Review of Miura Board Composite Decking

Evaluation of Miura Composite decking

Are you looking for a great alternative to hardwood decking that is environmentally friendly, made entirely of recyclable material and fully recyclable itself? Miura Board is such a composite decking.

In this review of Miura decking, we will seek to understand Miura board better. We are reviewing what is unique about it and whether it’s a good alternative to traditional wood decking. And ultimately, does it belong on our list of best composite decking brandsOpens in a new tab..

Not sure what prompted your search for Miura board but let’s start with an introduction to the company making this unique composite decking.  

Brief Introduction to Miura Board as a Company

Miura Board is a decking company based out of Texas and prides itself on delivering a product completely made from recycled products. Their motto is “Cut Waste, Not Trees” and they live this out by not using any wood material in their decking. Creating a composite entirely made from waste material repurposed into something of value.

What Is Miura Board Decking Made of?

This is the most unique thing about Miura decking. Unlike most composite decking that is made from wood fibres.

Miura Board is made of wholly recycled plastic composite composed of carpet backing, thermoplastics, and polyester and nylon fibres. Resulting in an unbelievable strong and durability that can itself be recycled.  

Can Miura Board Be Recycled at the End of Decking Life?

 Miura board is a company driven and controlled by its vision. A vision of reducing waste. Miura composite decking is the result of this desire. Unlike many other composite decking which is made from waste material recycledOpens in a new tab. into something of value but adds to the landfill at endues of the decking. Miura board is manufactured in a way that, even after years of enjoyment, it to will not add to the dump. 

Miura Board is not only made from recycled materials, but it is also 100% recyclable at the end of its life. If you decide to remodel and tear out your Miura Board deck, you can recycle the entire thing and know that you are not contributing to further waste in a dump.

How Many Colours of Decking Does Miura Board Have?

Miura Board decking only comes in one colour. It is not a uniform colour but can be described as slate gray. There is no colour additive to Miura Board decking, so there is natural variation in the decking board according to the recycled products’ included in the mix.

Is Miura Board Decking Capped?

Miura board is not capped but is protected from rotting and infestation by insects such as termites. Because there are no organic material in Miura Board decking, the risk of decay or infestation is not a worry.

What is the Profile of Miura Board Decking?

Miura Board decking is solid, creating a composite with high impact strength and is completely wear-resistant. Miura Board decking is completely water-resistant and can withstand the sun’s harsh rays without the risk of cracking or splintering.

Each board weighs a little over two pounds per linear foot and has a density similar to African teak wood at 66 pounds per cubic foot.

How Much Does Miura Board Decking Cost?

Miura Board is priced per foot with three different sizes ranging from 1” to 1 ½”  and 5 ½” in width. The smaller-sized boards are $2.40 per linear foot, and the largest are $3.60 per linear foot.

By comparison, most composite decking costsOpens in a new tab. between $3 and $6 a lineal foot. Miura bord is competitive in price with TimberTech Prime+ collection but is slightly more expensive than Trex Enhance Basic. Keep in mind that both are scalloped and Miura is solid.  

Summary of Reviewing Miura Board Decking

Miura Board decking offers the ultimate environmentally friendly option to hardwood decking. Not only are there no natural products involved in the making of the decking, but 100% of the materials used are made from recycled plastic. Miura Board decking can boast a product made completely of recycled materials that are 100% recyclable at the end of its life as decking.

Miura Board decking only comes in one colour, a drawback of Miura decking. With no colour additive to enhance the look of the decking. This is especially true when compared with many capped alternatives that strive to imitate natural hardwood decking but without all the work.

On the positive side, the decking is solid and utterly durable against splintering, rotting, insect and fungal infestation, and weathering abuse. Born out of a desire to create a product that would stand the test of time without cutting down more trees. Miura board fulfills the dream.