Review of Millboard Composite Decking

Millboard features a collection of composite decking materials with increased durability and aesthetic similarities to natural wood decks. Read along to learn a bit more about the company.

Review of MillBoard Composite Decking

Brief Introduction to Millboard as a Company

Millboard is a family-run UK company that creates attractive composite decking by combining polyurethane materials. 

Millboard is known for its highly realistic decks that mimic raw wood decking, which it first started selling in 2007 after 4 years of product designing and testing. These materials are safer, more durable, and more lightweight than traditional decking.

What Is Millboard Composite Decking Made Of?

Here’s what you should know about Millboard decking composition:

  • The boards have a closed (cellular) internal structure 
  • The structural core contains natural minerals in a polymer resin with long fibre reinforcement
  • The materials are non-porous
  • The boards have a Lastane layer
  • The boards are made from polyurethane – a polymer plastic 

How Many Colours of Decking Does Millboard Have?

Millboard’s Enhanced Oak decking collection includes 8 colours that resemble natural oak wood:

  • A warm-hued, organic antique oak
  • A russet-brown shade of coppered oak
  • A warm-toned golden oak
  • A smooth, black burnt cedar
  • A soft-grey smoked oak with brown tones
  • A pale limed oak
  • A cool blue-grey brushed basalt
  • A burnt-sienna-shaded jarrah (mimics Australian eucalyptus) 

The Weathered Oak decking collection includes 3 colours – embered, vintage, and driftwood. The Edging; Fascia collection includes 11 colour options. And the Lasta-Grip decking collection includes 2 colours – coppered oak and golden oak.

Is Millboard Composite Capped?

Although Millboard creates composite deckingOpens in a new tab. that is weather-resistant, it isn’t actually capped. Because the boards don’t actually contain real wood – just plastics – they don’t need a cap to endure the test of time.

The decks use a fiber-glass reinforced resin-mineral composition to ward off stains, scratches, splinters, fading, and other issues.

What Are the Finishes of Millboard Composite Decking?

Millboard composite decking is finished with a material called Lastane®. This finish is food-resistant, drink-resistant, scratch-resistant, and resistant to daily wear and tear. 

However, outdoor furniture, plant pots, and other heavy or hard items can leave marks on the decking.

Each deck type is stained with one of about 10 different colour options.

Profile of Millboard Composite Decking

Most lines of Millboard composite decking are made with a solid structure. The company moulds them after real oak wood to achieve a natural-looking profile. 

Keep in mind that the exact structure of each different type of decking will vary based on the moulding used. But according to Millboard, the company calibrates each board to maintain as consistent a profile as possible. 

How Long Is the Millboard Composite Decking Warranty?

Millboard offers limited warranties to customers who buy their decking products. It’s a peace-of-mind warranty issued in two different forms – a Residential 25-year limited warranty and a Commercial 5-year limited warranty. 

The 25-year warranty and 5-year warranty both apply to Decking Board Enhanced Grain, Weathered Oak, Lasta-Grip®, and Edging/Fascia. 

Depending on how your boards are installed and whether or not you register your deck within 90 days of installation, your warranty will change.

Summary of Reviewing Millboard Composite Decking

Millboard composite decking is different from other composite decking products in that it is 100% wood-free. In lieu of a wood-plastic composition, the company makes their deck boards with high-quality, durable resin-mineral composition with a Lastane coating on top. 

The composite decks mimic the look and feel of real oak wood to give a natural deck experience that lasts much longer. 

With 5- and 25-year limited warranties, customers can choose from over 10 different colours, depending on the decking they choose. There are a lot of options for a modern, safe outdoor installation.