About Us

Hi! I am Ryan Nickel – the owner and operator of E3 Construction and this website. Both E3 Construction and this website allow me to do three things that I love, building things, spending time outdoors and sharing what I have learned with others.

I have had the privilege of calling Calgary my home since 2001 while helping to build this city for many of those years. “Literally,” as my oldest daughter would say. Wearing a tool belt and swinging a hammer here for most of those years. From framing houses, developing basements to building decks, all to improve people’s homes.

In the last few years, my focus has narrowed to decks, which I build for some of the same reason you enjoy them. To spend time outdoors, soaking up the sun, escaping from the craziness around us and to destress. I guess I can’t entirely do that while you are waiting to set up your deck chairs, but it is my happy place, and I hope that your deck is yours.

Building Decks of Value to be Used

Spend any time on Pinterest or Houzz, and you will see many amazing decks out there. Decks with inserts, borders, directional changes, elaborate railing, pergolas, trellis, privacy walls and works of art. Pleasant to the eyes in so many ways.

“Design and build with the end in mind”

While I enjoy the beauty of a well-designed deck, how it is used drives me more. I want every deck to look good, but even more, I want it to be used. I want to know that for years burgers will be grilled; laughter will be shared, and hearts will be calmed on your deck. Yes, a masterpiece increases the value of your home, the centrepiece of your yard.  But even more, a deck is a place to unwind and enjoy. A good deck, is one that is well used.

  • Eating
  • Relaxing
  • Entertaining

But to do that a deck must be designed to enhance our time outside. While not adding to our to-do list, by keeping maintenance to a minimum. Often this means using low maintenance material like composite decking and aluminum railing. Other times a simple wooded deck of 5/4 pressure-treated decking is exactly what gives your family a place to grill and unwind. Whichever it is, decks are best if used.

A Deck Helping You Spend Time Outdoors

Of all the things you can build and do at your home, decks are unique. Unique in that they are neither in the yard or in the house but are both. Providing the convenience and functionality of a room in your house but still allowing you to soak up the sun and enjoy the outdoors.

A deck should not be so closed up and developed that you can not feel the breeze or hear the birds sing. Nor so rustic that it is uncomfortable to relax, grill a steak or simply set up a chair. An ideal deck possesses both the comfort of your home along with the thrill and calming of the outdoors.

However and of whatever you build your deck of, let it be a place that blends the two. That it calls to you to enjoy a mini-vacation out your backdoor.  This is why I research and write, that you can build the right deck for you and then enjoy it for years.

Sharing and Learning About Decks

Despite being a Red Seal carpenter with many years building decks, I do not claim to know everything about decks; in fact, the more I learn, the more I feel I know nothing. But researching, learning and sharing about decks, their functions and maintenance. This is what this site and blog are all about for me. A place to learn and share what I have learned.

Drawing from my time wearing a tool belt, I share what I have learned while still learning to build a better deck. Not always the Taj Mahal of decks but everyone that will be used and enjoyed.

Along with how your outdoor oasis can be further enhanced. Long after the last board has been cut a deck can be still be further enhanced with the right accessories. I am enjoying learning more about ensuring that your deck is built right and that your deck is always a place that you enjoy. With the right umbrella or cushion making your deck, your happy place. Sharing this too is part of this website what things will make your deck even better.