Why Are Flies Attracted To My Deck?

Flies are a pest to deal with – literally! 

Why Are Flies Attracted To My Deck

There is nothing worse than trying to sit outside on your deck and enjoy some peace and quiet (perhaps even a meal) only to have the experience ruined by a swarm of flies.

But why are flies so attracted to decking, and how can you deal with these pests? 

Here, we are going to go over some of the reasons why flies may be attracted to your deck and include some ways you can discourage them.

Check out the information below and find out how you can keep flies away from your deck.

Why Are Flies Attracted To Your Deck?

Flies are pests that are attracted to a lot of different things but understanding what they are attracted to could be the key to why they seem to be attached to your deck in particular.

It’s also important to remember that there are lots of different kinds of flies and each type is attracted to different things. 

So, let’s cover some of the most common reasons why people have pest problems with flies and their outdoor decking. 

Food and Leftovers

Flies are attracted to anything they think can be a source of food – even if it’s not meant for them! 

This means if you have a lot of barbecues or frequently eat outdoors on your deck, then flies will be able to smell the food and come looking for a share.

Not only that, but they will come looking for food long after you are finished and start eating any crumbs and leftovers you have left lying around.

If you spill food on your decking a more through cleaningOpens in a new tab. might be required.

This doesn’t even need to be your own food – if you like to leave out a bowl of food for a pet, then flies could be attracted to your pet’s food too! 

So, to help deter flies from your deck, make sure that you brush down any crumbs left from your meal and take any leftovers inside to either the fridge or trash.

This way, you will be taking away a source of food for the flies and they will less likely stick around. 

If you continue to leave food outdoors, then you will attract all kinds of pests other than flies! This includes racoons, possums, rats – a lot of different animals will come sniffing if you constantly leave out a potential source of food for them! 

So, make sure that you properly trash any food you do not intend to eat and put away any leftovers so it can’t attract any flies. 

Pet Mess and Feces

Some outdoor flies are attracted to the kind of mess that comes out from the wrong end of your pet so wherever they go to do their business, flies are sure to follow and linger. 

If your pets have started doing their business on your deck, then you need to make sure that you pick it up and wash down the deck as soon as possible.

This is because flies will linger around places where they know they can get a frequent source of food so you need to get that pet mess away from your deck as soon as possible! 

Wash down your deck and try and train your pets to do their business elsewhere like in a litter tray or at the end of your backyard. 

Also, it’s work checking underneath your deck too – smaller animals may get in there and leave behind little ‘gifts’ where you may not think to look. Flies, however, will be able to smell that mess and want to stick around. 

You may also find dead animals underneath your deck, especially if you have outdoor cats. Outdoor cats will bring home their kills and leave them around, and a private protected space like under your deck could be the ideal place for them to drop their kills.

These carcasses will definitely attract flies, even if there seems to be no source to your eyes. 

The smell, however, should help give this away. 

If wild animials are frequently visitng under your deck, you may need to design your deck to prevent animals from getting under your deck. Opens in a new tab.

Nearby Trash Cans

If you keep your trash cans near your deck, then this could be a reason why you are experiencing so many flies around your deck. 

Flies are attracted to rotting food and will be able to smell it a mile off. If you just leave the lid of your trash cans afar for even a few minutes, you are sure to attract a lot of flies.

Flies will not only eat  the rotting food in your trash, but lay their eggs there – and when they hatch, you end up with even more flies lingering around your deck! 

So, to solve this issue, try moving your trash cans away from your deck and leave them somewhere secure.

Also, you need to make sure the lids are securely on at all times so flies cannot smell and be attracted to the rotting food and waste in your trash. 

How To Deter Flies From Your Deck

There are lots of different ways you can deter flies from your porch and deck, so here are just a few examples. 

Fly traps are a great way to kill any flies that are lingering around your deck. They will be attracted to the sugar of the trap and then get stuck and die within the trap.

Why Are Flies Attracted To My Deck (1)

You can either purchase industrial manufactured fly traps or make your own using sugar water and bottles.

Leave a few of these around your deck and empty them whenever they fill up – this will definitely help eat into all the flies plaguing your deck and get rid of these nasty pests! 

You can also use fly sprays to kill the flies or set up scented candles which will deter them. However, these may not be the best options if you have pets and young children. 

You can also set up fly zappers which can be placed up high and well out of the way of any other pets and kids. They attract the flies with a bright light and then zap them to death using electricity.

It’s effective although you may experience an unpleasant burning smell from time to time. 

However, these are all great ways to deal with any flies that are flying around your deck! 


Flies are always attracted to sources of food so this is likely the main reason why they seem attracted to your deck. Keep the area clean from leftover food and pet mess (both on top and underneath) so you can deter as many flies as possible.

If you have trash cans nearby, make sure they are securely shut and kept away from your deck to avoid any flies wandering over. 

Check out the fly killers and deterrents above and try them out for a fly-free deck area. Good luck!

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