How To Block Wind On Patio

If you have spent time and money creating the perfect outdoor seating area it can be incredibly frustrating when your enjoyment of the space is ruined by high levels of wind.

There are various ways that you can calm or block the wind in your patio area that don’t have to break the bank. Many wind-blocking solutions can also provide additional privacy from your neighbours.

How To Block Wind On Patio

In this article, we will look at some of the ways that you can effectively block wind from disrupting your enjoyment of your patio.

Why Is Blocking Wind A Good Idea?

When we spend time on our patio areas, we often have food, drinks, friends, books, magazines, umbrellas, and unsecured furniture around.

When the wind levels are high, it can be incredibly disruptive to our enjoyment or any activities we are trying to do outside.

If the wind is strong enough, it can also result in broken furniture or umbrellas which can get costly over time.

When the wind is a regular, unwanted guest at your dinner parties and get-togethers, it can taint how you view your outdoor seating areas and diminish your ability to enjoy the space.

However, blocking the wind can be a simple, cheap way to make your patio a much more comfortable place to be while protecting your furniture and accessories.

By installing wind-blocking devices around the patio, we can regain some control over the area and can more easily enjoy the space without worrying about being blown away.

How To Block Wind

How To Block Wind On Patio

There are many ways that we can block wind from getting to our patio areas, from cheap, almost DIY methods to more expensive and permanent changes to your yard.

Deck Fence Screening

This is a common option for people who wish to block some of the wind from reaching their patio.

It is essentially a fence that is made of very durable and strong net-like material that is stretched and attached to wooden or metal posts. This type of screening is great to run all the way around a patio area.

This type of screening is often water-resistant which makes it usable in all weathers, all year round. These products are also often highly resistant to fading so they will maintain their sleek look for many years.

Most commonly, these types of screening stand at around 3 feet tall which can provide a decent amount of protection when sitting.

Wooden Fence

Building a wooden fence around your patio can be a stylish way to protect your seating area from excessive winds.

They can be built higher than the fence screening mentioned above and there are a wide variety of styles available to suit any preferences.

Wooden fences are also great at doubling as an added level of privacy for your yard.

When choosing a wooden fence for wind protection it is important to consider which style of fence will be best at withstanding the strength of the wind that you usually encounter where you live.

Artificial Hedge Walls

Artificial hedge walls can be a great, decorative alternative to a simple fence around your patio.

Not only do these walls provide great protection from the wind, making your patio a nicer place to be, but they also provide style and decoration to your yard.

To your neighbours and guests, it will look like you have perfectly manicured hedges, however, you know that they will be providing much more than that.

More often than not, these artificial hedge walls are made from durable, eco-friendly materials that are easy to maintain.

Glass Walls

Glass walls wrapping around patios and decks are an increasingly common occurrence.

While these walls don’t provide any extra privacy, they do offer great protection against harsh or disruptive winds, they can also be a great option if you don’t want to hide away your beautiful seating areas.

They also provide a sleek, modern, expensive finish to your backyard.

Maintenance of glass walls is also very easy. Simply clean the glass when necessary with soap and water.

Alternatively, you can have it cleaned at the same time as the windows on your house. Glass walls are made from thick tempered glass that can withstand all weather conditions and rambunctious children and pets.

Wood Or Resin Privacy Walls

Wood or resin privacy walls are a great option if you are looking to save a bit of money, or are unable to make significant or permanent changes to your yard.

While this is a more temporary solution, it also means it is less sturdy than some of the other options on this list.

However, they can be adjusted and positioned to protect specific areas of the patio as they are needed which makes them a very versatile option.

These temporary screens can also be great for smaller yards that might be overwhelmed by more permanent walls or fences.

Potted Shrubs

Lining up potted shrubs to provide protection to a seated patio area is a great, cost-effective option if you already have established potted plants in your yard.

If you like the idea of using shrubs to protect your seating area but don’t have any, it is possible to purchase some young shrubs and grow and shape them into providing protection from the wind.

In the meantime, while they are maturing, it is possible to use a temporary solution such as the screens mentioned above. The main benefit of this method is that no installation is required.

Wind Blocking Furniture

If you are yet to purchase furniture for your patio or are wanting to upgrade your existing furniture, it can be a good idea to look for items that will successfully block the wind themselves.

This can include seating with high backs that provide your family, your table, and its contents adequate protection from the wind when arranged properly.

This can be another good option if you have limited space or permission to install permanent wind protection.

Final Thoughts

There are many ways in which you can add extra protection from the wind to your patio.

While some are more expensive and permanent than others, there is something for every budget and every living situation with a little bit of creativity.

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