Review of Composite Prime

Composite Prime features several lines of wood-plastic decking products. Learn about the composite decking options offered by this company that’s backed by the Association of Professional Landscapers, FSC, and more.

Prime Decking Board

Brief Introduction to Composite Prime as a Company

Composite Prime is a relatively new (est. 2014) composite brand based out of Yorkshire, UK. The company combines experience in the timber and plastic industries with an emphasis on using recycled plastic bottle caps for product materials.

Composite Prime’s quality-controlled composite deckingOpens in a new tab. is durable, more natural, and weather-resistant. 

What Is Composite Prime Decking Made Of?

Composite Prime creates composite decking by combining FSC 100% Certified end-of-life hardwood timber with recycled HDPE plastics (recycled from bottle caps). All 5 lines of decking – HD Deck® Pro, HD Deck® Dual, HD Deck® 3D, HD Deck® 150, and HD Deck® XS use this formula.

Two specific lines of Composite Prime decking – HD Deck® 150 and HD Deck® XS – are available in wood-plastic materials that meet class B fire-rated board standards.

How Many Colours of Decking Does Composite Prime Have?

The HD Deck® Pro decking line comes in 1 colour option – a 2-sided reversible board with champagne on one side and oyster on the other.

The HD Deck Dual® decking line comes in 3 double-sided colour options – antique + carbon, oak + walnut, and natural oak + slate.

The HD Deck® 3D decking line comes in 4 single-sided colour options – burnished oak, golden oak, black oak, and weathered oak. 

The HD Deck® XS and the HD Deck® 150 decking lines both come in 3 colour options – walnut, lava, and silver – where one side is thin-grooved, and the other is wide-grooved.

Is Composite Prime Decking Capped?

Some Composite Prime decking lines are capped with an extra protective barrierOpens in a new tab.. For example, the HD Deck Dual® composite decking product is capped with a protective layer that prevents staining, discoloration, and other effects of weather. 

The HD Deck® Pro composite decking product is also capped. This one specifically measures to create a 200mm-wide capped composite deck board that Composite Prime claims is the only one of its kind in the UK.

What Are the Finishes of Composite Prime Decking?

All of Composite Prime’s composite decking products are finished and coloured, but only the Dual and Pro decks are topped with an extra protective cap. 

Uncapped Composite Prime decks may release natural tannins in the first few months of deck use, after which the long-term colour of the boards will be revealed.

Profile of Composite Prime Decking (Solid, Scallop, Hollow)

Composite Prime’s deck lines have the following profiles/structures:

  • Pro – 22.5 x 200 x 3600mm and round hollow profile 
  • Dual – 22.5 x 143 x 3600mm and round hollow profile 
  • 3D – 25 x 146 x 3600mm and solid profile with deep-grooved surface 
  • XS – 25 x 146 x 3600mm and rectangular hollow profile with thin/wide groove surface
  • 150 – 25 x 150 x 3600mm and rectangular hollow profile with thin/wide groove surface

How Long is the Composite Prime Warranty?

Composite Prime decking comes with limited warranties that vary based on the product and how much time has passed between the claim and the purchase date. 

For HD Deck® XS, HD Deck® 150, and HD Deck® 3D, you have no more than 10 years to make a claim. The percentage of the product Composite Prime will replace lowers as more time passes. 

For HD Deck® Dual and HD Deck® Pro, you have no more than 25 years to make a claim. The percentage of the product Composite Prime will replace lowers as more time passes.

Summary of Reviewing Composite Prime Decking

Composite Prime has been producing environmentally-friendly wood-plastic decks for about 8 years now. Their products range from hollow-profiled composite decks to solid, grooved decks in various colours.