Review of Lumberock Mineral-Based Composite Decking

Evaluation of Lumberock decking

Are you thinking of building a composite deck on your property? If so, then Lumberock Premium Decking and their mineral composite decks may suit your needs. To learn more, keep reading as I review the colours, styles, and composition of this decking brandOpens in a new tab., among other factors. 

Brief Introduction to Lumberock as a Company

Since 2000, Lumberock Decking has been providing high-performance plastic, composite decking engineered to be durable, versatile, strong, all while being aesthetically pleasing. The company has a reputation for delivering easy-to-install decking alternatives to traditional wooden decking. Further, all of their decking products are guaranteed 100% waterproof. 

Lumberock is committed to long-lasting, zero-wood materials that are free of organic fillers and don’t require replacement. What’s unique about these decking materials is that they don’t need much maintenance beyond an annual cleaning. 

One of the trademarks of this Elgin, Illinois-based decking company is that they offer lifetime warranties on their products. And as a CMI company, Lumberock takes part in engineering products and solutions for the most extreme and demanding conditions. 

Now, let’s get into the actual composite materials and how they’re made. 

What Is Lumberock Decking Made Of?

Lumberock decking is made of a proprietary formula of minerals – HDPE plastic and a non-organic mineral fill – that enhance decking strength and reduce the thermal expansion-contraction process. 

A synthetic mineral composite material is made with a non-porous, closed-cell formula. 100% free of wood, removing the potential of absorbing water and growing mould. The decking is coated in UV-protecting colour additives and has an embossed wood grain pattern.

What Are the Main Advantages of Lumberock?

Lumberock poses several advantages when lined up next to wood decking, including:

  • Sustainability 
  • Long-term affordability (in the absence of chemical treating, sanding, staining, etc.)
  • Impervious to moisture (and subsequently resistant to rot and mould)
  • Resistant to insects like termites and carpenter bees
  • Easy installation 
  • Material texture is safe and slip-resistant
  • Splinter-resistant and crack-resistant surface
  • Limited lifetime warranty 
  • Can endure prolonged submersion in freshwater and saltwater
  • Resistant to sunlight fading 
  • Vibrant colour options 

How Many Colors of Decking Does Lumberock Have?

Lumberock added several vibrant colour options to their lineup in 2012. Now, they offer 12 natural and consistent colour optionsOpens in a new tab., including:

  • Chocolate brown
  • Redwood 
  • Harbor wood
  • Anchor gray
  • Tan
  • Black
  • Gray
  • White
  • Green
  • Putty
  • Weathered wood
  • Cedar

Is Lumberock Capped?

Lumberock’s composite decking is capped, unlike some composite deck materials on the market. Its composition protects against rot, mildew, mould, and bug infestation due to the absence of organic materials.

The company produces two thickness of decking boards, 5/4 (1”) and 1 ½”. Both board thickness can be purchased in.

  • Grooved, both sides
  • Tounge and groove
  • Square edge

 They manufacture many traditional dimensional board sizes for your creative deck construction and decking boards. Allowing you to complete your whole deck with the same low maintenance material.

Is Lumberock Decking Profile

Lumberock decking materials are solid and non-porous, meaning you won’t find air holes or cracks like you would with wood. They’re designed with smooth edge cuts and have a surface with an embossed texture. This texture resembles real wood grain, without the actual wood, for slip-resistanceOpens in a new tab. and peel-resistance. 

Because of the HDPE plastic and synthetic mineral fill, the decking is protected against extreme expansion and contraction that other plastic decks undergo. 

Why Is Lumberock Ideal for Water Locations? (Docks, Low Decks)

Lumberock is an ideal decking choice for wet locations due to its improvement on earlier composite decking materials and even many of the current popular brands. Who still use wood fibres and flour in their composite blend. Many decking materials on the market aren’t entirely impervious to stains, fading, bug infestations, and water submersion. Lumberock decking can withstand all of those things. 

Furthermore, its closed molecular formula means there is no way for mould/mildew to penetrate the material and no organic matter for it to feed off of. 

A big plus with Lumberock is that despite being a unique material, you do not need special tools for installation. It can be cut, trimmed and fasten with standard deck construction tools.

How Long Is a Lumberock Warranty?

The Lumberock lifetime warranty offer lasts for just that – a lifetime. However, there are specific limitations to this warranty coverage, including damages caused by “acts of God”, natural disasters, abuse, abnormal use, and other circumstances outlined on the Lumberock websiteOpens in a new tab.

Something unique about their warranty which I am unsure of what to do with is missing “fade and stain warranty”. A section that has become standard with most composite decking. But Lumberock is glaringly missing.

It does state that the decking will “meet the physical properties published at the time of purchase.” But does not specifically include the colour of the decking. On their F&QOpens in a new tab. they address both issues with a high level of confidence but..its not clearly in the warranty. Just saying.  

Summary – Lumberock Decking Review

Lumberock Decking offers mineral composite deck materials that can withstand the elements better and last longer than traditional wood decks and many composite decking. Their products come in various sizes and colours, and they make ideal options for naturally wet locations.