Which Outdoor Furniture Brand is Better? Polywood or Durawood

It can be overwhelming for the consumer to choose yard furniture which seemingly looks identical from brand to brand.

Do lines or curves matter when choosing a dining set? You’d be surprised. We looked into two of the leading HDPE brandsOpens in a new tab. and made a comparison to make your purchase choices that little bit easier.

To cut straight to the answer about comparing the two brands.

DuraWeather Poly is harder to purchase with fewer retailers selling it. Along with fewer colours and style options, however, they do discount bulk purchases.

POLYWOOD has everything, from small space collections to the most luxurious pieces in the PW Designer Collection. Along with many more options for where to purchase.

Read on to better understand these two brands of outdoor furniture. Because there are many more nuances about these two companies than the two paragraphs above suggest.

Polywood vs Durawood Comparison of Poly Furniture Brands

The Company/Brand

The two brands of polywood furniture we will be comparing are Polywood and Duraweather.

Before we compare furniture a short introduction to each company would be helpful. Know who you are purchasing from not just what you are purchasing.

But before we do that, let’s clear the air a little.

Polywood is both a company and a material. Furniture made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE) will often be called polywood but it is also a brand.

Similar to kleenex or Trex. How many tissues have we called kleenex, but are not? Or you decided to build a low-maintenance deck, so ask the deck builder the cost of a Trex deck when in fact composite decking was our goal, but the brand that dominates comes to mind.

Now that we clear that up let’s start with who Polywood is, or as they call it, Genuine Polywood.

Genuine POLYWOOD the Company

In 1990 they created their first outdoor furniture made from recycled plastic. Mostly milk and laundry jugs. Which is still their source for most of the raw recycled material used in their furniture.

“Let’s do something meaningful for future generations.”

Doug Rassi, Co-Founder & CEOOpens in a new tab.

Which after 30 years still drives Polywood. making something good for people that will make the world a better place by reducing waste and creating lasting, durable products to be enjoyed.

Based out of Syracuse, Indiana where they still do a large part of their local recycling and manufacturing of all-weather furniture. But as demand grew they also expanded to North Carolina to keep up with demand and continue to trash into treasure.

With many styles of patio furniture, classic, sleek, or modern designs for every taste. So much so that their maiden chair, the Adirondack. Now has 16 different styles to choose from.

So much for one size fits all. Polywood as a brand has grown.

Creating furniture for every lifestyle, their promise is to build furniture that lasts. Their original mission remains: to do something meaningful for future generations.

The DuraWeather Poly Company

DuraWeather PolyOpens in a new tab. is manufactured across three states of the US. The furniture is composed of 95% high-density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic, as well as 5% UV inhibitors and protecting agents.

“There Is No Place Like Home”    

Neil L. Mator CEO & Founder 

This means outdoor chairs and tables are built to last without the need to maintain them. Powder coat painted 316 marine grade stainless steel finishes the hardware of every product.

As you may have guessed, Duraweather is really focussed on using durable materials for their furniture is durable. Built for the long run, of years of enjoyment.

DuraWeather Poly’s Headquarters are located in Las Vegas, Nevada. Their three manufacturing plants are located in Iowa, Ohio, and Wisconsin

Comparison Of Patio Furniture


POLYWOOD stocks 4 main collections of outdoor furniture and within those, a mass of sub-collections.

Transitional Collections

The Transitional Collections bring the relaxation and casual lounging of a coastal vacation into the backyard, with thirteen options to choose from.

Take the Palm Coast Collection: the bold colours combine with traditional Adirondack furniture to take you right back to the beach.

Think thick slats and Aruba Blue chilling around the Farmhouse Bar Set, or lounging around the Crimson Red Fire Pit Table.

La Casa Cafe is POLYWOOD’s charming collection, providing Bar and Dining options in a choice of thirteen colours. The designs are simple and elegant, with smooth lines and features such as trestle legs.

The Wave Collection really is unique and available in fourteen POLYWOOD colour options.

The Ocean Chair features a sleek wave cut into the back, with the Wave Chairs boasting thick armrests and contoured curves mimicking a low ocean tide.

As with other Transitional Collections, there is the option to go understated in Mahogany, Sand, or Slate Grey, or chill on patio furniture reminiscent of tropical beach bars with the likes of Tangerine, Lime, or Sunset Red.

The Prescott Collection is more luxurious – the type of furniture found in exclusive beach clubs or lake clubhouses.

There are deep-seated chairs, rocking chairs, and swivel chairs with fabric cushions available in fourteen understated colours, such as Grey Mist and Ash Charcoal, as well as seven traditional POLYWOOD shades.

The Club, Lakeside, Braxton, and Harbour Collections boast similar conservative styles.

