Review of Genovations Hollow PVC Decking

Evaluating Genova decking

If you are looking for a reliable decking that requires little to no maintenance and provides a great look for the outside space of your home, check out Genova PVC decking. It may be the best composite deckingOpens in a new tab. for your deck.

Brief Introduction to Genovations as a Company

Genova Products is a company initially dedicated to producing PVC pipes and fittings for plumbing systems all over Europe and Eastern Europe. They have expanded their product line to include decking and railings.

What is Genovations Decking Made of?

Genova decking is completely made of polyvinyl chlorine (PVC). The advantage of PVC decking over hardwood or composite is PVC’s ability to repel water and prevent warping. Unlike other decking materials, PVC deckingOpens in a new tab. can be in contact with the ground. With no organic material to rot from contact with dirt.

How Many Colours of Decking Does Genovations Have?

Genova decking comes in two natural colours, a light brown and grey. It has the texture and variegation of regular hardwood to mimic real wood decking. PVC decking cannot be painted or stained, so colour is limited to the manufactured colour.  

Is Genovations Decking Capped?

Genova decking does not have to be capped because it is already made from a material that will resist damage due to water. PVC will not splinter, warp, or split like traditional hardwood decking.

Most decking containing natural materials such as wood fibres or organic products are at risk of fungal, insect, mildew, or mould infestation. Thanks to the PVC’s completely plastic nature, non of those pose a threat to Genova decking.

Is Genovations Decking Solid, Scalloped, or Hollow?

Genova decking is hollow to allow for increased airflow in the boards, which helps reduce the warmth of the board to keep it cool underfoot in the summer. Hollow decking boards are also lighter in weight, making them easier to transport and less weight to support if you build a bigger deck. And best of all, the reduced material reduces the cost of the decking.

The tongue and groove setup allows Genova decking to fit together with a preset gapping between deck boards easily.

Genova decking only comes in one style making installation simple. The design also removes the need for expensive hidden fasteners or ugly face screws.

What Is Genovations Decking Traction?

Genova decking has a wood grain pattern and texture on the outside. This helps provide decent grip, especially under wet conditions. Since PVC decking is water repellant, it will not absorb the water and make it slippery. However, the water may sit on top of the boards.

That is where the textured wood grain appearance comes in. It helps encourage water to flow off of the decking boards to prevent the deck from becoming a slipping hazard.

How Long Is Genovations Decking Warranty?

Genova offers a limited lifetime warranty for their PVC decking. The warranty protects against damage due to defects, splintering, rotting, termites, fungal decay, chalking, flaking, or splitting.

There is also an additional fade and stain-resistant warranty. Genova ensures that its decking will not fade more than 5 Hunter units or retain permanent stains due to any food or beverage item.

Summary of Reviewing Genovations Decking

Genova PVC decking offers a great alternative to traditional hardwood or even composite decking. There are no organic components. It is made from 100% plastic which eliminates the possibility of insect or fungal infestation and damage. Genova PVC decking is only offered in one colour, which mimics the apperance of natural hardwood.

The company offers a lifetime warranty on its product. It is guaranteed to stand up against the waterproof elements and protected against buckling and warping. Genova PVC decking can even be placed right on the ground, unlike other decking materials. Genova’s decking is simple and allows for easy installation for an instant deck.