Review of EP Decking Inc

Elvuation of EP composite Decking

EP Decking Inc offers an alternative to wood decking with composite options made from recycled plastics and wood fibers.

Brief Introduction to EP Decking Inc as a Company

EP Decking Inc was founded in 2004 in China and showcased their products worldwide, especially in Europe, Oceania, the Middle East, North America, and Africa. Their impressive decking products are not only featured in homes but also in the Beijing Olympic Stadium and South Africa’s Football World Cup.

What Is EP Decking Made of?

EP Decking is made of recycled plastics and wood scraps from timber mills. The plastic helps prevent the typical damage that occurs on wood decking, such as rot and termite infestation. The wood particles help absorb UV radiation to warm the boards and give the deck a natural feel.  

How Many Colours of Decking Does EP Decking Have?

EP Decking comes in four different colours – a brown and gray shade each for capped and uncapped decking. For uncapped decking, the colours are Light Gray and Mocha. For capped decking, the colours are Castle Gray and Walnut.

Is EP Decking Capped?

EP Decking offers a capped line of decking with a surface coating meant to add antioxidants, UV inhibitors, and more variation in the colour gradient. The surface coating is bonded to the core of the composite to promote strong adhesion to the decking.

The capped line of decking is only offered as solid boards with three different options for the type of decking board: end trim board with a squared edge, grooved edge board, and grooved edge fascia board. All come with a wood grain finish.

Is EP Decking Solid, Scalloped, or Hollow?

EP Decking has two lines of solid decking and one line of hollow decking. The solid decking lines have capped or uncapped options. The capped solid decking line has a beautiful wood grain finish, while the uncapped solid, hollow decking lines have a wood grain texture with a solid colour finish.

The solid decking lines are full composite, while the hollow decking line has an air pocket in the middle of the decking to make it lighter weight and less insulated.

What Is EP Decking Traction?

EP Decking has great tractionOpens in a new tab. with a textured wood finish that helps make it slip-resistant. It is also water, mildew, and mould resistant to increase the decking’s ability to provide traction and reduce slipping hazards.

Since it is made partly of plastic, it doesn’t get slippery like wet or mouldy wood decking. Alternatively, the wood components give it enough traction to not be super slippery like 100% plastic might be.

How Long Is EP Decking Warranty?

The warranty on the solid EP decking as well as for stains and fading is twenty-five years. For the first ten years, they offer 100% recovery with gradually lower percentages for years eleven through twenty-five. These warranties are transferable only once within the first five years of the life of the decking.

The warranty on the hollow EP decking is ten years. For the first year, they offer 100% recovery with gradually lower percentages for years two through ten.

Summary of Reviewing EP Decking Inc

EP Decking Inc has an impressive reputation for using recycled materials for their composite deckingOpens in a new tab. which has been featured in world-renowned sports stadiums. The decking comes in shades of brown or gray with options of solid or hollow and capped or uncapped finishes.

EP decking has great traction with a no-slip grip and offers a ten to twenty-five-year warranty depending on the line of decking you purchase.