Review of Acre Rice Husk Decking

Evaluation of Acre Decking

Looking for a great alternative to traditional hardwood decking? Acre decking has an environmentally friendly and fully customizable line of decking perfect for any home.

Brief Introduction to Modern Mill as a Company

Modern Mill is located in Mississippi and believes in serving its customers with top-quality products, leading the way in innovative decking technology, and creating an environmentally friendly product.

What is Acre Decking Made of?

Acre decking is made from recycled hulls of rice. It does not contain any wood fibres or products, but it looks and feels like hardwood decking. The advantage to decking made from rice hulls is the ability of the boards to remain durable even when exposed to water, ultraviolet rays, chlorine, salt, fungus, fire, and insects.

How Many Colours of Decking Does Acre Have?

Acre decking comes in one natural colour that can be painted or stained. The quality of the rice hull decking can take on any colour you choose. The company recommends using water-based paint with a 55% or higher light reflective value. They have experts to help you choose the best option for darker colours.

Is Acre Decking Capped?

Acre decking is not capped. This feature allows for easing painting and staining. While decking is usually capped to give an out layer of protection from the elements, Acre decking does not need to be capped because the properties of the rice hulls already provide that protection.

The rice hull decking is not vulnerable to insect or fungal infestation, nor is it susceptible to cracking, splintering, and warping from exposure to water, salt, and harsh sunlight.

Is Acre Decking Solid, Scalloped, or Hollow?

Acre decking is solid compacted rice hullsOpens in a new tab.. Because the decking cannot be damaged by water or heat up in the sunlight like traditional hardwood decking.

The solid boards do not weigh as much as solid hardwood decking or even some solid composite deckingOpens in a new tab., so Acre decking can offer a quality, long-lasting product.

What Is Acre Decking Traction?

Acre decking is smooth like hardwood decking but will not splinter or allow for the growth of mould that may make it slippery. It does not have imitation wood texture, or grooves cut into the faces of the boards, so it may still be slick when it gets wet.

It is best to be cautious when walking over the surface of Acre decking after it has rained or near a pool, because the boards may be slippery, not offering much in the way of tractionOpens in a new tab. due to lack of texture.

How Long is Acre Decking’s Warranty?

Acre decking has a lifetime limited warranty that applies to the original purchaser of the decking materials as well as one transfer within the first five years after purchase. The warranty does not cover typical aging and weathering or acts of God such as tornadoes, ice, or hurricanes.

The warranty will cover and replace products that are defective due to the fault of the manufacturing company. If the purchaser, hired installer, or transportation manager abuse or misuse the decking, the warranty is not valid.

Summary of Reviewing Acre Decking

Acre decking is a great solution if you’re looking for an eco-friendly option for your deck. Acre decking is made from rice hulls and is extremely durable to the elements as well as any threat of insect infestation. It can be easily stained or painted to match your taste.

It may become slippery when wet, but Acre decking has a limited lifetime warranty to reimburse you for any defective products.