Review of DuxxBak Rice Hull Composite Decking

Evaluation of DuxxBak Decking

If you’re looking for an alternative to hardwood decking that allows water to roll right off and withstand the elements like no other, DuxxBak decking offers a wonderful option for your deckingOpens in a new tab. needs.

Brief Introduction to DuxxBak as a Company

DuxxBak is a composite decking company based out of the Midwest in the United States. They are committed to the innovative scientific development of composite decking that can withstand everything nature will throw at it.

What is DuxxBak Decking Made of?

DuxxBak decking is a composite mainly made from high-density polyethylene and rice hulls. A mineral known as BioDac® is added to help stabilize the mixture. The decking is finished off with colourant, anti-fungal coating, antioxidant material, and a lubricant to incorporate the colourant.

How Many Colours of Decking Does Duxxbak Have?

DuxxBak decking comes in 15 different colours, included in two different decking finishes.

(8) in ArmorCap finish

  • Warm cedar
  • Black walnut
  • Dark mahogany
  • Boardwalk gray
  • Sedona red
  • River Stone
  • Tanned Leather
  • Tree bark

(7) Traction finish

  • Mahogany
  • Cedar
  • Rustic red
  • Cool sand
  • Copper canyon
  • Walnut
  • Driftwood

Is DuxxBak Decking Capped?

The ArmorCap line of DuxxBak decking is capped, with the traction line the traditional uncapped varity. The ArmorCap has a special wood grain appearance and texture and provides extra durability, especially during rain, ice, and snowy weather. The traction line is still hardy but, without the cap, has additional grip to reduce the risk of slipping.

What Type of Profiles Does DuxxBak Decking Have?

 DuxxBak makes 5 different types of decking each with its own unique profile.

DuxxBak® Dekk; made from weather-resistant material with a unique profile which sheds water away creating a dryspace under your deck to be enjoyed.

Optima® Dekk is solid profile. Optima® Dekk LT made from the same material, texture and woodgrains but a scalloped bottom similar TimberTech’s Edge scalloping.

I.Dekk®  is a hollow board with 3 hollow rectangle tubes.They are designed with a tongue and groove traditional porch look. I.Dekk® HD (Heavy Duty) has the same profile and design but is stronger for commercial or marine applications.

How Much Traction Does DuxxBak Decking Have?

DuxxBak decking traction provides amazing grip to prevent slippage, especially during wet weatherOpens in a new tab..

0.51 / 0.550.9.

The traction finish line provides an even greater grip in slippery conditions. The wood grain texture and the ability to completely allow any water to roll right off make this decking unbelievably stable to walk on.

How Long is DuxxBak Decking Warranty?

DuxxBak decking has a limited lifetime warranty covering splitting, splintering, delaminating, mildew, mould damage, fungal decay, rot, termite damage, significant colour fading, and manufacturing defects. The warranty can be transferred only once within the five years of purchase.

Complete replacement or reimbursement for decking products is available for the first ten years after purchase. Then the value depreciates on a straight-line basis for the following fifteen years.

Summary of Reviewing DuxxBak Decking

DuxxBak decking is a great alternative to traditional hardwood decking. It features a composite mostly made from rice hullsOpens in a new tab. and high-density plastic with additives to prevent fungal decay and mildew. DuxxBak decking can withstand the elements and comes in 15 different colours with excellent tractionOpens in a new tab., stability, and durability.

A unique lightweight decking that easy-to-install.