Review of Cali Bamboo Composite Decking

Elvaluation of Cali composite decking

Cali Bamboo is a unique composite decking blend of bamboo fibres and recycled plastic. Cali’s composite decking offers an incredibly strong product that holds up to weather, wear, and insects, paving the way for eco-friendly decking material.

Brief Introduction to Cali as a Company

Cali was founded in 2004 when a couple of surfing buddies doing odd jobs in Hawaii devised the concept of producing building materials out of bamboo. Since bamboo is fast-growing and doesn’t interfere with forest habitats, their goal was to use these plants to create an ecofriendly alternative to hardwood building materials.

What Is Cali Bamboo Composite Decking Made of?

Cali Bamboo composite decking comprises of 40% recycled plastics and 60% recycled fibres from bamboo plants. High-density polyethylene plastics are used for strength and long-lasting durability, while bamboo fibres only add to the strength test and decrease water absorption. Cali’s bamboo composite decking is made from 100% recycled components.

How Many Colours of Decking Does Cali Bamboo Have?

Cali Bamboo composite decking is only available in natural wood and neutral colours. There are two gray options – glacier, a light white-gray, and Yosemite, a slate gray.

The three wood imitation colours include Sedona, which favours a reddish tint, and Denali and caribou, which are darker browns.

The colour additives are mixed into the composite’s outer coating and protected with a mixture that prevents fading due to sunlight and wearing away due to precipitation. There is no need to seal, sand, or paint Cali bamboo composite decking because the colour will be retained for years without the maintenance normally required by hardwood decking.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Cali Bamboo Composite Decking?

Cali Bamboo composite decking is environmentally friendly, with 100% of its components made from recycled materials. It is three times stronger than the leading composite decking thanks to the combination of bamboo fibres and high-density polyethylene plastics. It does not absorb a lot of water, so it is less likely to warp and buckle due to extreme weather conditions.

There is little to no maintenance needed to keep up the Cali Bamboo composite decking aside for normal cleaningOpens in a new tab.. Termites and fungi are not a worry since the decking’s components are not a food source for those pests.  

The downside to Cali’s Bamboo composite decking is the limited availability of colour options, only offering two variations of gray and three variations of brown.

How Long Is the Cali Bamboo Warranty?

Cali offers a non-transferable warranty of 25 years for its bamboo composite decking. The warranty covers splintering, splitting, rotting, or structural damage caused by fungi or termites. Within the first ten years of the warranty, the decking is 100% replaced if the product is defective. After ten years and up to twenty-five years, Cali will replace a percentage of the decking original full cost.

Such pro-rating is relatively standard with many composite decking companiesOpens in a new tab., including Trex.

Its warranty is only fully back for the first ten years; subsequent warranty claims between years ten and twenty-five only cover a declining percent of the decking replacement cost.

Summary Review of Cali Bamboo Decking

Cali Bamboo composite decking is a phenomenal alternative to traditional hardwood decking. It provides an eco-friendly way to build your deck by reducing the rate of deforestation and using entirely recycled materials.

Cali offers composite decking three times stronger than the leading competitor and provides protection from the sun, the elements, and potential insect infestation. With a 25 year warranty and no maintenance, Cali’s bamboo composite decking is a win for all.