Review of Envision Composite Decking

Features and Benefits of Envision Decking

When it comes to choosing the perfect decking for your home, there are a lot of factors to consider.

Envision composite decking has been making composite decking for a long time and is worth reviewing to see if it’s the right composite decking for your deck.

The majority of us start considering composite decking for the same reason: less maintenance work. Either your old deck has decayed and has to be replaced with something that doesn’t need to be constantly stained. You want an outdoor space to enjoy, relax without additional demand on top of your already busy schedule.

Envision, like other composite decking, offers more pleasure with less maintenance.

More chatting with friends, less sanding.

More reading on the deck, less running around for stain brushes.

A place to relax and watch the world go by, retreating to where you may put your feet up and read a book in the sun or cook a burger laughing with your wife. 

What to Consider Before Buying Composite Decking

There are features to think about before purchasing composite decking. Requirements that apply to all brands of composite deckingOpens in a new tab., including Envision.

  • Colour (Appearance)
  • Traction
  • Price
  • Durability

Colour is what catches our eye. Drawing us out unto the deck. This is why you want a brand that has the right number of colours to choose from. But more importantly, the right colour for your house and deck.

Common decking colour shades to consider are Blonde, Brown, Greys and Reds. You will find most composite decking will have some shade of these 4 popular colours.

Traction is a category of its own because of how important it is. If your deck is a skating rink, and you slip and slide all over it. It’s not going to be a great place to relax. You will be too afraid of falling and breaking a leg to enjoy the view.

Price is often a limiting factor. Some composite decking is just to costly to enjoy. But at the same time, a higher budget will allow for more colour and beauty in the deck board designs.

This is especially true with Envision. The higher the board price, the more colour and variations are in the decking. Giving you good reason to spend a little more, to get a lot more.

Durability is the difference between having to replace your deck next year or enjoying it for years. The more endurable the deck, the more you will enjoy it, and the less it will need to be maintained.

When shopping for composite decking, the promise of durability can often be found in the warranty. Answering how long it will last? Will it fade? Will mustard stain the decking? Which gives us an idea of how durable the decking is.

Let’s get to reviewing if Envision is the right composite for you.

Brief Introduction to Envision

Envision was not started as a composite decking company but grew out of Tamko Building Products in 1999, a roofing product manufacturing company. The Envision Composite Decking line consists of 4 different lines. Their top-end is “high-end, luxury decking featuring unmatched beauty with dramatic colour and bold highlights in each deck board.”

In 2019 the company rebranded as Envision Building Products LLC.

Envision Decking Collections and Colours

When it comes to Envision, we have a lot of decking options to consider.

  • 5 Collection
  • 17 colours

There’s a lot to select from. Let’s take a closer look at each decking and the colours that are unique to it.

Distinction Collection

  • Rustic Walnut
  • Grey Wood
  • Shaded Auburn
  • Spiced Teak

The Distinction line has a rich and bold streaking that gives each board a unique look. With 4 different hues that are designed to emulate the textures and natural color variations found in exotic wood. There is so much variation in the colour and patterning of the boards that they can appear to be a different colours on the deck. Or even from one end of the board to the other end.

Inspiration Collection

  • Barnwood Plank
  • Tangled Twine
  • Weathered Wicker

The Inspiration Collection has a much softer colour variation, giving the appearance of faded decking from back on the farm.

Expression Collection

  • Canyon Ridge
  • Caribou Brown
  • Harbor Grey
  • Woodland Bark

The Envision Expression Collection features a range of solid colours that are consistent within and between boards.

Ridge Premium Collection

  • Vintage Oak
  • Gunstock
  • Black Walnut

The Envision Ridge Premium composite decking collection is a great choice for anyone looking for a subtle, soft look for their deck. The colours are lightly blended and subtly change from one to the next, creating a relaxing and visually appealing space. The Ridge Premium collection is scalloped, making it lighter in weight and less expensive than some of the other collections available, making it a great value.

EverGrain Collection

  • Weathered Wood
  • Cape Cod Grey
  • Redwood

The Envision Evergrain composite decking collection offers a range of colours and textures that are designed to resemble natural wood. The deep-grain pattern and solid colours give your deck a timeless look. The uncapped design means boards will turn from a darker, more pronounced colour in the store to a lighter colour on your deck by the end of summer, just like natural wood.

Decking Profiles of Envision

Envision is consistent in their decking boards in thickness, widths and available lengths.

