Review of Wolf Serenity PVC Decking

Featurea nd benefits of Wolf Serenity Decking

If you’re shopping for a new deck, you might be wondering if composite decking is worth the extra money. In this review, we’ll look at Wolf Serenity PVC Decking. We’ll go through some of the characteristics and advantages of Wolf Serenity decking so that you can make an educated decision before putting it together.

First Wolf is made from PVC that makes them stand out from other synthetic decking in that it doesn’t include any organic material, minimizing rot.

Let’s get to know the Wolf Serenity decking a little bit better.

What to Consider Before Buying Composite Decking

To start, we will discuss some of the features and benefits of Wolf Serenity decking so that you can make an informed decision before investing your hard-earned money.

  • Colour (Appearance)
  • Traction
  • Price
  • Durability

Wolf Serenity decking is available in 11 different colours. Allowing you to choose the right look for your home. You’ll also be able to find a shade that complements your house without overwhelming it. This is excellent news giving you a deck that is an extension of your house.

Composite decking can be slippery, especially when it rains. This is why it’s crucial to choose a product with good tractionOpens in a new tab.. Decking with the right textured surface provides excellent traction in all weather conditions. Being safer for children, seniors and pets.

The price of decking will often determine how many extras you can put on the deck after. Like that lounger for sunning on. But price often determines the quality of the decking.

Composite decking has potential to be durable while needing little upkeep. However, not all composite decking is created equally.

Maintaining a deck is difficult, and it’s even more so when you have to make repairs or build a new one. You should be able to enjoy your deck for years without having to worry about maintenance with the right synthetic decking.

Brief Introduction to Wolf as a Company

Wolf Home Products was founded in 1843 as a single store selling “dry goods and lumber.” It says something about their age. Try to locate a store that sells “dry goods” today.

The history of Wolf Home Products begins on the banks of the Susquehanna River in Pennsylvania. In the first half of the 1900s, it became a much larger firm and is currently based in York, Pennsylvania.

Once again, rapid expansion followed in the early 2000s as the firm expanded into a range of home construction materials. They debuted Wolf-branded goods in 2010.

WFP is a wholesaler of WFP Home Products, which produces and sells Wolf Serenity PVC decking. Another firm makes the product but licenses it and puts it on the market through Wolf Home Products and select shops

Description of Wolf Serenity PVC Decking

Wolf Serenity PVC has 2 lines with 11 colours.


  • Amberwood
  • Black Walnut
  • Rosewood
  • Silver Teak
  • Onyx
  • Golden Cypress
  • Driftwood Grey
  • Teakwood
  • Weathered Ipe

Rich, variegated hues with a natural woodgrain finish.


Habour Grey
• Sandcastle

Solid coastal tones, with a cool decking color palette.

Moisture, mould and mildew resistance make it ideal for coastal applications. Authentic-looking colour and texture of real wood. Resists rotting, delaminating, splitting, and cracking. Strong and durable, yet very lightweight.

Wolf Serenity PVC Decking Profiles

The decking is reversible, which gives you two different looks for your deck. The 1″ x 5 ½” deck boards are available in 12′, 16′ and 20′ lengths.

The are all square boards installed by using Camo edge fastening systemOpens in a new tab.. Which reduces the cost of hidden fasteners while keeping the beauty of the deck surface.

Features & Benefits Wolf Serenity PVC Decking

If you’re thinking about decking, you must know what features and benefits Wolf Serenity decking has to offer.

Wolf Serenity Decking Core

Wolf Serenity Decking is made from a high-quality PVC coreOpens in a new tab.. This makes it strong and durable, yet very lightweight. It also resists rotting, delaminating, splitting, and cracking.

Of course, Wolf PVC comes with all the advantages of PVC over composite deckingOpens in a new tab..

Wolf Serenity Decking Cap

The 4-sides of the PVC core are entirely cap.

The underside of Wolf Serenity is also coloured. Adding a better-looking bottom surface for second-story decks, enhancing the patio ceiling appearance of patios under higher decks.

Although 4-sided cap decking isn’t quite as finished as FiberonsOpens in a new tab. 4-sided cap decking, it still adds a nice finishing touch.

Traction of Wolf Serenity Decking

A deck should be comfortable, safe, and pleasant to walk on. Where you can comfortably walk without worrying about your feet slipping from under you.

 Slip Resistance (Dry)Slip Resistance (Wet)
Wolf SerenityOpens in a new tab.0.74 – 0.850.75 – 0.87

When compared to some of the best composite decking for traction it is a leader. Making it one of the safer decking to enjoy in your backyard.

Cost of Wolf Serenity Decking

Price is always an important consideration when purchasing any product. Wolf Serenity PVC decking offers great value for your money.

Serenity is sold around $3-4 a lineal foot. Putting it in the Mid-Range Cost for Composite DeckingOpens in a new tab. but for PVC a bargain.

Costing $2-3 less than PVC decking from Timbertech, Fiberon and even more when compared to ZuriOpens in a new tab. PVC decking.

Durability and Warranty of Wolf Serenity Decking 

Wolf Serenity PVC decking warrantyOpens in a new tab. is 50 years prorated for structural defects, fading, and staining. The warranty is not as straightforward as Azek, but it does cover everything equally for the first 10 years. After that, the warranty decreases by 20% every 10 years.

The warranty claims no fading by Delta E of 5 or more. If stains are cleaned within a week of occurrence, the boards will not be stained. Small matter, but Wolf makes it clear that using paint or staining on the decking will invalidate the guarantee.

Alternatives to Wolf Serenity PVC Decking

Here is another review comparing Wolf Serenity PVC with another well-known composites. To see the comparison, click the link.

To see other composite decking options, be sure to check out our additional list of the best composite decking brandsOpens in a new tab..

Conclusion in Reviewing Wolf Serenity PVC Decking

Wolf Serenity decking is a high-quality PVC core that’s strong and durable. It also resists rotting, delaminating, splitting, and cracking. Complimented by a great warranty of 50 years prorated for structural defects, fading or staining.

You won’t have to worry about your feet slipping as this decking is one of the safest for traction you can enjoy in your backyard!  

Wolf Serenity Decking also offers good value for your money at around $3/linear foot making it one of the most affordable PVC decking available on the market today.