Review of Moso Bamboo X-treme Decking

Evaluation of X-treme decking

Moso Bamboo X-treme decking is a great environmentally friendly alternative to hardwood decking. Bamboo is not only sustainable but also much stronger than the leading wood decking products.

Brief Introduction to Moso Bamboo as a Company

Moso Bamboo is named for the renewable resource it uses to make its products. Moso believes in creating products that are environmentally friendly and actively helping combat climate change.

Moso harvests the bamboo from China and has sales offices in Africa, Europe, the Middle East, and North America. Moso is dedicated to making products that are strong and made from good quality materials. They are also proud of the fact that their company is carbon neutral.

What Is Moso Bamboo X-treme Decking Made Of?

Moso Bamboo decking is made from Moso bamboo that has been specially treated. First, the bamboo is cut into strips. The strips are then heated to burn off the sugar content, reducing the materials vulnerable to fungi, insects, and microbes.

Next, they are dipped in special glue. They are pressure and heat-treated to cure the adhesive and moulded into the shape of the boards. This process makes a more stable material than any hardwood product on the market.

Bamboo is not only highly durable, stable and fire-resistantOpens in a new tab., it is also one of the most sustainable resources available. Bamboo grows at a rate of a meter per day and can be harvested every five years. Bamboo absorbs as much carbon as is used during the manufacturing of decking boards making X-treme decking carbon neutral.

How Many Colours of Decking Does Moso Bamboo X-treme Decking Have?

Moso Bamboo decking only comes in the natural wood colour when the bamboo is treated. There are no added colourants. The bamboo decking will fade to a silver-grey colour if you let the bamboo weather naturally.

If you want to retain the rich brown colour that it displays upon installation, you must maintain its appearance by treating it with oils. Depending on the climate you live in, it may naturally fade no matter how much you keep up with the maintenance.

What is Moso Bamboo X-treme Decking Traction?

The two traction options for Moso Bamboo decking are smooth or grooved. This is not grooved as most composite decking brandsOpens in a new tab. refer to where the groove is on the edge of the deck for hidden fasteners. Here the grooves are on the face of the decking, increasing traction, especially under conditions that would increase slipperiness, such as wet weather. The tracks channeling away the rain while still providing surface to grip your feet.  

The smooth surface decking is slip-resistant when dry but may become slippery when wet. If allowed to weather naturally, it may become slightly more textured, increasing the traction.

How Long is Moso Bamboo X-treme Decking Warranty?

Moso Bamboo decking offers a twenty-five-year warranty on its products. The warranty states that products may be replaced if defects are found before installation. If defects are found after installation, the warranty will cover the repair or replacement but not labour to reinstall the new decking.

The warranty does not cover discoloration/fading that will occur naturally if left untreated, insect infestation, or other damage caused by accidents or product misuse.  

Summary of Reviewing Moso Bamboo X-treme

Moso Bamboo decking offers a wonderful alternative to hardwood or composite decking if you are looking for a natural product that is also environmentally friendly. Made of durable bamboo, Moso Bamboo decking comes in one natural brown colour but may fade to grey depending on climate and maintenance.

Moso Bamboo offers a twenty-five-year warranty covering most basic damages except those that may occur due to misuse, neglect, or insect infestation. Moso Bamboo is proud to be a company that offers a carbon-neutral product.