Envision deck boards are 7/8″ thick x 5-1/2″ wide. A thickness which is fairly common with composite decking. For example, Trex’s Select or Deckorators Vista lines.

With available deck boards lengths of 12′, 16′, and 20′. Both in grooved and square boards.

All Envision decking are solid except for Ridge Premium, which is scalloped on the underside of the deck boards, reducing weight and cost.

Features & Benefits of Envision

What does Envision bring to your deck? Well, let’s evaluate some of the key parts of Timbertech decking.

Envision Decking Core

The core of Envision composite decking is made of recycled materials, over 80% You can feel good about using this environmentally friendly decking to make your home look nicer without compromising durability.

Envision is unique among composite decking using a compression process to from their decking. Unlike most other companies that extrude their decking.

Envision Decking Cap

Envision uses the acronym “TRUE” beauty to describe their decking. Which looks like this.

  • True colors – Unique color variations give Envision decking a natural wood look.
  • Random grain patterns – Grain patterns do not repeat on any given board.
  • Unique grain beauty – Grain patterns on Envision decking are compressed into the board instead of being embossed on top.
  • Exclusive compression molding – Each piece is designed using very high pressure and heat to produce the composite decking.

With a unique compression process transforming how the cap is formed and its appearance.

Competitors’ extruded boards include an embossed grain pattern that is often the same on every board. The leading competitor repeats every 37-3/8 inches. That’s up to 5 times per 16 ft. board! With Envision random grain patterns that never repeat on the same deck board.

Traction of Envision

When it comes to the safety of your deck, you don’t want to take any chances. That’s why it’s important to choose a composite decking material that has a good traction ratingOpens in a new tab..

Evergreen is one of the better options on the market for composite deck traction.

Slip Resistance (Dry)Slip Resistance (Wet)

Trex is a well-known composite decking brand, but its traction rating isn’t as good as Evergrain. Trex’s slip resistance rating is 0.43-0.52 when dry and 0.32-0.39 when wet, making it a less safe option than Envision’s non-capped composite decking.

Just to be clear this is only for Evergrain’s traction rating. I do not have third-party testing for their other decking collections traction rating.

This doesn’t mean the are not similar in traction rating, just lacking in testing. They all are manufactured with the same process; the only difference is the density of the outer material. The better-looking boards shell/cap is denser along with additional colour added.

Cost of Envision Decking Lines

Where you buy Envision will impact price, but I grab some lineal prices from the website.Opens in a new tab.

Envision Deck BoardsCost per linear ft.
Ridge Premium$3.25 – 3.75
Expression$3.75 – 4.25
Distinction$5.50 – 6.00

Compared to other composite decking for priceOpens in a new tab.s, they are in the middle range category.

Ridge Premium is on the lower end of the group. Comparable to TimberTech’s Terrain Collection®. Despite being fluted/scalloped boards is more costly than many economical decking lines like Trex’s Enhance lines or Timbertech Prime+ lines.

Their Distinction line is priced similarly to Fiberon’s Concordia and their Paramount PVC lines. Which includes double the length of warranty.

Durability and Warranty of Envision Composite Decking

Envision offers a limited prorated 25-year warranty for their composite decking products. This warranty includes 100% replacement for the first 5 years, followed by a prorated replacement value that decreases every month.

Important to note that the replacement costs only apply to defective products after 5-years. But they do include the cost of installation for the first 5 years, which is very generous.

Envision’s prorating is also very precise compared to other composite decking warrantiesOpens in a new tab..

Every month, the replacement value decreases. It’s not about how many years, or as I like to think of it, Summers on the deck. There is a distinction between filing an insurance claim in April, when the snow melts, and September after noticing a problem while doing fall clean-up.

Alternatives to Envision Composite Decking

Want to understand Envision through comparison?

Click on the links below to read wood composite comparison reviews.

Conclusion in Reviewing Envision Composite Decking

When it comes to composite decking, Envision is a top choice because of its unique compression process that gives its boards a unique look. Your Envision deck will not look like all the other composite decks on your street.

They also have better traction ratings than many other brands, making them a safer option for your deck.

Backed by a 25-year limited warranty for their composite decking products, which includes 100% replacement for the first 5 years.

Price is probably one of their bigger drawbacks. This unique board is not cheap. It provides incredible value, but if you are looking for cheap low-maintenance decking. Envision does not fit the bill. Trex, Timbertech, Armadillo or Ultradeck will have many more options of quality composite decking at a lower price.