About Us

Welcome to decksbye3.com, where we provide insights and advice about building the best decks for your outdoor living space!

We believe that a well-built deck can be a great source of joy and relaxation in your backyard. Our mission is to help you create an outdoor paradise that can be enjoyed for years to come. This includes aspects of deck construction, from materials selection (composite, PVC, wood) along with design considerations.

With years of experience in deck building and construction, our team has researched, used and tested materials, practises and tips that will help you to build the perfect deck for your home.

Decks that can be enjoyed.

Building Decks of Value to be Enjoyed

If you’ve ever browsed through Pinterest or Houzz, you are sure to have come across drool-worthy decks! These outdoor masterpieces often feature decorative inlays, borders, curves and angles that create a unique look. Not to mention the elegant railings, pergolas, trellises and privacy walls which can add additional style. Deck design is truly an art form – one that never ceases to amaze and delight viewers!

“Design and build with the end in mind”

I love the beauty of a well-designed deck. However, its use excites me even more.

Every deck should be attractive, but more importantly, it should be enjoyed.

I envision burgers being grilled on your deck, laughter shared with friends and family, and hearts calmed as one relaxes in your outdoor oasis.

Not just an eye-catching feature of your yard, increasing the value of your home. But providing a place for relaxation and relaxation that money can’t buy.

Used for;

  • Eating
  • Relaxing
  • Entertaining

To make the most of your off time, it’s essential to design a deck that requires minimal upkeep. Composite, PVC and aluminum materials are perfect for this, yet sometimes nothing beats a simple and budget-friendly 5/4 pressure-treated lumber deck.

A place for grilling or just taking it easy after a long day.

Your own oasis in this world of chaos.

A Deck Helping You Spend Time Outdoors

Of all the things you can build and do at your home, decks are unique. Unique in that they are neither in the yard nor in the house but are both.

Providing the comfort and convenience of being indoors while giving you access to all the pleasure of being outdoors. Enjoy soaking up the sun and the pleasure of nature in your own backyard!

Meet the Team Making This All Possible

This, of course, is a tall order requiring people to make a reality. People with a passion for decks and experience in building them.

Our team has years of experience in designing and building decks, along with researching.

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