Review of WearDeck Composite Decking

Evaulation of WearDeck Decking

While reviewing WearDeck, I will say that it is a distinctly different “composite decking”. It is not made like many other composite deckings, nor does it perform like them. Which makes looking over it more carefully worth your time. Especially if you are looking at building a low-maintenance deck. This is where the right decking really matters, and WearDeck should be considered.

Brief Introduction to WearDeck as a Company

WearDeck is manufactured by JR Plastics Corporation, based out of Ocala, Florida. It is a family-owned and operated company striving to treat those who work with them and buy their products like family.

Which is seen in many customer reviews. The fact that their customer service is very personal.

“Best people ever. Very knowledgeable and great service. I recommend their product to anyone I talk to.”

Giovanni Vianello

This Google review is only one of many. Most praise the decking but often mention that the service sets it apart from other companies.

With only 100+ employees, that “family” feel is still possible. Not the same scale as Trex, Timbertech or Fiberon, but sometimes smaller is better.

What is WearDeck Decking Made of?

WearDeck is not a traditional composite containing no wood material or any organic material. But rather is a combination of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and fiberglass. The fibreglass is blended in to increase decking strength while reducing thermal expansion. A real challenge of PVC decking.

Not the same blend but it reminds me of Deckorators mineral-based compositeOpens in a new tab. which has similar properties. No organic material, minimal expansion and contraction with increased strength.

This blend results in stronger decking boardsOpens in a new tab..

  • Span 24″ O.C.
  • 2.7X Stronger

Along with more consistent dimension size. With a 12′ board only growing 1/32″ compared to Azek or Fiberon’s PVC decking 3/16″ growth in the sun. Which is pretty standard among PVC decking.

Not only is WearDeck a blend of additives is added to the HDPE and fibreglass to inhibit damaging UV and reflective heat. Making the decking last longer in the sun. But also make it more enjoyable.

Not surprisingly, but colour still plays a big part in the decking temperature with Barefoot Grey and Barefoot Sand being the two coolest boards.

Reminds me of TimberTech Pros’ Whitewash Cedar®. A lite board that is cooler because of its colour.

For weight, WearDeck is in the middle. Weighing 1.9 lbs a lineal foot. Heavier than most PVC decking but lighter than traditional composite decking. Deckorators WPC is one of the heavier composite decking boards at 2.38lbsOpens in a new tab. a linear foot.

Containing no organic material also makes WearDeck ideal for ground or water contact application. Like docks or ground-level decks. As a bonus, even saltwater will not damage WearDeck. Adding to the potential of coastal docks.

What Are WearDeck Decking Dimensions?

To start, I need to mention that being a smaller company, they can adapt and provide custom decking lengths up to 28′. If you have a wider deck or dock and don’t want to have a transitional border, they can accommodate that for most decking.

Nominal SizeActual DimensionsStandard LengthsWoodgrainAvailable Colours
5/4×6″1.05×5.5″12′ 16′ 20′One Side8
5/4×8″1.05×7.25″12′ 16′ 20′One Side8
2×41.5×3.5″16′ 20′Both Sides8
2-x-61.35×5.5″12′ 16′ 20′One Side8
2×81.5×7.5″12′ 16′ 20′Both Sides8 @12’&16’ 3 @ 20’
2×101.5×9.25″12′ 20′Both Sides8 @ 12’ 3 @ 20’
1/2×60.5×5.5″18′Both Sides8
1/2×100.5×9.5″12′One Side8

They do not have grooved boards but rather recommend using Camo edge fastenersOpens in a new tab.. Similar to Wolf’s Serenity.

How Many Colours of Decking Does WearDeck have?

WearDeck has 8 different colours to choose from.

  • Cedar
  • Barefoot Sand
  • Sand
  • Weatherwood
  • Saddle
  • Cool Grey
  • Barefoot Grey
  • White

If you want to see the coloursOpens in a new tab. in action, click the link.

How Long is WearDeck Warranty?

