Review of Renew Plastics (EVOLVE) PVC Decking

Evauation of Renew PVC decking

If you’re looking for a decking alternative that is low maintenance, eco-friendlyOpens in a new tab. and comes in a variety of great colours, Renew Plastics EVOLVE PVC decking may be the answer to the deck of your dreams.

Brief Introduction to Renew Plastic as a Company

Renew Plastics is a branch of N.E.W. Plastics based out of Wisconsin and has been developing new ways to use recycled plastic materials since the 1970s.

What is EVOLVE Decking Made of?

EVOLVE decking is made of recycled and new high-density polyethylene plastic mixed with colourant and a protective chemical to help prevent the decking from flaking, degrading, fading in colour due to ultraviolet rays from the sun.

How Many Colours of Decking Does EVOLVE PVC Decking Have?

EVOLVE decking comes in twenty-one colours, including white, yellow, red, orange, purple, blue, and various shades of grays and browns. There are also two available finishes in any of the colours, including a smooth or a wood grain finish.

All lines of EVOLVE decking are made from PVC, so there is no need for staining or painting. Just choose one of the 21 colours and enjoy it for years to come.

Is EVOLVE Decking Capped?

Technically, EVOLVE decking is considered capped because the entire board is made from PVC to allow it to withstand the elements of nature, including inclement weather and insect or fungal infestation. There are added chemicals to EVOLVE decking, preventing colour fading and splintering due to prolonged exposure to ultraviolet rays.

Is EVOLVE PVC Decking Solid, Scalloped, or Hollow?

EVOLVE PVC decking three different solid options and one extreme scalloped option. The three solid decking pieces are available in square edge, tongue and groove, or groove and groove designs. The extreme scalloped option is the C-decking with grooved edges on both sides.

The C-decking is not scalloped like Trex or TimberTech but is an entirely hollowed-out deck board. With just a thin side and top walls, removing a significant amount of material.

This does reduce cost. But I have hesitation with the C profile.

Not Renew Plastic, but I have replaced plastic decking of similar design destroyed by hail. The walls are just not strong enough to withstand hail. Where scalloped boards with more material remain like Trex’s Enhance line can withstand hail with minimal damage.

In fact, last summer, I built a deck, and a few weeks later, the house suffered from significant hail damage, but not the deck.

These options provide several different price points for your next deck. You can pick the colour you love and then select how much you pay for it by how much material is included in the board.

What Is EVOLVE PVC Decking Traction?

EVOLVE PVC decking offers two different finishes – one is smooth, and the other is wood grain. The wood grain finish has more traction than the smooth finish.

The coefficient of friction between the dry decking and rubber is 0.9, while the coefficient of friction between the wet decking and rubber is around 0.97. Which is a phenomenal tractions rating when compared to other deckings traction ratings.  

EVOLVE PVC decking will provide excellent slip resistanceOpens in a new tab. in wet conditions such as those provided by rain, near large bodies of water or pools, and in snow and ice.

How Long is EVOLVE Decking Warranty?

EVOLVE decking has a twenty-five-year limited warranty to replace or refund any defective EVOLVE decking products. This warranty can be transferred once within the first five years of purchase. The warranty covers 100% reimbursement for the first ten years and then drops by 50% every five years after that.

There is also a fade and stain warranty that lasts for twenty-five years with full reimbursement for the first ten years after purchase and then a 20% reduction in refunds every 2-3 years afterward.

Summary of Reviewing EVOLVE PVC Decking

EVOLVE PVC decking is 100% wood fibre-free and made from primarily recycled plastic. It comes in a rainbow of different colours and stains with two great finishes. The traction on the decking is excellent so that even in inclement weather, it is steady underfoot.

The variety of design options allows for a range of ways to build your deck, and the twenty-five warranty is a good sign that this is a quality product. EVOLVE PVC deckingOpens in a new tab. is a great product for those seeking an alternative to hardwood decking.