Review of Lanai PVC Decking

Evaluation of Lanai PVC decking

Lanai decking is a unique way to outfit your outdoor space with flooring that imitates hardwood and offers a high-quality product.

Brief Introduction to Lanai as a Company

Lanai was born from an idea to bring the luxury of indoor hardwood flooring to the outdoors with decking that didn’t weather and rot like wood decking. Its founder, Dustin, wanted to create a product unlike any other on the market.

The company is named after a Hawaiian island, drawing its inspiration from the ability to live outdoors and enjoy the beauty of nature. Lanai has its headquarters in Alberta, Canada, where they understand how to manufacture a product capable of withstanding the harshness of any weather, including snow, ice, sun, temperature fluctuations, and salt.

What Is Lanai Decking Made Of?

Lanai decking is composed of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) coreOpens in a new tab. with a unique capping structure to give the decking a look and feel of hardwood flooring. This combination results in a decking material that is scratch, stain, slip, warp, UV, and heat resistant.

What Is Unique About Lanai Planks Compared to Other Composite Decking?

The purpose of Lanai decking is to imitate the look of hardwood floors, so they offer the only decking on the market with four-foot planks instead of shorter boards. This allows the appearance of true hardwood and makes for a faster and easier installation and less waste.

Lanai also offers deck nosing and decking planks with bevelled edges to imitate true hardwood. It is one of the only decking companies to carry this unique look. Additionally, the one-of-a-kind angled edges provide a virtually gapless look.

There are gaps between the boards that allow water to drain off the deck but prevent larger debris from getting stuck. Lanai’s deck products also feature completely hidden fasteners with no top screws, thanks to the angling of the planks.

Lanai is also one of the only decking products that are rated for ground contact installation.

How Many Colours of Decking Does Lanai Have?

Lanai decking comes in four gorgeous colours:

  • Beach Wood
  • Dark Kona
  • Sunset Palm
  • Black Sand.

Beach Wood is the natural light gray of weathered driftwood you would find on the beach. Dark Kona and Sunset Palm are two rich brown shades reminiscent of island trees.

Black Sand features a beautiful bold black wood named after the black volcanic sand beaches found in Hawaii.

The Profile of Lanai  PVC Decking

Lanai decking is hollow, reducing the plank’s weight, making it easier to carry and less likely to warp. Because of the design of the plank, air can flow through the hollow core to allow it to cool down in hot weather and not retain the heat of the summer.

How Long is Lanai Warranty?

Lanai offers a lifetime warranty on its decking. Since there are no wood materials in the decking, there is no risk of rot, mould, or insect damage. The warranty also covers decking that is placed directly on the ground or a raised platform.

Since the capping of Lanai decking is UV, stain, and scratch-resistant, they also offer a twenty-five-year warranty for fading and stains that is valid from the date of purchase.

Summary of Reviewing Lanai Decking 

Lanai decking offers a wood decking alternative that mimics interior hardwood flooring with its unique angled edges and short planks. The length of the planks is truly unique compared to the market leaders in composite deckingOpens in a new tab.. Of which longer is sought to minimize transition or breaker boards.

The capping allows for stain, scratch, and fade resistance, and Lanai offers an outstanding lifetime warranty on its products.

Lanai decking comes in four stunning colours, and the Hawaiian inspiration of the company is reflected in the beauty of its products.