Quick answer, WearDeck has a Limited Lifetime WarrantyOpens in a new tab.for residential applications, 25 for commercial or high traffic areas.

But let’s unpack that.

How is WearDeck warranty “limited”?

To start, it is only for structural damage, including fungi or termites. Also, the decking will not split, splinter or warp.

This does not include fading. Which I find interesting with their additives specifically added to reduce UV damage for 25 years.

A labour warranty is something new but included with many other compoiste decking companies. It is often limited to the first few years and installer but still included in their warranty. Not so with WearDeck. They clearly state that the warranty does not include labour.

Pros and Cons of WearDeck Decking

A few quick plus and minus about WearDeck.


  • Doesn’t absorb Water
  • Can be installed in water, in contact with dirt
  • Minimal expansion and contraction
  • Strength
  • Can span 24″ on centre joists

The biggest pro I took away from WearDeck is its durability. It is designed to survive in harsh environments.  


  • Warranty Doesn’t include Fading
  • Limited to Eastern United States

Despite its durability, its warranty is very limited compared to many other synthetic decking companies. I wish it included things like fade and stain, which most other brands do.

The second one is a result of it being a smaller regional company. Not a national company with factories and logistics to service the entire continent. Meaning a deck builder in Calgary where I build decks cannot buy WearDeck. In their defence, landlock Alberta does not really demand the saltwater durability of WearDeck.  

Customer Reviews of WearDeck

Having not personally installed WearDeck,  I turned to customer reviews to see how it pperforms On decks and docks.

Overall, I was really impressed.

First with customer service.

This company is so personable! W hen you call Wear  Deck a qualified person answers the phone! They also help you solve your construction problems. Likewise their product is excellent a a terrific and very competitive price point!!!

Cita (Cita)

Then the Performance of the decking.

“I replaced a large deck at my lake house with Wear Deck in April, 2020. Looks great. Used joint spacing recommended by theirr rep. Real solid. Finish is very consistent. Product is surprisingly slip-resistant even when wet. Best of all, granddaughters can jump rope BAREFOOT…no splinters!!! Everyone raves about our deck now. And when you compare its up-front cost to that of real wood, along with wood’s maintenance requirements and short life, it made a lot of sense to go with Wear Deck. We chose the Sand color and it never gets too hot in direct sunlight. Great product.”

Mike Neeley

The Heat Reflection Performance

“Wear Deck is by far the best decking product available on the market. The look, durability, and heat reflection are second to none. We chose Wear Deck for our lake dock project and absolutely love it!”

James Phillips

Including professional deck builders, in particular docks were WearDeck truly shines.

“As a Fourth Generation dock-builder, I’ve seen every decking product that has ever been made. All promise the same superior performance. So, when we were introduced to this product, we were skeptical. But, after using it, we were blown away. This stuff is tough as nails! If you have ever walked on a deck that felt “soft”, try this product, it’s amazing. One of the things I’ve seen with other brands is the tendency for it to split when screwing near the ends or inconsistent fading. Not with this. We install at minimum, 1,000 sq ft per week and they have and will keep my loyal business.”

Jimmy Williamson

WB Williamson Bros. Marine

“I’ve been building decks and docks for over 20 years and have used almost every option available for decking (pressure-treated, redwood, cypress, Ipe, Balau, Cumaru, Trex, Timber tech, etc). Wear Deck is the best no nonsense decking I’ve used. It’s easy to work with, it’s structural, it doesn’t shrink and expand like other composites, and it’s very reasonably priced. If you’re looking for something that stands up to the elements, is attractive, and doesn’t break the budget then look no further!”

Daniel Shirley

I read many more but these highlighted the feeling of many customers and users of WearDeck.

Summary of Reviewing WearDeck Decking         

If you are building a dock or deck in a high moisture area it’s great that you are reviewing WearDeck. It’s those applications that it excels.

With large spans, impermeable to water, it is a perfect match.

But it may be hard to buy with limited retailers.