Review of DuraLife Composite Decking

Evaluation of DuraLife composite decking

DuraLife offers a wonderful alternative to hardwood decking. This composite decking made from a combination of polypropylene and recycled hardwood fibers is long-lasting, ecofriendly, and easy to maintain.

Brief Introduction to the Manufacture of DuraLife

DuraLife composite decking is made by Barrette Outdoor Living which has been making outdoor products since 1978. Barrette manufactures many exterior products, including its own decking lines. If you like to learn more, check out the Review of Barrette Outdoor Living Composite DeckingOpens in a new tab..

But here, we are going to focus on their decking made exclusively for Home Depot.

What is DuraLife Composite Decking Made of?

DuraLife composite decking is composed of 55% recycled hardwood fibres and 45% polypropylene treated to withstand exposure to sunlight and extreme weather conditions. Unlike other composite decking materials, DuraLife does not contain any toxic chemicals, including formaldehyde.

Compared to other composite decking brands that use polyethylene, polypropylene is a stronger compound more capable of withstanding physical and weathering abuse.

How Many Colours of Decking Does DuraLife Have?

DuraLife offers three different collections of composite decking: DuraLife, DuraLife MVP, and DuraLife Fascia.

The standard Duralife composite decking collection comes in Solid Timber Grey and Island Walnut colours. Including both grooved decking as well the Starter pieces for stairs and the perimeter. The starter is an interesting design with a groove on one side for hidden fasteners and a square edge on the other to finish up the edge of the deckingOpens in a new tab..

The DuraLife MVP collection is slightly more expensive than the standard collection but also offers regular decking pieces and Starter components for the perimeter and stairs. The colour options for the MVP collection are variegated to mimic natural wood and come in Garapa Grey and Brazilian Cherry.

The DuraLife Fascia collections also include boards for finishing the deck rim and stair risers to offer a smooth, low-maintenance look. The Fascia collection is available in all four DuraLife colour options: Brazilian Cherry, Island Walnut, Garapa Grey, and Timber Grey.

What Are the Pros and Cons of DuraLife?

DuraLife composite decking is an inexpensive hardwood alternative, costing less than some other comparable options such as bamboo. It is widely available at Home Depot stores and has several colour options. It has the durability to withstand extreme temperatures and weather conditions and offers stain and fade resistance backed by a 25-year warranty.

It is less slippery than other composite decking and will not accumulate mould or mildew growth. It also stays cool underfoot in hot weather.

The disadvantages to choosing DuraLife include limited colour options depending on what you want to match your house. They only offer four colours which is limiting in deck design.  

How Long is DuraLife Warranty?

DuraLife composite decking offers a 25-year warranty for residential deck construction and a 10-year warranty for commercial deck construction. The 25-year warranty includes a guarantee against fading and stain resistance. A good warranty, but one that is matched by most composite competitorsOpens in a new tab., such as Trex.

The warranty for the first two years includes replacement labour for any decking that is damaged.

Summary of Reviewing DuraLife Decking

DuraLife composite decking offers a great alternative to traditional decking for those who desire a more sustainable and low-maintenance option. Its combination of polypropylene and recycled hardwood fibres mitigate environmental impacts and provide a decking solution free from harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde.

DuraLife composite decking comes in four fashionable colours and offers a 25-year warranty, boasting durability for weathering extreme heat, cold, or rainy conditions. Additionally, DuraLife composite decking’s composition prevents the growth of mould and mildew.