Classic Collections

The Classic Collections take you back to country living. POLYWOOD offers nine sub-collections.

The Chippendale Collection is inspired by the 18th-century style, making use of fine lines, intricate detailing, and silhouettes.

It is available in seven POLYWOOD colour options including the warm and welcoming Teak. Counter Arm Chairs provide height, while the 48” Glider adds elegance to your outdoor space.

The Vineyard Collection transports you to rolling hills of wineries. Featuring a sleek and charming design, this collection can be dressed up with the likes of seat cushions to adhere to any outdoor requirements.

This collection takes things up a notch with porch swings, rocking chairs, and ottomans to make the best use of spaces that entertain.

The Country Living Collection slows the pace down by marrying front porch lounging with elegant curves and lines, in up to twelve POLYWOOD colours.

There are options to go traditional with greys and wood-like browns, or bold with Pacific Blue.

Unique features include the iconic flower back design and contoured shapes for ultimate comfort and luxury.

One of the most distinguished collections from POLYWOOD is the Mission Collection, which intertwines craftsmanship and beauty.

Sharp lines and thick panelling feature throughout this yard furniture to highlight POLYWOOD’s ability to mimic natural wood.

With up to 40 fabric colours to choose from, clients can create a bespoke furniture collection by adding gorgeous plain, Trellis-patterned, or Cabana Stripes to the deep-seated cushions of their Sofas, Love Seats, or Chairs.

Another collection unique to POLYWOOD is the Long Island Collection, noticeably inspired by the original Northeast Adirondack, with a modern twist.

Dining furniture and Chaise options take you straight up to the shoreline. Long Island is one of POLYWOOD’s more extensive collections, with products for a variety of outdoor spaces and the company’s signature irresistible colour options.

The Traditional Garden collection is timeless and elegant. It provides more than just seating and dining: Benches and Planters are added extras to an outdoor space.

Homeowners can choose from 7 of POLYWOOD’s signature colours.

The Signature, Classic Adirondack, and Rocking Chairs Collections all adhere to the traditional feel of natural wood products, with comfort and versatility at the forefront.

Modern Collections

POLYWOOD’s Modern Collections focus hugely on shapes that stun the eye and are perfect for patios and pools.

The Modern Adirondack Collection pairs sleek, sharp lines with contours moulded to relax back into.

Seats are spacious and curved back. Each piece is available in up to fourteen of POLYWOOD’s shades. Choose from anything between a Swivel Bar Chair and a 4-Piece Conversation Set.

The EDGE Collection has been designed with your bespoke space in mind. There are options for a tight balcony or a large pool area.

Armless Chairs and Modular Ottomans can be pieced together so that comfort in an outdoor environment is ultimately stylish.

There are a massive 40 fabric options to choose from so that you can entertain in a truly one-of-a-kind setting.

The Riviera Collection features a modern aesthetic unique to POLYWOOD’s brand.

Clients are spoiled for choice with their 40 fabric options and up to seven of POLYWOOD’s bespoke frame options: frames that are sleek, angular, and completely contemporary.

POLYWOOD’s Quattro Collection provides the brand’s most casual and modern pieces. Sleek, clean lines merge with the grain pattern of natural wood with a plethora of products to choose from.

Entertain around a Farmhouse Dining Set, make your bar area pop with Bar Stools, add some signature Rocking Chairs next to the pool, or make use of Quattro’s convenient Folding Adirondacks to your small porch area.

The Quattro Collection is available in up to 15 of POLYWOOD’s colours, including Black, Green, and Lemon.

PW Designer Series

The Designer Series, featuring the three sub-collections Latitude, Elevate, and Estate, takes outdoor living to the next level.

Products are hugely contemporary, clean-cut, and perfectly placed within a showhome. The PW Designer series has the same POLYWOOD mindset: to be a zero-waste manufacturer.

The Latitude collection uses crisp, horizontal lines, thick panelling, and luxurious cushioning for ultimate comfort.

The products are striking and angular. Lounge, dine, or entertain with furniture fit for the most stylish of Mediterranean villas.

Stunning around pools and available in a limited amount of colours: Vintage Sahara, Vintage Coffee, and Vintage White.

The Elevate collection is minimalist but bold. The low profiles and platform bases make the furniture appear to mould into the setting.

The beautiful wood grain feature really highlights the capabilities of POLYWOOD’s technologies.

Lounge on options ranging from small to extra large, or dine with up to nine friends. Again, colour choices are minimal but classic.

POLYWOOD’s Estate Collection offers timeless elegance and beauty, with curvature and clean lines.

Wooden grain is again mimicked in these products, providing the client with easy-to-maintain, traditional pieces which last.

