Review of Cladco Decking

Cladco is a decking supplier located in the UK. Of course, they supply more than just deck materials, such as fencing, cladding, trim work, balustrades, and fixings, along with much of the hardware necessary to put together your own projects. They’re independently owned and family-run, starting their business in 1972.

What is Cladco Decking Made Of?

Cladco manufactures and markets a wide array of decking materials, from aluminum and composite fascia to traditional timber and composite decking. The composite and PVC decking comes in hollow, scallop, and solid, and their materials are broad enough to encompass most consumer needs in the UK region and beyond. They all come in various sizes as well.

This review will focus exclusively on Cladco’s composite and PVC decking.

How Many Colours of Decking Does Cladco Have?

While each deck material is different, offering a different array of colour options, some have as many as 8, while others have as few as three. The eight colours include

  • Stone grey
  • Redwood Coffee
  • Ivory
  • Light grey
  • Olive green
  • Teak,
  • Charcoal

Unlike some brands, the price doesn’t fluctuate based on colour, just material. Whichever colour you choose to go with won’t affect the overall price of the product.  

Is Cladco Decking Capped?

Cladco has both uncapped and capped decking.

Their composite decking line is uncapped, with the same material on the surface as the core of the decking.

With their line, Premium Woodgrain Effect Capstock, the PVC core is capped with acrylic-styrene-acrylonitrile (ASA), an extremely durable decking surface.

The cap is similar to Zuri and Clubhouse’s, two other PVC boards with extremely durable capping. ZuriOpens in a new tab. has done extensive research on the level of durability.

What are the Finishes of Cladco Decking?

Cladco synthetic decking has three different types of finish.

  • Woodgrain Effect
  • Narrow Groove Surface
  • Wide Groove Surface

Cladco decking maintains that its composite boards are anti-slip, which is achieved by a series of narrow grooves that run the length of each board.

The volume of grooves, how close they are together is what separates narrow and wide groove face.

Wide groove decking face has 6 grooves on an otherwise level decking surface.

Narrow groove surface has equal amounts of groove and level surface.

Cladco calls them “traction grooves” and the feature is present on most of their composite decking products. 

All Cladco composite boards are reversible.

Their hollow domestic grade boards include narrow and wide grove decking surfaces.

Their commercial solid boards include narrow grooves and woodgrain effect.

Cladco PVC deck boards only include premium woodgrain effect surface which has a deeper embossing than the solid composite boards.

Profile of Cladco Decking

Cladco domestic composite line is hollow with 5 square cavities through the core of the decking.

Their commercial composite line is solid.

Both composite lines are 60% recycled hardwood fibres* and 40% high-grade recycled plastic, bonding agent, additives and tints. This is a slightly higher wood ratio than many other popular composite brandsOpens in a new tab. like Trex. Which has roughly 50% wood portion. 

How Long is Cladco’s Warranty?

Cladco offers a 10-year warranty on their composite decking boards, with covers consumers against breakage, fungal decay, insect damage (termites), rotting, and splintering. All faulty boards will be replaced immediately, free of charge. 

Cladco’s warranty is limited, and you can break the warranty if you do not use the composite decking boards in a normal “domestic or commercial” condition. The boards must be properly fitted using Cladco’s specific instructions on installation procedures. 

The T-Piece and stainless steel screws have to be applied in accordance with Cladco’s guidelines and recommendations as well. Anything short of the above-recommended procedures is enough to render the warranty null and void. You should also be careful to keep your receipts and invoice as well. 

Cladco PVC Decking has twice as long a warranty, 20 years, including structural, stain and fade.

Which is significant compared to their other composite lines. But when compared to the best composite decking warrantiesOpens in a new tab. available to homeowners. The Cladco warranty is quite short.

All Things Considered

Cladco is a family-owned business that operates primarily in the UK. If you prefer to support family-owned and run businesses rather than massive, international brands, Cladco is an excellent option.

They are a little on the skimpy side regarding their warranty. It’s one of the shortest warranties in the business, for certain.

However, the company maintains a high rating with UK residents, and its products are top-quality.

Experience is often better than paper for piece of mind.