Review of Aeratis (Porch) PVC Decking

Evaluating Aeratis PVC decking

Aeratis composite decking offers a wonderful alternative to traditional hardwood decking. With three incredible lines that have the backing of American Decking Association compliances, Aeratis decking is an excellent option for any porch, whether indoors or outdoors.

Brief Introduction to Aeratis as a Company

Aeratis is a decking company based in the United States that prides itself in providing a quality deckingOpens in a new tab. product for both outdoor and indoor decking, especially for projects involving the restoration of historic houses. Evaluating porch boards to another level.

What is Aeratis Decking Made of?

Aeratis decking is made of 100% polyvinyl chlorine (PVC). Unlike other PVC deckingOpens in a new tab. products, however, Aeratis has a decking line that is designed to paint or stain the colour you want. The durability of the product materials allows it to be the ideal decking for any outdoor living space.

How Many Colours of Decking Does Aeratis Have?

The Aeratis Heritage decking comes in three colours, including weathered wood, battleship gray, and vintage slate.

The Aeratis Classic decking comes in three colours: battleship gray, weathered wood, and redwood.

The Aeratis Traditions decking comes in a natural wood colour that can be stained or painted any colour of your choosing.

What Are the Differences Between Aeratis Lines of Decking?

There are three lines of decking that Aeratis offers: Heritage, Classic, and Traditions. All three lines of Aeratis decking come in a tongue and groove design for easy installation.

The Heritage line is great for outdoor decking use and offers a wonderfully sturdy product that is slip-resistant and Class B fire rated for safety.

The Traditions line is best suited for you if you want to customize the colour of your deck. It comes ready to paint or stain in an unfinished style.

The Classic line is optimal for indoor decking and is highly rated for historic renovations projects. It is Class A fire rated and is slip-resistant under dry and wet conditions.

Is Aeratis Decking Solid, Scalloped, or Hollow?

Aeratis Heritage and Traditions lines of decking are solid, while the Classic line is slightly scalloped. The solid lines are perfect for outdoor porches and can withstand the abuse of the elements. While the scalloped line is very marginally scalloped, just enough to help it stand up to the rigours and abuse an indoor porch setting may undergo.

What Is Aeratis Decking Traction?

According to the American Decking Association, the Aeratis Heritage and Classic lines are slip-resistant. The Classic line receives a bonus of slip compliance in dry and wet conditions. Once the Aeratis Traditions line has been painted or stained, the traction of the decking will depend on the final finish of the boards.

How Long Is Aeratis Decking Warranty?

All of the Aeratis decking lines come with a lifetime limited warranty. This warranty can be transferred only once during the first five years after the decking purchase. The warranty covers defects in the decking itself as well as protection against splintering, splitting, rotting, cupping, buckling, warping, or damage due to fungal decay or termite infestation.

The warranty for the Traditions line of decking is only activated after the decking has been painted or stained according to the explicit instructions provided by Aeratis. Failure to follow the instructions or paint or stain the decking altogether forfeits the warranty coverage.

Summary of Reviewing Aeratis Decking

Aeratis decking comes in three different lines that allow for different qualities depending on what you are looking for to build your indoor or outdoor deck. The Traditions line comes ready to paint or stain with durability unmatched by its competitors. This is a great choice with the ability to customize your decking color and the assurance of color that will not peel.

The Heritage line comes in three different colours and offers fire and slip resistance. It can stand up to the elements and allows a beautiful alternative to traditional hardwood decking while giving the appearance of a wood porch. The Classic line has been featured in many historic restoration projects and boasts Class A fire resistance as well as slip resistance under both wet and dry conditionsOpens in a new tab.. It is the perfect decking to use to convert an outdoor space into an indoor porch.