Design your own bespoke furniture set, choosing from Love Seats, Ottomans, or Sofas, customizable with 14 fabric colours such as understated Weathered Tweed or the bolder Crimson Linen.

The Estate Collection also boats dining sets that can be dressed up or down.

Polywood vs Durawood Comparison of Poly Furniture Brands

DuraWeather Poly

DuraWeather Poly’s outdoor furniture spans 3 main collections, up to 20 colour combinations, and ranges of Adirondacks, Gliders, Rockers, Swings, Dining, Lounge, Bar, and Counters.

Unique to DuraWeather Poly’s products are built-in and collapsible drink holders for the ultimate comfort.

Plantation Collection

DuraWeather Poly’s Plantation Collection features an extensive range of products, including Counter Height Adirondacks, Oval Dining Sets with Swivel Chairs, and Bar Height Swivel Chairs.

The combination of solid lines, curvature, and eye-catching colour set this collection apart from the rest.

Amongst many others, Turf Green, Patriot Blue, and Cherrywood are some of the conversation-starter colours to choose from. A perfect collection for a quirky pool or front porch setting.

Lakeside Collection

The Lakeside Collection is a great option for clients with smaller outdoor spaces. No cushions are needed for these comfortable additions!

They transform a backyard into a lakeside clubhouse or exotic chilled-out beach bar, with neat slats and clean curves.

There are many colours to choose from; Caribbean Blue, Ruby Red, and Driftwood Grey are just some of the options: family and friends will be envious.

Choose from Porch Rockers, Dining Table Sets, and the convenient Counter Height Tete-a-Tete to make the best use of outdoor space.

Signature Collection

The Signature Collection features exclusive smooth wood grain poly resin, so it looks and even feels like the real deal: natural wood elements with no need to maintain them.

The King Size Adirondack Chairs come with the option of built-in cup holders.

Choose from carefully thought out colour combinations such as Antique Mahogany on Chocolate Brown with Black Accents, or Driftwood Grey on Charcoal Grey with White Accents, which mimic natural wooden tones.


POLYWOOD offers 20-year limited residential warranties and 3-year commercial warranties on their products.

Under regular use, POLYWOOD promises that their furniture will be free from material defects including rust, peeling, cracking, or damage from insect infestation.

Welds, joints, and hardware are covered for residential use for up to five years. Cushions are warranted to be free from defects for thirty days from the date of purchase.

DuraWood Poly offers 20-year limited residential warranties and 5-year commercial warranties. Normal wear and tear, chipping, or scratching of the HDPE is not covered by their warranties.

Stainless steel fasteners are covered against structural failure for up to five years. Fabric is warranted against fading for between one and five years, depending on the material.

DuraWood Poly claim their 316 marine grade stainless hardware will not rust, however, it is not covered against corrosion.

POLYWOOD also claim that their hardware is marine grade. Both brands offer furniture that survives all seasons and a range of climates.

Furniture from both POLYWOOD and DuraWood Poly can be left outside all year without the need for maintenance – only regular cleaning.


In general, DuraWood Poly comes in slightly more expensive. POLYWOOD’s Classic Folding Adirondack Chairs, direct from POLYWOOD, cost $239 in standard Black or Slate Grey colour options, with the choice to choose other colors for $20-30 more.

In comparison, DuraWood Poly’s King Size Folding Adirondack Chairs direct from their website cost $329. However, this includes their unique collapsible cup holders.

DuraWood Poly also offers the option to buy in bulk for a cheaper cost per item. POLYWOOD, though, features a more extensive selection of products to choose from.

POLYWOOD’s Designer Series has the highest price point of all products.



POLYWOOD is available direct from the supplier at Polywood.comOpens in a new tab..

Wayfair.com offers a substantial amount of POLYWOOD products including Kids’ Outdoor Benches and Activity Tables and when comparing pricing, Wayfair matches the cost of POLYWOOD’s direct website.

WayfairOpens in a new tab. also gives the customer the choice to pay an extra supplement for particular colours of furniture.

POLYWOOD is stocked on amazon.comOpens in a new tab.. Here there are extensive colour options and significant discounts on some products.

Lowes is another stockist of POLYWOOD, available to order online at lowes.com for delivery or pick-up.

Target.comOpens in a new tab. also gives you the option to order online.

Other online stockists include

There are various showrooms throughout the United States. Visit polywood.com/showrooms to find your nearest stockist.

As you can see there are a lot of options for buying Polywood outdoor furniture.

DuraWeather Poly

The availability of DuraWeather Poly is more limited. Products are available to buy directly from the supplier at duraweather.comOpens in a new tab..

Amazon.com are also a stockist of DuraWeather Poly. The pricing is similar to that of the direct suppliers, however, bulk discounts are not as readily available and the product availability is not so extensive.

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