What Size Patio Umbrella Do I Need?

It can be a struggle trying to find the perfect anything when it comes to your home because there is such a range of options on the market.

When thinking about what type of umbrella you will need, you need to think about size, style and colour and also the space you have to fill.

There are wide ranges of umbrella sizes available but what you need to think about is what you are also trying to shade, a table, an outdoor sofa or something larger.

What size patio umbrella do I need?

This guide will be finding the best-sized patio umbrellas for you depending on what that patio or deck of yours looks like. There is always something for everyone and we are here to find it.

Here is a quick reference for ideal umbrella sizes for your deck or patio.

Deck Area or UseRecommended Umbrella Size
2-seater bistro6 feet Table Umbrella
4-Seater Table7 Feet Table Umbrella
6-Seater Table9 feet Table Umbrella
14-seater Table11 Cantilever Umbrella
Loungers9 to 11 Cantilever Umbrella

Before you rush out and buy an umbrella for your deck or patio, scan down at the explanation for your seating arrangement.

Smaller Setting

We are going to start off with the small end of the spectrum with the 2-seater bistro style. This is a great area to either relax in or enjoy your partner or friends’ company.

This smaller setting also allows for a cute small space to have dinner outside on hot evenings and does not take up too much room.

For this style of outdoor seating, you would need an umbrella to match the space and not take up too much room or too much of the sun. An umbrella that is about 6 feet would be perfect for this type of table area.

Areas Where You Have Loungers

Not every deck will have loungers but for the ones that do, you might be looking for the perfect size umbrella to shade you from any direct sunlight if you have a sun-trapped backyard.

The recommended type of umbrella for this space would be a cantilever which is an umbrella that does not need to slot in anything as it has its only support and a stand.

Hanging over you provides the ideal shade all day. With easy adjustment and movement from the pole off to the side of the deck.

Most cantilever umbrellas are quite large compared to other patioOpens in a new tab. umbrellas, the average is between 9 and 11 feet.

Regular 4-Seater Table

If you have a four-seater table, this is a very common type of table that most people will have on their patios. However, many people tend to get the size of the umbrella wrong.

On many people’s decks, the umbrellas tend to be unproportionate to the tables.

The correct size of umbrella you are looking for is slightly bigger than the last reaching 7 feet. This will be the perfect amount of shade from the sun and will protect all 4 people sitting at the table.

Larger Options

There are several options for larger tables available for your deck for people who enjoy deck parties with many friends enjoying a bbq or dinner. Therefore, you also need decent-sized umbrellas to fit these larger areas.

6 Seater Tables

For this type of medium to large size area, it can be either table and sofa areas that can fit up to 6 people, it will need a medium size umbrella that goes up to 9 feet.

You are looking for an ideal amount of cover and shade for everyone and this amount will cover up to 56 square feet of space.

Up To 14 Seaters

for this type of dining area, you won’t be looking at the same types of umbrellas because they need to cover more room.

You will be looking at an 11-foot umbrella or even a canopy for this size might do the job better.

A canopy would also be a very aesthetically pleasing look for most people on their garden patios.

Another reason for this option would be because of stability. You need the canopy or umbrella to have weight and balance due to big gusts of wind that could affect the stability.

What size patio umbrella do I need

Umbrella Choice Tips

Apart from size, it is also important to look at the types of materials that are available in those sizes.

If you are looking for options that offer more protection from the UV rays, you should take a look at Sunbrella which has great fade resistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can A Patio Umbrella Be Too Big?

If it’s too big it will overwhelm the area and look out of proportion. If it’s too small it simply won’t get the job done.

So before you make a purchase, take another look at the area where your patio umbrella will be going and the furniture you’re using it with.

How Can I Shade a Large Deck Area?

For a large deck or patio area, you will need a more permanent solution.

A pergola is a classic solution with added aesthetics for your backyard oasis.

If you have tall, strong poles around the perimeter of your deck, a sun shade is a very economical option that can shade a large spot. The drawback is you don’t want to leave it out year around because it doubles as a wind sail and will blow away or get ripped.

What Colour Patio Umbrella Is Best For Sun Protection?

Clothing studies say that around 10 percent of UV rays get through black and vivid colours, but up to 20 percent penetrate pastels or whites. Double the rays.

Black is the best umbrella colour for UV protection, and the thicker and more tightly woven the fabric, the better.


Overall, choosing the size of your umbrella on your deck is not actually the easiest decision.

There are different factors that you need to keep in mind like the size of your table, the shape of your table, and how many people need to be protected with it.

It’s also really important to take into account lounging areas as well as dining areas outsideOpens in a new tab.. You will need a different option for lounging areas because they don’t have areas for poles to go into.

Hopefully, this guide has given you a good insight about the size of different umbrellas on the market and which one would be the best option for your patio.

You need to look at the space you have and determine and picture which one would look better and also feel better for everyone who is there.

It is all down to what you think and which one is going to do the job and is not always about how aesthetically pleasing it is. However, this would be nice for most people too. Then you can focus on style and colour.

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