Review of Bear Board Lumber Composite Decking

Evaluation of Bear Board Composite Decking

Bear Board Lumber composite decking provides an environmentally friendly alternative to hardwood decking that consists of a polyethylene mixture partially made with recycled plastics. Available in a range of colours, it is fade-resistant, pest-resistant, and mould-resistant.

Brief Introduction to Bear Board Lumber as a Company

Bear Board is a synthetic lumber company owned by Engineered Plastics Systems based out of Illinois. They manufacture lumber from a dense polyethylene compound made with minerals and recycled plastics. Their goal is to provide high-quality, long-lasting environmentally sustainable products.

What Is Bear Board Lumber Composite Decking Made of?

Bear Board composite decking is partially made from recycled plastics to reduce the impact of plastics residing in landfills. Additionally, Bear Board adds available minerals to their polyethylene compound to enhance the durability and stability of the synthetic lumber composition.

How Many Colours of Decking Does Bear Board Lumber Have?

Bear Board Lumber composite decking is available in a dozen vivid colours, including

  • cedar
  • putty
  • gray
  • chocolate brown
  • tan
  • black
  • anchor gray
  • green
  • weathered wood
  • redwood
  • harbor wood
  • white

The colour additives are not just on the surface of the lumber but also incorporated throughout to give it long-lasting vibrant colour. The range of colour options allows you to have a more natural stained wood look or a totally different appearance with colours like green or black.

The colour additives are also mixed with fade-resistant and ultraviolet protective materials to allow the vividness to last for years. Since the colour is consistent throughout the entire material of the lumber, any damage the composite decking may experience will not appear as obvious as it would a simple coated or painted composite.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Bear Board Lumber Composite Decking?

Bear Board composite decking has many benefits, including its guarantee of using materials not harvested from forests or other plant material. Partially recycled plastic is included in the polyethylene composition adding to the eco-friendly nature of the decking. It comes in a dozen different colours for a multitude of purchase options.

Minerals within the Bear Board composite decking help the lumber to avoid common warping due to expansion and contraction of the materials during extreme temperature conditions. Bear Board’s composite decking is mould and mildew resistant, termite resistant, and fade resistant.

It does not require any special tools to install, and maintenance of the decking consists of normal sweeping and washing like any other floor.

The disadvantage of using Bear Board composite decking is that the type of material used does not allow paints or stains to adhere to it, so you cannot customize the colour beyond the available pallet. Bear Board composite should also never be used near petroleum-based products as it could be dangerous and violate building health and safety codes.

How Long Is the Bear Board Lumber Warranty?

The Bear Board composite decking has an impressive 50-year warranty due to the durability of the plastic used in their decking. The decking should not break down like a naturally fibrous product would. The warranty protects the consumer against splitting, rotting, peeling, and cracking of the composite decking.

Noticeably missing is fade and stain resistance. Two things that many composite decking brandsOpens in a new tab. include in their warranty. Especially the larger, more reputable companies.

Review Summary of Bear Board Lumber Composite Decking

Bear Board composite decking is a polyethylene based lumber made from recycled plastic and fortified with select minerals. Manufactured to resist staining and the damaging affects of the sun’s UV. Plus resistant to mould, mildew, and termite due to the absence of wood. It is available in a dozen different vibrant colours and has a 50-year warranty backing its extreme durability.