Deckorators (MBC) vs Armadillo

Comparing Deckorators Mineral Based Composite with Armadillo Wood Based Composite

When comparing Deckorators mineral base composite (MBC) decking boards with Armadillo, there are 5 key characteristics to consider.

  • Appearance
  • Slip Resistance
  • Price
  • Warranty
  • Durability

How does Deckorators and Armadillo decking compare?

Decorators has better slip resistance than Armadillo. But Armadillo is better priced costing you less than Deckorators.

But we will need to investigate more before concluding which composite decking is right for you.

Especially considering warranty, durability and appearance.

Comparing how much they differ from each other.

If it’s not a clear-cut answer, then what are my reasons for considering one better than the other? To see if you agree with my conclusion or if could they be understood differently? Or does my reason not matter for your deck?

A good example is appearance.

I have reasons why I think Deckoroators will look better on your deck, but you may not share my values of what makes a deck board look good.

So let’s get into it, starting with where Armadillo is better than Deckorators (MBC).

How is Armadillo Better than Deckorators Decking?

Of these five key performance matrices for evaluating decking, Armadillo is better than Deckorators for.

  • Price

Deckorators VS Armadillo for Price

When it comes to cost, Armadillo is a clear winner.

Building a deck with Armadillo composite decking will cost you less. Saving you hundreds if not thousands, on your deck.

How much? Does depend on size.

But Armadillo costs a mere $2.50 a lineal foot compared to Deckoroators (MBC) at $5.50.

For a 12′ x 12′ deck, 144 square feet of tranquillity.

Armadillo $780 vs Deckoroators $1716.

That almost a gran of cost savings. With that, you could buy a patio setOpens in a new tab. to enjoy on your deck.

The bigger the deck, the more money Armadillo will save you.

Unfortunately, price is the thing that Armadillo is better than Deckorators mineral-based-composite (MBC).

How is Deckorators Better than Armadillo Decking?

There are a few things like slip resistance, which Deckoroators (MBC) is clearly better than Armadillo.

And then a few more debatable like warranty and appearance. We will need to go into much more detail explaining the key differences between the two.

Deckorators vs Armadillo for Slip Resistance

Rain or shine, Deckorators will keep you on your feet better than Armadillo.

Deckorators (MBC) 0.73-0.74 0.66-0.69
Slip Resistance

This is where Deckorators (MBC) really shines, or should I say grip.

Deckororators (MBC) has one of the best slip resistance ratings among composite decking boards.Opens in a new tab.

Not thee best. Many PVC boards have better traction but are way better than the Canadian Construction Material Centre (CCMC) standard of 0.5.

The level of traction is even more obvious when compared to Armadillo.

3X more slip-resistant when dry.

37% better traction when wet.

The numbers speak for themselves.

If traction is a must. Choose Deckorators (MBC) over Armadillo.

Deckorators vs Armadillo for Warranty

Now, this is not such a clear winner. None have the best composite decking warranty.

  • Deckorators 25 years fade & stain, 50 years structural
  • Armadillo’s Lifestyle 25-year warranty

For fade and stain, we are tied.

Deckorators does have an advantage for structural. But really, who wants an ugly-looking deck?

They are both pro-rated.

Armadillo’s warranty has a slight advantage. 100% replacement for the first 10 years.

Where Deckorators’ warranty 100% replacement ends at year 6. And it doesn’t match again till year 23.

You may be asking why did I give the win to Deckorators?

Labour warranty.

Deckorators include a 25-year labour warranty. Yes, it’s pro-rated also, but at 10 years, they will cover 80% of the labour cost to replace the failed boards. Labour is a huge part of the cost of building a deck. Making this super valuable.

Yes, Armadillo also has a labour warranty, but it’s only 2 years.

25 is better than 2.

For this reason, Deckoroator’s warranty is better than Armadillo’s. But I will admit it’s a tight one. Depending on how much you have to pay someone to replace the boards.

Well, let’s jump into an even more controversial one.

Deckorators vs Armadillo for Appearance

As I already mention, appearance is so subjective that it is hard to compare brands.

So to start. Let’s ignore how the boards look for now and address colour options.

Armadillo has 2 collections with a total of 9 colours.

Deckorators (MBC) also has 2 collections, including 8 colours. If you add their unique 21′ dark slate picture frame board, you get a tie at 9 colours.

So no clear winner yet.

Because of Deckorators limit application of their dark slate board, which is only intended for picture framing. Technically, Armadillo has more colour options for your deck.

Now the appearance, texture and feel of those boards. They are not the same. Things like.

  • Wire-Brushed vs Cathedral Wood Grains
  • Hair Texture vs Deep Grain Embossing
  • Variation vs Consistent Colouring
  • Streaking over Solid Colour

All things that need to be considered. Go get yourself a sample in your hand. This is not a coin toss, but it will be subject to how you feel about it.

Deckorators vs Armadillo for Decking Core Performance

The heart of the matter is the decking core. We have two very different products.

Armadillo is a 50/50 blend of wood fibres and plastic. All 100% recycled material.

Decorators (MBC), like the name, says it’s composed of minerals and virgin polypropylene. So with a lower recycled content but the addition of minerals giving it some key advantages.

  • 34% better traction
  • 35% lighter than traditional composites
  • Virtually no thermal expansion or contraction
  • Warrantied for installation in the ground or water
  • Nothing for mould and fungi to grow on

The minerals do make it harder to cut compared to Armadillo. Still using standard woodworking tool, but it does not cut as easily and will need additional filling to finish the edges.

But virtual no expansion and contraction as the temperature rises and falls, opening up possibilities for unique decking patterns and inserts. Designs that cannot be done with Armadillo when allowing for expansion and contraction.

Plus, Deckorators can be installed near and in water and not void its warranty. This cannot be done with Armadillo.

Decking Profile

Both are designed for installation at 16″ on centre framing.

But Deckorators is a solid profile. a full 7/8″ of material under your feet.

Armadillo boards are all scalloped. With grooves of material removed from the underside of their 1″ thick deck boards.

Strength of Decking

Armadillo is amazingly durable in regard to compression.

CCMC tested showed it takes 8.1 Kn of force to push a 3/8″ ball into the decking. That’s over 1800 lbs of force.

If a rock gets stuck in your shoe treads, it will damage your deck less. As the decking takes significant pressure to indent.


When I started researching, I was hoping for a clear winner. You should install “brand” because it is clearly superior in so many ways.

But after comparing and evaluating Deckorators (MBC) with Armadillo, it’s not so clear.

Deckorators is better for traction, water and temperature change. The minerals are good for that.

Armadillo is better priced. making building a deck more affordable.

The tie-breakers are warranty and appearance. Which are hard to clearly call.

I favour Deckorators for these, but an argument can be made equally strong for Armadillo.

Hopefully, now that you know each one better, you can choose which one is best for you.

Whichever one you choose, I hope you enjoy grilling our lounging on your deck or maybe both.