EkoDeck Composite Decking: A Complete Review

Evaluating EkoDeck composite decking

Deciding which decking to choose for your outdoor transformation is challenging.

There are many differrent composite decking brandsOpens in a new tab. to choose between. To make things easier, here we’re reviewing EkoDeck so you can determine whether it’s best for your space. 

Who Is EkoDeck?

EkoDeck is an Australian-owned company founded by industry professionals with over 60 years of experience in 2009. They specialize in durable, sustainable products that withstand the country’s harsh climates.

Specifically, they focus on composite materials, which provide excellent value for money and easy maintenance compared to natural timber.

What Is EkoDeck Decking Made From?

EkoDeck is a composite decking made from 80%  recycled plastic and reclaimed timber. The material’s ratio ensures it looks and feels like natural wood, but you don’t need to spend time and effort painting or oiling it — the composite provides natural weather resistance. 

How Many Colours Does EkoDeck Offer?

You can choose from 13 colours to match your home’s aesthetic. However, the options change depending on the specific line you’re interested in, as you’ll see below:

EkoDeck+ Classic Colors

  • Red Rock
  • Greystone
  • Dark Brown

EkoDeck+ Designer Series Colors

  • Backbeach
  • Riverbank Red
  • Alpine Ash
  • Leatherwood
  • Estate Brown
  • Ironwood

EkoDeck+ Flame Fighter Colors

  • Sand Dune
  • Honey Oak
  • Deep Walnut
  • Snow Gum
  • Shadow Grey
  • Redgum

Is EkoDeck Decking Capped?

Every EkoDeck’s composite decking line is capped to ensure unmatched protection and fade resistance. In other words, the internal structure is wrapped completely to protect it from the elements. 

Other composite decking brands only cap the top section of the boards, leaving the bottom soft, porous, and vulnerable to the elements. Even those that wrap the entire board do so with extremely thin materials, reducing effectiveness. 

Is EkoDeck Decking Solid, Scallop, or Hollow?

You can only find solid-core composite decking boards at EkoDeck — and that’s a good thing! Why? Because scalloped and hollow slats are known for their weaker structure and are prone to sagging a few years after installation.

So, regardless of the style, you can rest easy knowing your decking has incredible durability due to its solid construction.

What Are The EkoDeck Decking Lines?

EkoDeck offers three lines of composite decking, each with its own attributes to fit different styles and applications.

EkoDeck+ ClassicOpens in a new tab.

The Classic line is EkoDeck’s tried and true composite decking. Thanks to its easy installation and versatility, it’s well-versed in handling the harsh Australian weather and is great for DIYers and tradespeople.

The finish is slightly textured for a natural feel, and the colour stays consistent throughout each board — even after intense sun exposure.

If you fancy installing your own decking, the EkoDeck+ Classic is a worthy option.

EkoDeck+ Designer SeriesOpens in a new tab.

Consider the Designer Series a “step-up” from the Classic. While it has the same UV, rot, termite, and decay resistance, it’s equipped with Durashell™ coating. 

The coating offers a luxurious, variable-grain, natural finish, but it also provides superior stain resistance. It’s as close to a wooden aesthetic as possible without the arduous maintenance necessary for real timber decking.

EkoDeck+ Flame FighterOpens in a new tab.

The final line, EkoDeck+ Flame Fighter, is designed specifically for locations prone to bushfires. With BAL-29 rated boards, Durashell™ coating, and anti-slip properties, it withstands the harshest conditions to keep your deck as protected as possible during otherwise disastrous situations. 

How Long Is EkoDeck Warranty?

EkoDeck offers warranties of at least ten years, regardless of your line. But two out of the three styles come with much longer periods:

  • EkoDeck+ Classic — You get a ten-year warranty from the day you purchase the product with the Classic line. 
  • EkoDeck+ Designer Series comes with a ten-year warranty for commercial applications and 15 years for residential. 
  • EkoDeck+ Flame Fighter — You receive the longest warranty with the BAL-29 rated composite decking of 20 years from purchase.

Of course, there are exclusions to the warranties, including the following:

  • Using the decking in an application not recommended by EkoDeck
  • Staining from foreign substances (e.g., oil and grease)
  • Ordinary wear and tear
  • Minor cracking around screws

Final Thoughts about EkoDeck

Overall, EkoDeck is a great option if you’re looking for a cost-effective alternative to natural timber decking.

Aside from the price, you won’t need to spend hours maintaining the decking — it’s naturally weather-, fade-, and stain-resistant. It’ll certainly give your outdoor space a new, ever-lasting lease of life.