patio furniture that is made from wrought iron, as the salty air will cause rust to form far more easily. 

High-Density Poly Ethylene (Poly Lumber)

A newer material option for patio furniture High-Density Poly Ethylene (HDPEOpens in a new tab.), brings many strengths to outdoor furniture.

Yes, it’s plastic, but much more durable than cheap plastic injected mould plastic.

Most HDPE furniture has additives to resistance to UV damage. Helping to keep the furniture colour and reduce material break down in the sun.

It does not absorb water minimizing the impact of rain.

It is a heavier furniture material. Which is both a blessing and a curse.

Blessing in staying put on your deck even when it’s windy outside. A curse in making it harder to move around. Increasing the potential to scratch your decking, in particular composite decking.


To conclude, there are many materials that makeup patio furniture. In order to purchase patio furniture that consists of the most durable material, you should consider your location and the surrounding climate prior to making any purchases. 

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